2 Arrested For Allegedly Ripping Face Masks Off Jews In Brooklyn


BROOKLYN, NY (VINnews) – Two people were arrested for allegedly ripping face masks off of Jewish people in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City.

Paulo Pinho, 35, and his wife, Clelia Pinho, 46, were arrested on a charge of aggravated harassment as a hate crime after a confronting with a large group of Hasidic Jews who were gathered outside late Sunday at Bedford Avenue and Ross Street in Williamsburg, police said.

The couple spotted the crowd as they drove and got out of their vehicle before allegedly shouting anti-Semitic slurs to the group of Jews gathered outside, accusing some of not wearing masks or adhering to social-distancing guidelines, police said.

“You’re the reason why we’re getting sick,” they shouted, in sum and substance, according to police. the NY post reported.

Video posted on Twitter by WMSBg news shows police and crowds gathering late Sunday night after an incident.

Pinho, who called cops on the crowd, then approached three Hasidic men and tried to rip off their masks, setting off a fight outside. The pair was then detained by the crowd until cops arrived on the scene and took them into custody, police said.

“They were at that corner, they encountered these three males and made anti-Semitic remarks,” NYPD Lt. Thomas Antonetti told The Post. “After making the statements, that’s when the masks were pulled off.”

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  1. As much as I realize and yes see the mayor as an anti Semite which he is. These people may not have been wrong large group of people no masks. It’s a raskin problem
    Their way of Makkah g their point was wrong.
    AND two wrongs don’t make this right
    Stop the look st them look at your self

    • Is that so.

      I assume you think everyone else is ok and following along.

      Or is it just violence against us is ok.

      The Mayor (sic) made a comment ill informed. Among many others.

  2. This act of anti Jewish behavior was instigated by DiBlasio’s rant against Jews.
    Every Jew should contact NYS Attorney General “Trish” and demand that the state prosecute this act.
    There should also be Federal charges.
    These small acts can grow into an attack Jews with impunity unless halted.

    • Letitia is still busy trying to bring down a sitting President by going thru his 1978 personal tax return. That’s what the voters elected her to do. Those pesky Jews should just be happy that there aren’t more attacks.

        • What has she done for the frum yidden in Crown Heights who had bricks thrown at their head by African-Americans? What has she done about frum women being assaulted by African-Americans in CH, Flatbush, & Williamsburg? Did they have it coming? Why should we continue to pay Letitia’s salary?

  3. Long before the Covid19 virus, these pieces of garbage were attacking Jews and pulling the streimels off their heads as well as their kippahs; then, they were pulling sheitels off women’s heads. Now, these scum are pulling their face masks off. They don’t need the Corona virus as a pretext to do this, or even the idiotic Mayor’s comments. They do this because they hate Jews, period!

  4. I thought shomrim is the protector of the jewish nation, where did they go? Can’t those untrained Wana bees bullies protect all the jews of NYC?

  5. so I don’t understand, you said there was a crowd of jewish people (?) and these two mamzarim pulled the masks off people…why? How did two people get away with doing this in a crowd of Jews?? Excuse me, but if a crowd of Jew couldn’t stop two people , maybe we should rethink what we as jews are willing to put up with, and if we don’t fight back (punch their lights out), then they will continue to do this…what will it take for jews to fight back?? sorry guys, I just don’t understand this behavior


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