‘Get Out!’: Police Raid Zichron Moshe Shul, But Worshipers Return Later


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Despite the easing of the lockdown in Israel, with malls, parks and beaches opening over the last few days, shuls are still officially closed. Police raided the Zichron Moshe shul near Geulah where minyanim are taking place and started a heated argument with R’ Yossel Gutfarb, a famous Jerusalem Badchan (wedding entertainer). Hundreds of worshipers ran away from the shul as police entered but R’ Yosel refused to budge.

Popular secular blogger Yevgeni Zarobinski commented angrily: “Are they for real? The beaches are packed, the malls are packed, the post office is packed, the central bus stations are packed and this is what disturbs them?””

Rav Yossel Gutfarb returned Monday morning to Zichron Moshe, stating that “its the eve of Lag Ba’Omer, we all returned to Zichron Moshe to daven, don’t fear and don’t panic.”

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  1. It’s sad to see that in Jerusalem Jews are chased out of shuls like in nazi Germany. Tattoo shops are allowed in Jerusalem along with rampant chillul Shabbos. Yearly gay toeiva parades are considered democracy. The same police who were paid three million dollars in overtime to protect the toeiva parade are chasing Jews out of shul. They could of come and Nicely spoken to the people. Instead they chased them like the nazis chased out grandparents. To add insult to injury they had female police carrying large guns so that they can be more noticed and had the females try and touch every Bochur who was almost by the door running away.

  2. I am so anti Zionist that I have decided that neturei karta have a point. We should all vote democrats so we can cut the aid to Israel. To me as a heimisha yungerman they don’t deserve our chassidisha vote.

  3. The chareidi areas such as these are where very highly disproportionate numbers of people are being infected and dying from the virus, so extra strictness must be implemented. If the people in this area were to have obeyed the rules from the beginning now they would be able to open up.

  4. R yossel would never walk straight out of shul anyhow . The tazadik only Walks backwards .

    Generally states need to realize that lock downs are unattainable. The masses will not listen

    • He doesn’t only walk backwards. His walking backwards is to avoid turning his back to the Har HaBayis. He can be seen walking forwards as well.

  5. Who voted for WZO? It’s a cardinal sin, I’m sure no frum yid with proper hashkafa would vote for a organization that the chofetz Chaim shreid against his entire life, with his Talmud reb elchonon


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