Jewish Group, Rabbis Decry Biden’s Call To Restore US Funding To Palestinians

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (Credit: Flickr)

WASHINGTON (JNS) — A prominent pro-Israel organization and a rabbinical group have criticized former vice president and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden’s proposal to resume funding to the Palestinian Authority, arguing that it may violate U.S. law.

“Money is fungible. Biden’s stated intention to resume sending U.S. tax dollars to the P.A. will enable the P.A. to finance terrorism, and the murder and maiming of more innocent Jews and Americans,” stated ZOA national president Morton Klein and ZOA chair Mark Levenson.

ZOA noted that Biden’s proposals would be “partially illegal” under the Taylor Force Act, which passed in Congress in 2018 and requires the end of the Palestinian Authority’s “pay to slay” program of financially rewarding terrorists or their families.

“It is utterly immoral to fund the P.A. while it continues to incite hatred and terror; glorify Jews killers in the media; and names P.A. schools, streets, government buildings, public squares and sports teams in honor of terrorists,” said Klein and Levenson.

Biden told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency last week that he would “reopen the U.S. consulate in East[ern] Jerusalem, find a way to reopen the PLO’s diplomatic mission in Washington, and resume the decades-long economic and security assistance efforts to the Palestinians that the Trump administration stopped.”

“Every American should be outraged,” said Rabbi Dov Fischer, Western regional vice president of the Coalition for Jewish Values, a group that claims to represent more than 1,500 traditional rabbis. “Joe Biden has just said he would break U.S. law to do something which is also, of course, morally repugnant—to reinvolve the American taxpayer in incentivizing terrorism against innocent Americans like Taylor Force and others.”

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  1. Biden has no clue what color spinach is.
    His Obama handlers and J Street Judenrat are speaking through him.
    This Jewish scum with anti Semitic non Jewish board members are pouring Soros money into Uncle Joe’s hip pockets.
    Of course, his progressive so – called Jewish advocates are also in the Israel hating cabal.
    These are accursed Jews.
    Same stripe as the immoral degenerates who would ban religion of any kind , should he win.

    • Biden is a fool. Who together with evil obumer harasha did tremendous damage to this country and the state of Israel and to all Jews and religion around the world. Beside Muslims.

  2. Dementia Joe is anti Israel like the rest if the democrat party full of JINO scum who support those with to destroy Israel

  3. Aid to the Palestinians was a way to have influence over them. But of course that hardly matters now. After all, an annexation is planned. Soon they will be Israelis just like everyone else.

    • Do you personally truly believe that Joe Biden is the best that Democrat Party has to offer? Does Joe represent most of Democrats? Based on your past comments, you tend to be a middle of the road Democrat. Dislike for I President Trump, I could understand. But what about looking forward? Do you believe Joe Biden will unite the Country and implement the policies you like?

    • At least AOC is good for those of us who struggle with parnasa. She might be a whack job, but she is very good for the little guy. She comes from a poor background as well. All these rich elitists have no clue what it means to struggle daily to put bread on the table. Yes, my wife and I both work full time.


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