NYPD Detains Rabbi For Letting His Kids Go To The Store Alone, Released Without Charges


BROOKLYN, NY (VINnews) – A prominent Brooklyn Chabad rabbi got himself into trouble Sunday after cops stumbled upon three of his unaccompanied children on their way to a nearby bodega, The NY Daily News reports.

According to the story, Rabbi Noah Chakoff of Chabad Of Dumbo was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child after NYPD officers returned the three children — 11, 8, and a 2 year old in a stroller — from the deli at Jay St. and Front St. just a few blocks away from the family’s Dumbo home around 11:00 a.m. Sunday.

Defense attorney Jason Goldman representing Rabbi Chakoff, called the arrest disturbing, “given the pandemic are we really using our resources and first responders to process someone like this, requiring officers to attend to him for hours and hours when they could be doing something else related to the pandemic?” this is concerning and disturbing. said Goldman.

According to Goldman, Brooklyn prosecutors declined to prosecute the case, and Chakoff was released before seeing a judge with the charges dropped.

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  1. I’m not sure really how it’s relevant but for some reason reading the story comes to my mind when they come to the neighborhood before Jewish holidays Writing tickets like crazy for double parking but when you drive around on Sundays on different streets where you see they are double parked in triple Park Amd parked on sidewalks by Churches and other locations they never seem to be any cops In those location enforcing the law

  2. I once got pulled over and ticketed in the middle of the night upstate NY and cop said it’s deer season and not safe to speed. It was only minutes after I continued on at the speed limit that a deer leapt in front of my car but due to my normal speed I was able to stop in time.
    Sometimes, we need to react to these types of incidents as a loving message from G-d watching over us, more so than as an out of line cop.

  3. Ooooh. Crime of the century! Someone let their kids go shopping. Terrible. We need a kol korei. We need some MO Rabbi to declare him a rodef. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. This whole social imprisoning thing has gotten completely out of control. This is just a continuation of the disconnect between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. The rich & famous and the well connected have always and will always do what they want, when they want. They rules and “concern” doesn’t apply to them. Rules are only for the little people. The lower income bracket. Leona Helmsley, at least, admitted that. The rich despise the poor and look upon them with disdain. When the rich go out, they don’t want to see any diseased peasants walking about. If they can somehow create some sort of ghetto for them and keep them out of site for good, that would be the ultimate good. A friend of mine recently called a member of his Shul on his cellphone to say hello. In the course of the conversation, he was told that he’s not in Brooklyn but in his Boca Raton home “to get away from you types”. So much for the disconnect. All this social distancing and quarantine is solely for one purpose and one purpose only. To separate the classes. To keep the lowly poor away from the priviliged Aryans. Think about that.

    • “The Rich and Famous and the well connected will always do what they want” You mean THE JEWS? Avg Income for the Jewish People is 300% above the national avg. Well connected? Like Kushner, Soros, Schummer, Schieff, Adelson and most big donors to the Republicans and Democrats? We are 2% of the population and maybe 40-50% of the Well Connected. Trump/Kushner Obama/Rahm Emanuel etc. Please go a Neo-Nazi site with your anti-semmitic post.

      • You have got to be kidding. He’s saying something about the rich and famous and well-connected, _you’re_ making it into something about Jews specifically, and then accusing him of anti-Semitism? (And this, after your repeated defenses of De Blasio’s open anti-Jewish statement?) Get help.

        • Just ask anyone around in your BP neighborhood who are the Rich and well connected? Mexican rapists? Latinos? Chinese? etc. Or go on any Neo Nazi Website. Its not politically correct today to blame the Jew so they blame the Rich and well connected. Everybody knows who they are.

  4. I was wondering why they were putting up a barbed-wire fence around boro park. For out of towners who never have to send your kids to the store for anything you wouldn’t understand it. This is the norm in the city even among nonjews. By us, with Ke”h large families it’s very common to send children to the corner store to buy something.

  5. Look, it is one thing for an eleven year old to watch an eight year old, and perhaps a two year old briefly in their home. However, to send an eleven year old outside, with his younger siblings, especially a two year old in a stroller, to go to the store by themselves, especially this day and age, is not too smart. I think that the Chabad Rabbi used very bad judgment in doing so. It is too bad that others did not appreciate the entire picture. In this instance, I’ll err with caution, and back the NYPD.

    • You obviously don’t live in nyc. Whether you think its good judgment or not its the norm here. When I was in eretz yisroel it seemed to be the norm there too. The truth is anywhere you have a store walking distance to your house people will send children to do errands.

    • “Chabad Rabbi” bad judgement? Maybe he was thinking that the Rebbe is walking with the children so nothing can happen. Watch some videos what is going on in 770. You are correct, we wouldn’t understand this.

  6. An 11 year old is not qualified to care for a two year and eight year old . Everyone needs to get out of the paranoid mentality and start following common sense and safety ordinances

    • Judith, I agree with you 100%; unfortunately, these nincompoops on this site can’t get through their thick heads, that whether you live in NYC, or any place else in the USA, it is not a good idea for an 11 year old to be entrusted with a very small toddler in a stroller, to go to the store. These holier than thou commentators, keep pulling out the “frum card” and blaming the cops for this incident, because the kids were frum, and their parent was a Rabbi. Look, horrible things happen to kids by perverts who wait to do horrible things to children. They should be protected by a responsible adult at all times. In this case, their Father was just too negligent, to take them to the store himself.

    • So why don’t you offer help out financially? Offer to pay for a babysitter. You can’t take your wealth with you when you die. How much can you hoard already?

  7. Many eleven-year-olds are certainly capable of going to the store with their siblings to buy something and come home. Seriously, if the two-year-old weren’t there and they were walking to school it would have been fine. A two-year-old in a stroller is not a big deal. The police need to relax.

  8. Not a single quote from the cops. What were the circumstances that caused them to stop and pick the kids. did someone report 3 kids aimlessly wandering the street? Did someone report 3 little kids crossing against the light? Perhaps someone saw obviously jewish kids and called the cops on some pretense just to cause trouble?
    Perhaps the kids werent wearing a face covering and the cops wondered who let them out like that in a pandemic. who knows. Responsible journalism dictates that someone should try and get hold of the police and ask the obvious, “why”.

  9. The good news is that the city decided it wasn’t worth getting involved in this mess. That’s the bottom line. BH all ends well. hopefully.

  10. I’m sorry. This is INSANE. If the cops were legitimately concerned about those children, they should have accompanied them home and SPOKEN to the parents. Not handcuff their father and lead him away to jail. Anyone can see the difference between an endangered, neglected child and a capable, well taken child who was walking a few blocks down from their house. This is is complete abuse of the law, and traumatic to the children when it could have been easily fixed with a conversation.

  11. Doesn’t anyone realize that we are living in New York City? The 11-year-old child might be very capable but again this is new York city. How many times have we read about cars pulling over asking kids to come over for directions? The bottom line is that this city is just not safe in most areas for 11 year old to go a couple blocks with two siblings shopping. We are is seichel?

    • Alan, that was exactly my prior point; unfortunately, the clueless individuals on this site, immediately resort to the “frum” card. The Rabbi deserved to be handcuffed, and arrested. Next time, he will think twice about sending his small children to the store, completely unsupervised, especially in NYC.

  12. Maybe Borough Park and Williamsberg I safe for children to walk around without adults but I’m sure not all Areas of Williamsburg and Borough Park would be considered safe. If I was a policeman I would’ve arrested The Rabbi for letting his children walk around like that, a couple of blocks no less. Any parent should have been arrested.

  13. Let’s all scream this is blatant Anti-Semitism and see how many Sheqels we can twist out of the Goyim! If we keep it up we’ll never have to work (again?)!

  14. 11 year old secular children are in 6th grade.

    They take the train by themselves every day, alone, to distant parts of the city to attend school.

  15. im disgusted by some of the commenters like boroch
    you obviously don’t have kids since you do not know that 11 year olds can actually be very responsible and especially with the help of an 8 year old. my heart goes out to the rabbi! may hashem bless him and the rest of klal yisroel

    • Hey, Mr. Disgusted-It is too bad that you didn’t like my comments; you don’t even know me, and assume that I never had a child, which I did. Yes, some kids that age can be responsible; however, it is not a good idea for an 11 year old to watch a two year old in a stroller, while he is going to the store, as he can become distracted. Horrible things happen to kids in public all of the time. The only reason that you are so hot, is because a Chabad Rabbi was arrested. I can assure everyone, that if a poor gentile was arrested for the same offense, you could care less!!!!!

  16. Your talking about dumbo not BP or williamsberg it’s not a safe area. Where they arrested the children no the father should have been for not taking care of the kids. Sorry but Aha your right the rebbe was with them

  17. How people forgot about Leiby Kletzky. While this has become the norm in New York, it’s not a normal thing in today’s day and age. And when you live on the edge, it’s likely to catch up with you.

  18. Why not??. An 11-year-old is not qualified to walk the public streets and take care of an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old. Once the 11-year-old is sweet talked or B.S.’d into coming over to someone’s car, there goes the rest of them.

  19. Anybody not living in Brooklyn NY please don’t comment on this. People living in Brooklyn send their young kids to the local stores, and allow our kids to play on the local streets.

    • Hey, Elephant, don’t lecture us, who are non-residents of Brooklyn, NY, about not commenting on this case, of child neglect. The Chabad Rabbi should consider himself lucky that the ADA decided not to prosecute this case. You can’t seem to get through your head that horrible things happen to unaccompanied children in every jurisdiction of the USA, with Brooklyn being no exception. The Chabad Rabbi used atrocious judgment, period. The cop was correct in arresting him. This should be a lesson to other parents, regarding sending very young children on their own, in this day and age, to public places, unaccompanied by adults, on errands. Case closed!


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