Watch: Batei Ungarin Celebrates Lag Ba’Omer In Style Despite Health Ministry Directives


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the Batei Ungarin neighborhood near Meah Shearim, residents decided to ignore health ministry directives and organized a huge lighting in honor of Lag Ba’Omer next to their homes, with crowds of celebrants in the courtyard and people cramming every available balcony.

הדלקה בבתי אונגרין בירושלים

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    By labeling this travesty as “In Style”, you, VIN, are condoning and supporting this utterly reckless behavior.
    For shame!

  2. There is no authentic Jewish source for this pagan custom!!

    The Hatam Sofer even wrote a tshuva against this.

    It is about time people realized that these customs associated with lag baomer are a distorted perversion of authentic Judaism, barely resembling the original.

    These people have invented a whole collection of fairy tales and customs based on superstition that are contrary to authentic Judaism.

    On a lighter vein Regarding the bonfire:

    When I was a little boy my bubby used to warn me the when you play with fire you wet at night.

    Didn’t these pyromaniacs ever have a bubby to warn them?

    • Yeah, yeah, any Jewish custom to you is “pagan.” Gee, maybe believing that G-d came down on a mountain and spoke to us is also “pagan” and “contrary to authentic Judaism,” since after all lots of mythologies associate their gods with mountains.

  3. Here in Brooklyn we had fires and dancing all over. We have to have meseiros nefesh. The people who don’t Daven are knocking the good davening Jews. We have to show how we love being Jews. We are ready to do whatever it takes to be authentic Jews just as some risk their lives in the Holocaust to Daven.

    • meserios nefesh is a very great madraga only when you are moiser your own nefesh but by doing so you endanger the lives of other yiden you are rodeph,ritzach and a shota

  4. There is no different than Jews who were ready to give up their lives and children’s lives to remain Jews during crusades and holocaust. Why are people who are moiser nefesh for a minyan any less holier. Holy Jews keep up the spirit. Don’t let the reformers corrupt you with their anti Torah stush.


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