Childrens’ Star Has Contractions During Live TV Interview


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Even seasoned interviewers like Paula and Leon Rosenberg, veteran anchors on Israeli television, were slightly nonplussed when interviewee Einat Madani, a children’s star who came to speak about her career, started contractions before even she had a chance to speak.

By chance the couple were also interviewing the chief nurse of the Klalit HMO, Lili Perlman, in honor of International Nurses Day. The interview with the nurse, who discussed the daily challenges faced by her profession as well as during the current pandemic, had just concluded when Leon noticed Madani, who is at an advanced stage of pregnancy, sitting in obvious discomfort.

Leon cried out: “Contractions! She’s having contractions in the studio! Nurse!” and asked Perlman not to leave before she helped Madani. Madani admitted that she was feeling contractions and seemed genuinely surprised by them. Perlman tried to maintain calm and asked Madani what number birth this was, but she wasn’t able to answer.

Paula gave Madani a cup of water (which she swore she hadn’t touched, wished her luck and accompanied her out of the studio. Later the couple confirmed that Nati, as Einat is known to children, had been hospitalized and wished her an easy birth.



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  1. Thanks so much for this story. In my yeshiva days I didn’t learn anything about women or contractions. Now I’m bored and this story gave me something to do and was informative introducing me to new knowledge.


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