Florida Synagogue Sanctions Members For Participating In COVID-19 Minyan


DEERFIELD BEACH (VINnews) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, some communities are demonstrating that they will not stand for any violations of social distancing guidelines whatsoever.

In a letter sent out by the Young Israel of Deerfield Beach, Florida, it was announced that individuals who had participated in a rogue minyan this past Shabbos, would be stripped of all positions and denied future Kibudim in the Shul.

The full letter is below.

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  1. they could take the letter and put it where the sun does not shine, this was off premises so who cares, do they give the same sanctions to someone who does misira?

  2. People are done, but mark my words, there is another wave coming. I work in a hospital in Texas and there are more covid positive patients then before. I hope everyone can hang in there and stay safe.

    • I’m marking your words… and will throw it back in your face when that 2nd wave never materializes. Has there been even one documented state of country in the world that had a material 2nd wave? Answer: none so far! So this is all conjecture! The only certainty about this virus is that anyone who tells you anything with certainty KNOWS NOTHING!

      • Mo, we aren’t through the first wave yet so how could there be a second wave? Shoteh! Google the 1918 flu pandemic second wave – far more people died than in the first. Let me see – educated and trained epidemiologists say one thing and Mo says another. Hmmm, who should I listen to?

      • Mo…..important to pay attention to people that are in a position to know even more than you.i cant swear that the fellow is corect .however, dont do anything stupid.nor should you say stupid things

    • Than you for your dedication. Stay safe. I know it can be frustrating when you think people are coming in sick when you know people could have acted better and it exposes you and your family to this risk. From reading the comments on this site there are way too many people who don’t care about anyone other than themselves.

      • Well said, I hope people are concerned about the well being of our Kids. i fear more children deaths this summer from no structure and overburdened parents than childhood deaths from Covid or Kahgaski.

        We live for our children and spend all our money on their well being , education and development needs. To lock them in a house is starving us of everyhting we live For and depriving the future forever. Its mind boggling how people don’t care about camps and schools being closed yet are obsessed with minyan

        its really frustrating to see people who disregard children and thier needs and “don’t care about anyone other than themselves”.

    • So come up with a better plan than social distance. ( at least a limited one ) You can’t keep people locked up for two years.

      Also what happens in one Texas community is not reflective of the entire world or even USA . Not that I am predicting the future, I am just saying it’s not an indicator

      • Rodef Archy, actually IT IS an indicator – thats how epidemiology works. You should be more worried about passing your foolishness on to your children – not whether they have camp or not

  3. Yet, when these Zionist supporting members publicly support even the most egregious Israeli policies to the consternation of the entire world the committee is quiet. Not a sound! Only a “rogue” minyan bothers them. Feh.

      • They now say it’s permitted. What you say is false. Een dofMarch it wa sprhobited now when rules are lighter and htings calmed down its oermitted. Stop lying . You & I know that. R Malkeil, R shmuel and R chaim Kanivseky allowed it . (R Malkeil is on the motzes)

        • Your statement was they “never banned” it. That statement is false. They now are allowing it based on a case by case and community by community scenario. Which is now how to do it.
          We cannot expect the federal govt to know the intricacies of each community to know when each community should open that’s why we have town/ city leaders and Vaad of rabonim and batei dinim. Local leaders should decide via a joint statement and policy not a shul by shul scenario.

  4. Beautiful – It would be so nice if here in Monsey the shuls would do the same.
    That means – rRbbi Rudinsky shul, who was open would have to remove himself as Rabbi. Rabbi Rottenberg would have to throw himself out of the Rabista and give up the gold and silver bekishas. Rabbi Schlesinger would have to step down. – However, would Rabbi Schlesinger have to move out of the huge apartment he occupies upstairs??

        • Why would such a jealous person like you have to resort to lie’s? The percentage of frum people dying from the Coronavirus from the overall total numbers of death, 0.00001%.
          Stop with the lies already. Btw, if your lovely neighborhood of Monsey is over developed, why don’t you move to the 5Towns where they have riles & regulations?

          • You have major issues like the rest of the frummers with their heads in the sand. Keep up your farkrumpter way of thinking, however the fact is frum people died in a greater PERCENTAGE than others. Keep your shuls open and keep killing yidden . You must be chassidsh as they are thee only ones that enjoy the over development and then say to others who were here before them – move on out. Another way to use your brilliant thinking.

        • Shuls open? Meaning shuls open like regular? or outside social distanced minyan which poses no risk?

          FYI I know of a large shul in BP that was open (as in inside the shul), however they coordinated with the police and health authorities how to do it safely.

          Unless you observed an unsafe minyan you argument is rubbish

    • People in Monsey have lives and are not busy what’s going on by someone else, unlike a bunch of retirees with nothing to do to pass time besides pass gas

    • Wrong they are a rav and have a right to pasken in their own for their kehila . You may disagree but that’s what a machlokos is. Its a two sided debate and we respect both sides . While I disagree with this young Israel , the followers ignored their rabbi . Huge difference

    • Do you understand that the Corona virus kills, while kiddish clubs, talking in shul, sshort dresses, and all the many other sins you mention do not. The Rabbi was 100% right to single out this sin that possible killed other yidden.

  5. Will they also kick out members whose wives don’t cover their hair or wear pants? I doubt it! Hypocrites. You must listen to the rabbi but it is ok to not listen to the torah….

  6. Time to start a breakaway minyan in Dearfield. Enough with tyranny, dictatorship, egomaniacs. This letter makes clear that someone’s ego got bruised when his psak wasn’t followed. Sorry but he isn’t the possek hador. Not even possek ha’ir. Plenty of people in the community would join and support a new shul. Time to breakaway.

      • If indeed the rabbi was forced to sign the letter, as you say, it creates a comical situation.

        The rabbi is forced against his will to sign a letter demanding that because others did not follow the will of the rabbi, those others have acted disrespectfully to the rabbi, by going against his will, and therefore those people must be sanctioned.

        Wouldn’t the “forcers” that force the rabbi, wouldn’t they be acting against his will?! Shouldn’t those people that force their rabbi to sign, be sanctioned?! Are they disrespecting the rabbi?!

  7. In one community it was done more quietly but a Mashgiach that attended an underground Minyan was fired. The attitude was if he doesn’t listen to the Rabbonim about No Minyanim, how can he be trusted to follow their Kashrus standards?

    • Stupid argument, unless there is a machlokos about kashrus and he chooses to go like his rav vs the community he is serving ( like bies yosef shechita for sefardi ) . Otherwise just bec he goes like his rav by a machlokos doesn’t mean he won’t upkeep the highest kashrus standards where everyone agrees

  8. This is Torah Judaism the way it’s supposed to be. You pick your rav / posek, and you follow his halachic directives. You don’t denigrate the Torah by picking/choosing your p’sakim. If the Sanhedrin/Batei Din were in place, the violators would be eligible for makkos mardus, or possibly worse, given the inyan of sakanas nefashos.

    I’m fortunate to belong to a shul where the members, by and large, follow the rav’s instructions. People sometimes disagree, and sometimes argue, but in the end, we act as one. The YIDB leadership is commended for dedication to their rav, which comes out to be dedication to the Torah itself and her Giver.

    • You can pick a rav or posek Yet not Daven in their shul . Many shuls have a chasidisha living in a litFish community who will consult with his reba or Dayan yet Daven and be active in his community shul. He may even Daven sefard while they ashkenaz . You wouldn’t say that guy is bad bec he doesn’t listen to the rav of the hat shul. This is life in a diverse world . We need to respect and love those we disagree with . we can’t ostracize them

  9. Disgust?Really? HKBH loves all chotim and poshim. Oy vay that Rabbis who are supposed to be pur leaders call their oilem disgusting no matter what they did.

  10. It doesn’t take “guts” it takes leadership, which the Jewish world is very sadly lacking. Bravo to the Rov of Florida, wish more Rabayim were like him, maybe our Jewish world would look better.

  11. We here in Brooklyn had a beautiful lag bomer. We had fires and music all over. We need to be strong against the reformer even the open orthodox gang. We need not be afraid or ashamed to have public minyans. We will overcome.

      • They died from unsafe minyan before minyanim were socially distant. You need to measure how many new infections came after the soicla distant minyan started pesach time? So far we are near zero new cases BH for two/three weeks. This data proves socila distant minyan is a safe and sound. You guys just have OCD

        • So if someone went to shul on 3/15/2020 against the medical advice that is why people died. You just admitted that you are responsible for people dying. Just go hide under a rock for your own sake.

          Educated Archy March 15, 2020 12:56 am at 12:56 am
          Nope sorry I went to shul shook hands and acted normal. I did use extra soup. We need not fall for this super hyper paranoid society. There are some good olde fashion drs that laugh at all this and say the world has gone mad.

  12. Please post information about where to donate to the new break away minion. The tyranny here cannot go unchecked. I don’t live in Florida, but the actions of these rabbis and lay leaders of this Shul discust me to my core

    • Yeah Let me know as well, a big check is on the way to the new minyan, the only problem that I foresee is that the vast majority of the Young Israel members have dementia and wont remember that they wrote this letter tomorrow.

  13. Most of the people who died did not die from carona. They were elderly and their time was up. They would of died anyway. It’s just a political ploy to label every death as carona 19.

  14. The proof of the pudding is that yesterday in Brooklyn music trucks were driven around with blasting music. Fires and dancing was everywhere. Everyone realized that this virus was a fake. Normally people in the eighties do die but it’s just not publicized. Now it became stylish to label everyone kovid 19. If you were not labeled that way it would not be bekovidik.

    • the sad thing is that while you are obviously trolling – no person could actually be this stulid and survive – that trolling is evil. So many of us lost people to this. So the fact that you think it is fun to “trigger” people is just sick.

  15. I’m not taking sides here.
    But curious if those mocking the Deerfield’s rabbi rule are the same ones who holler ” daas Torah” whenever Lakewood ravs make an edict and it’s forbidden to go against them.
    IOW_ is ” tyranny” a selective word?

  16. I know this congregation well and just find it ironic that people who go mixed swimming, who go swimming on Yom tov, come to shull wearing shorts, woman don’t dress appropriate especially when in shull, shave their beards on Chol Hamoed are allowed to have these positions in shull. I guess one can violate halacha but not the shul policies

    • What you’re saying is not proper hashkafa. We have to deal with “yemin mikarev”. Show them love and understanding. Be patient with them. Even though we sin, HKB”H doesn’t kick us out of his family. We are still banim lamakom. Maybe they erred in their decision, but we don’t throw them out. That is not Yiddishkeit. We don’t do that with troubled youth. We don’t do that with people going thru mid-life crisis. And we certainly don’t do that with the elderly.

  17. Sad that the rabbi was probably forced to sign this garbage.
    And also sad to publicizeit by writing the letter in the first place.
    After everything quiets down, they will let them all back into the minyan.
    You’re not allowed to hold a grudge.
    This was done more of a scare tactic than anything else.
    To the brave minyan makers, keep up the great work.
    To all you people who disagree, tell me, do you do shopping?
    That’s what I thought.

    1. senior living complex for the past 3 months each day at some point they sit around the deck/ grass spread out & shmooze
    2. someone had yartzeit so he said everybody stay at your place , & i’ll be the chazan we are all sitting here anyway
    3 not on shul property , no hats & jackets
    4 so the shul board told one of the minyan dont give the daf anymore

  19. Happens to be that the Swimming pool at their club house is open for up to 30 people at a time. But members of the shul cannot make an outside minyan in front of their building! How insane!

  20. I have visited this community. It is a wonderful modern orthodox community. The averaqe age is not 85 – it is much younger since one can buy there at 55 years of age! Most of the crowd buying and moving in is the Sheitel/black hat crowd. Unfortunately most of the people making that Minyan, I was told are the chassidim. The fur hat crowd don’t support the shul – they just take from it (kiddushim, etc.). The Rov is an ehrlicher mensh and gives wonderful Shiurim that all can enjoy. The time I bought I didn’t know they existed as an orthodox community. Second largest Daf Yomi in the country, they claim. Those considering buying down there, do so. You won’t be sorry. But it’s not Miami!

    • Average age @YI of Deerfield is 80 PLUS, a small group of black hat/ Chasidim are in Deerfield. majority brought in Century Village WPB. The board in YI is a bunch of cranky old retired men who don’t have anything to do all day so they pick fights,
      This minyan happened is a place not controlled by YI and is 1000% legal under Florida law.
      There was a movement by the more Heimisher / black hat members to break off for various other reasons, [county club atmosphere, talking during davening etc.] this just sped up the process.

        • My truths, lets see,
          1. most of the black hat/ chasidim bought in CV WPB, fact and check with local RE agents
          2. All of the board members are retired people over the age of 75, name me one who is not.
          3. Shuls open, copy of executive order from Governor Desantis:.
          Section 3. Essential Activities
          A. For purposes of this Order and the conduct it limits, “essential activities” means and encompasses the following:
          1. Attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses
          of worship;
          4. Average age is 70s and 80s
          5. Breakaway talk was ongoing for some time, ask the members

  21. I guess these minyan goers don’t have enough gelt to protect them from sanctions. No one with enough gelt power would be tcheppered with. Kesf metaher (even) mamzerim – Kal v’chomer a minyan goer.

      • 100% illegal in Florida. In Miami Beach they masered each other. One side hired Private security to look for minyanim. Its in the Miami Herald with pictures. HUUGE Chilul Hashem. 18 established Shuls in Miami Beach. Not one is open. (officialy)

        • @never again: Here is the copy of the emergency order of Florida
          Section 3. Essential Activities
          A. For purposes of this Order and the conduct it limits, “essential activities” means and encompasses the following:
          1. Attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses
          of worship;

  22. stating the obvious hasn’t got a clue as to what is going on over there. All his comments are made up and comical. I would bet he has never stepped a foot into the place. I understand the minyanaires were warned not to repeat making the minyan and did it anyway. Beautiful development, the landscaping has been upgraded in the last 7 years. In the winter it is a very active community! with daily programs and shiurim. Summertime it is a bit slower but all in all there is every kind of yehudi living there in a very homogeneous atmosphere.

    • Sorry Oma, but you are wrong, I travel a lot to Florida on business and davened in YIDB plus I have several friends who live CV and they told me about the ego trips that the board members have.

  23. stating the obvious just by saying nasty things doesn’t make it true or correct. I visit there about once a week and have my fingers on the pulse with very influential permanent dwellers and you are so very WRONG obviously. First of all, the minyanaires were not board members. Second of all, by the very nature of being a Board Member comes a certain amount of assurance, if you want to call it having an ego trip, so be it. This is a super community and you have no right to put it down, having davened there once or twice! Those who moved to WPB did the right thing, birds of a feather need to flock together.


    The letter is UNSIGNED!

    The edict was never executed.

    The judgement has not been sealed.

    It is a draft used to intimidate, extort and dictate.

  25. Either BOTH sides should apologize to each other and make sholom,
    the Rov and board should be called to Bais Din.

  26. Whether the residents are 55 or 85 does not make any difference. If the minyon did not take place inside of the synagogue, then the rabbi or board members have no right to tell anybody what to do. They must all be Democrats. And just like the Democrat governors who are paving the way for trumps reelection with their power trip, the rabbi and board members are paving the way for these people to make a new minyon and to just leave the shul forever. That would serve them right.


    The rogue minyan referred to in the letter by YIDB took place at a far corner of the property of Century Village, not on YOUNG ISRAEL’s property. The Minyan consisted of 11 people, all masked, with 5 men davening on the grass, socially distant and 6 people on their respective porches spread out on three different floors, on Shabbos morning. The davening did not even include KRIYAS HATORAH and was a one-time minyan for the purpose of saying a KADDISH on a yurtzeit!

    The reaction from YIDB was an extreme public shaming of the participants with abusive language, name-calling, and circulating it to thousands of people. This RECHILAS that went ‘viral’, scattered around the world was, by design, humiliating for the sake of humiliation. It was intentionally defamatory and borderline libelous with their exaggerated language especially by omitting the mitigating details.

    It defies one’s logic and rationale that Young Israel of Deerfield Beach conferred this extreme punishment of ostracizing, humiliating and ridiculing Yidden publicly for the sin of davening and saying KADDISH on a yurtzeit, when, indeed, there are daily social gatherings in circles of more than 20 people at one time right here on the same lawn for hours! It is a powerful and physical reminder of a dark period in history when Jews were persecuted for praying.

    The shame and humiliation Young Israel perpetrated globally and the Machlokes and Sinas Chinam that they created in a time of a global pandemic, is not retrievable and unforgiveable.

    Beezras Hashem this entire episode should pass without additional damage and we look forward to a peaceful existence for all of klal Yisroel


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