IDF Soldier Hit By Stone And Killed During Operation In Samarian Arab Village


HAIFA (VINnews) — IDF soldier staff-sergeant Amit Ben-Yigal (21) was killed Tuesday morning when a stone was thrown on his head in the Samarian village of Yaabed near Mevo Dotan. Ben-Yigal was hit during operational activities designed to locate terror suspects and was taken by helicopter to Rambam hospital in Haifa, where he was declared dead. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of first sergeant major.

Initial investigations said that the terrorist waited on the roof of a three-storey house and when he saw Ben-Yigal raise his head he threw the stone on him, mortally injuring him.

Ben-Yigal’s father, Baruch, couldn’t contain himself at the loss of his only son. He told Israeli radio channel Bet that “I am brokenhearted, this is worse than a curse or a tragedy. Who would have imagined that they would place an Israeli flag on the coffin of my son.”

Ben-Yigal’s funeral will take place at the Beer Yaakov Military cemetery. His father requested that friends and relatives wear face-masks at the funeral.

Last year on Memorial Day Ben Zeev posted on his Facebook a chilling and ominous description:

“Every year for as long as I can remember, the eve of the Memorial Day for IDF soldiers hit a really deep place in my heart

“I don’t remember one ceremony which I didn’t finish with teary eyes, since something really touched me, something moved my heart, something took my heart, forcibly removed it and gave it a bang and then pushed it back in.

In the past two years I mark the ceremony in a different guise than that of a civilian. Now I am a soldier on duty in uniform with my beret and badge which represent something.

“Suddenly the words have meaning, the actions have ramifications and everything is referred back to myself.

“If Heaven forbid something will happen, if something will happen to you, what will happen?

“Immediately a torrent falls from each side of my eye and slowly slowly washes my face.


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  1. So utterly devastating! Something to think about… the Zionist (post creation) said they reason for the state is to protect yidden (of course, the original reason was to read out yiddishkeit, but they had to come up with another reason to entrap frum people)… feh

  2. May the mishpacha have a nechama.
    The Israelis should freeze those millions of dollars they are planning on giving these murderers to cope with the Coronavirus. Why would the leftist Israeli government help out death worshippers? Maybe Naftali Bennett was on to something.

  3. BDE. When I was little, my parents had friends whose son was walking in Yerushalayim in 1973 when was hit in the head by a large stone thrown by an Arab. He suffered a skull fracture and brain damage. He survived but he has had motor skills issues all his life, preventing him from being able to drive a car or walk properly. BH he married and had six children!

  4. Boroch Dayan Haemet! I remember that during the Intifadas, the IDF was criticized and castigated by the biased world media for using live ammunition at stone throwers. This latest incident is proof that a stone being thrown through the air is a deadly weapon, which can kill or cause brain damage. In addition to these terrorists, there are some Hareidim who like to throw stones at the IDF, and reporters. They should be arrested, and prosecuted, as ignoring that problem, will encourage them to do it again. Incidentally, the IDF should provide its soldiers with protective helmets (similar to the ones that the U.S. Army uses), in order to protect them from head injuries.

  5. Where’s the over watch? And to the Aleph commenter a Yiddish neshuma is lost protecting ALL kinds of Yiden and all you can say there should be no Eretz Yisroel? You are the biggest feh! What do you know my mother was in Auschwitz you moron you think you’re safe in monroe or Williamsburg think again


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