Watch: 200 Arrested As Worshipers Break Into Rashbi’s Tomb, Attack Police


MERON (VINnews) — Some 200 people were arrested after they broke into the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Tuesday evening and refused to leave despite police calling on them to disperse in accordance with public health regulations. The worshipers attacked police with stones and other objects and the policemen were forced to summon reinforcements and use force to disperse the illegal gathering.

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  1. What a Kidush HaShem and the Mesirus Nefesh To touch Rashbi.
    Those police are not there and dont care about the health of the chareidim which wont effect the Chareidim anyway because its Rashby and nothing bad can happen with Rashbi. But those spiteful police and army they are a different story.

        • Well, then, let’s try replacing other things, and we’ll see the problem. Do you say berachos every day? Well, then, replace “Hashem” with “Yoshka” and you see the problem. Do you believe that Hashem appeared to us on a mountain and spoke to us? Well, then, replace “Hashem” with “Zeus” and you see the problem.

          See, Chani, once you start “replacing” things in what someone else says, then anything you say or do is fair game too, and is suspect.

  2. Further proof that the Hasidic branch of Judaism bears little resemblance to true Yiddishkeit. This is דרכיה דרכי נועם? It could be easily be justified that these are just a bunch of extremists. But then why don’t the Admorim speak up? Seems they are clueless as to handle these jerks.

    • Gee, how original, blaming all of “the Hasidic branch of Judaism,” its tens of thousands, because of the actions of a couple hundred. Not really all that different than non-Jewish anti-Semites, like the mayor of New York, who lump all of “the Jews” together.

      One might have expected that a Jew who has the privilege of living in Eretz Yisrael – and, to judge by his screen name, in “the territories” – would be a little more circumspect, considering how often our enemies do the same kind of thing, pretending that all such “settlers,” or all Israelis or Jews in general, are dangerous maniacal extremists. But I guess, sadly, it’s different when the shoe is on the other foot.

      • Not every Chasid is a Jewish terrorist but every Jewish terrorist is a Chasid. I dont see any Bnei Akiva doing this. Racial Profiling in NYC SAVED LIFE. Profiling Chassidim, not to let them in your homes, shuls etc is saving lives . Unfortunately it will not be fair to the majority of the chassidim who respect life, just as its not fair to the Muslims etc. “”MEXICAN RAPIST” Millions of Mexicans in the USA. Are they all rapists? Blame the POTUS who started this and it became the norm, not KShomron.

        • aha, are you crazy? Every Jewish terrorist is a chasid? Not a mizrachi? Do you live in some kind of parallel universe? Meir kahane was a chasid? Baruch Goldstein was a chasid?

          • Rabbi Kahane, Goldstein were not terrorists. They fought to save Jews. This People who daven with a minyan etc are the real terrorist who in effect kill yiden. No wonder that their Cities had the highest Death rate in Israel, Bne Brak, Meah Shearim etc.

          • And by “in effect,” you mean “don’t actually kill Yidden, but I hate their guts and so will blame them for it without evidence.”

    • Kshomron, according to your logic Zionism should be the first to go. It isn’t “Noam” in any way. Jews being murdered in cold blood in Israel as a result of it. How can you support it?

  3. History reflects that most wars were started “in G-d’s name”. When someone cites religion to explain why they make their choices, they expect the rest of us to believe they are justified and holy. Yet, all too often, they are just wrong, and are exploitatively using G-d’s name. I believe this is forbidden, as the use of G-d’s name in vain.

  4. Those animals should wear tags, “we are animals” so when they show up collecting in lakewood, I’ll send them flying right down the parkway

  5. Dear “from west coast” your correct, I accept your Musser, bl’n I will be more careful, thanks for the rebuke, you should be gebenched!

    • Dave, easy to blame others,
      isnt it? Maybe Moshiach hasn’t come because of frum people who act badly and cause international chillul hashem by flaunting basic health regulations during a quarantine? Maybe moshiach hasn’t come yet because of frum jews who try to protect evil does in the community by claiming “moser” or “lashon Hara” to avoid
      dealing with behaviors that harm others?

      • Moshiach has not come yet because people are making weddings where they are inviting more than 250 guests. That is an outrageous terrible crime! Much worse than davening in some silly backyard porch Minyan. If you people would only sign the pledge to make driveway weddings from now on, Moshiach would come on the spot.

  6. Dear Dave, even the holy chofetz Chaim spoke very strongly against evil, it would be wrong for good jews to sit silently and ignore the terrible actions and behavior of a few frum dressed people. Of course everything with the correct measure, but something needs to be said!

  7. Very discouraging to see people with such total disregard for the Covid 19 situation. They endanger the lives of so many people including their parents and grand parents.

    • It’s the same thing with those that speed on tue highways. Besides endangering themselves, they certainly endanger others. Yet we don’t hear any unified condemnation. I don’t understand.

  8. It is about time people realize that these pyromaniac clowns DO NOT, DO NOT, represent Judaism.

    They have invented a new cult that bears no resemblance to the pristine beauty of authentic rational Judaism as it existed before it was corrupted by Lurianic fairy-tale-wonderland gnostic fantasies and “Hasidic” (a misnomer if there ever was one) guruism and avatarism.

    I am sure that many secular are seeking and would return to the ways of their fathers but are put off by the proliferation of “cabalist” charlatans and “Hassidic” clowns who have effectively hijacked our Judaism.

    (If I for one minute believed that these clowns are practicing Judaism, I too would become secular).

    The tragedy of our time. These clowns are not funny!

    • One who in nigleh (openly) disbelieves nistar (the “concealed” part of Torah, i.e., Kabbalah), in nistar (secretly) disbelieves nigleh (the “revealed” part of Torah, i.e., Tanach, Mishnah, Gemara, etc.).

      Your “authentic rational Judaism,” in short, is inauthentic (a creation of the 19th-century German Haskalah), not rational, and not Judaism.


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