Attorney: Couple Charged With Assaulting Hasidic Men Was ‘Attacked’

Clelia Pinho (Courtesy of Kenneth E. Belkin)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The Queens couple that was arrested earlier this week for making anti-Semitic remarks and ripping the masks off Hasidic men in Williamsburg, were the victims of an attack at the scene. At least that’s the way their attorney tells it.

According to police, Paulo Pinho, 35, and his wife, Clelia Pinho, 46, were arrested on a charge of aggravated harassment as a hate crime after a confronting with a large group of Hasidic Jews who were gathered outside late Sunday at Bedford Avenue and Ross Street in Williamsburg.

The couple exited their vehicle and started hurling “anti-Semitic statements” to the crowd, before Paulo Pinho accused them of being the reason why people were contracting the coronavirus.

“After making the statements, that’s when the masks were pulled off,” said NYPD Lt. Thomas Antonetti.

Butthe couple’s attorney Ken Belkin says that his clinets were only “taking an irresponsible mass of individuals to task,” and were not motivated by anti-Semitism at all. “My clients abhor racism and anti-Semitism in all of their forms,” Belkin said.

“This incensed the crowd and tempers flared,” Belkin continued. “My clients were the ones who called the NYPD and they did so out of fear for their lives. The crowd then attacked my clients and they were treated for their injuries at Woodhull Hospital.”

Pinho was treated at the hospotal for a broken arm, Belkin said.

The couple was issued a desk appearance ticket, are due in court on Sept. 8. If convicted, they may spend up to one year in jail.

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  1. It is too bad that they only broke his arm; incidentally, there should be some Rabbinic prohibition against any Jewish Attorney defending these scum who harass, assault, and even murder our people.

  2. They got what they deserve stay away from the jewish community we are strong and we will fight back if provoked. leave us alone we are not the reason for the worlds problems. even though some crazy anti semites believe that nonsense.
    we will stick up for our rights. if you provoke us you will get what you deserve

  3. They got a desk appearance ticket. Did not spend a night in jail. Don’t forget this guy was arrested four other times and one assaulting an elderly man. DemocRATs have done away with law and order.

  4. This is what the BBC always does with a Palestinian mother after her son blows himself to bits murdering innocent Jews in Israel. They send their reporters to interview the grieving mother about how brutal the IDF is. These spicks learnt how to play the game from the Pali’s.

    • You lost me with the reference to their ethnic group. Nothing good comes when using such terms.
      while their story sounds very false, I would not be surprised if NYPD and the DA start charging the victims.

  5. I read that the male defendant has an arrest record of at least four arrests, including one for assaulting an elderly man; therefore, do the math, and you will see who we are dealing with, namely two pieces of garbage.


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