Historic Meeting Between Vizhnitzer Rebbe And Netanyahu At PM’s Residence


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Journalist Yisrael Cohen revealed that the Vizhnitzer Rebbe had a private meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu late last night. This is the first time that a member of the Council Of Torah Sages arrives at the prime minister’s official residence in Balfour Street, Jerusalem.

The meeting was kept in the utmost secrecy but it was apparently intended to enable  the chasidic faction of UTJ to sign the coalition agreement with the Likud which will enable Netanyahu to establish his government with Benny Gantz. The Rebbe discussed matters of religion with Netanyahu as well as the draft law which will be legislated in the coming Knesset.

Vizhnitz sources maintain that the meeting, which lasted 45 minutes, was not convened for political reasons but rather for a personal issue which the Rebbe wished to discuss with Netanyahu.

The coalition agreement between the Likud and UTJ which will be signed Wednesday evening states that Chareidi educational budgets should be equated with the budget for state education but at the same time the independence of the Chareidi educational institutions should be maintained. The draft law should allow Torah scholars to continue their studies uninterrupted and the status quo on matters of state and religion should be maintained.


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  1. Yep this is exactly was what Chasidus was intended to be.
    A Rebbe of thousands of Chasidim met willingly with a smile on his face with the PM of the Torah forbidden state.
    The Shanda is huge.

    • Yes, this is indeed what Chassidus was intended to be: to assist in the security of millions of Jews, who would otherwise be left to the “tender mercies” of our cousins the sons of Yishmael.

      • Not quite.

        Mashiach would have come had the Zionist idol not come alive, as the Brisker Rav and other gedolim wrote.

        Moreover, had Zionism never started up over a century ago, the Jews (and Arabs) in then-Palestine would likely continued to have been in a normal Western functional British colony with local councils for the various religious groups, not facing the results of over a century of Zionist fights with the Arabs purely for Nationalist idolatry (it’s not for safety, of course).

        • Mashiach – No one can know this unless they are a Navi. So take the statements they said as intended. A mussar that you agree with or not.

          History – I don’t think it is likely things would have continued the way you suggest had Zionism never started up. Also, what is nationalist idolatry? Idolatry involves worship of Gods, not nationalism. If nationalism is idolatry then it would seem Moshe Rabbenu, Yehoshua, Dovid, and Shlomo all were heads of an avodah zarah movement.

          • I guess you know better than the gedolim who said they did know this. I don’t know enough to say they could not have known but maybe you are greater than the Brisker Rav, Satmar Rav et al?

            You understanding of Nationalism, gods and, liHavdil, Moshe Rabbeinu and our other kings after him, seems incompatible with the Torah’s understanding of the same.

        • Talk about historic revisionism 101.

          Please google “Sykes Picot Agreement.”

          Your thesis would postulate the present existence of democracy in countries such as Yemen, Oman, Tunisia- let alone the Arabian Peninsula.

          And yes- those gedolim, all holy, were viewing the world with the data available to them at that time. They did not posses ruach hakodesh as it related to the State of Israel.

          • Sykes-Picot was drawn up decades after Zionism started. So even that is not a sure thing.
            But even Sykes-Picot mandated that E”Y would be an international territory.
            Sounds a lot more stable than a century of Zionists fighting with the Arabs, fraudulently in the name of, and successor to, the Jewish people.

        • Maybe, maybe not, as other commenters have pointed out. The fact is that _as things are right now_, not as they might have been had things been done differently in 1917 or 1948 or whenever, the security of six million or so Jews (kein yirbu) is to a large extent tied up with the security of Israel. That of course doesn’t mean that the Israeli government always lives up to that, but the alternatives – to have the state of Israel dismantled and it handed over to the non-Jews – would be immeasurably worse.

          • It seems pretty clear that, as the Satmar Rav wrote, that the Nations of the world would come up with a solution if the Zionists were to go to the Nations of the world and say we want out, no more heretical “State of Israel” but we don’t want any Jews hurt CH”V (not that the Zionists care about Jews getting hurt because they never have for over a century but, in theory, if they did…)

        • Yes, like happened in the other ME ex-British colonies, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi, Egypt, Yemen etc Or is it the fault of the state of Israel that these are all disfunctional states with an absence of democracy or freedom of religion for non-muslime (look at Yazidi’s or Christians’ treatment in the Arab world). I completely understand why you’ve not had the courage to show your name. I’d also be embarassed to have such ill thought out unsubstantible views.

          • Those are Arab countries ruled by Arabs. Not relevant. Palestine would have been ruled by the Western world as per Sykes-Picot.

            But go ahead and make fun…

    • Not quite. The Zionists, who have stolen and recreated the identity of the Jewish people, made a State. They did so by using the blood of European Jewry that the Zionists refused to help, prioritizing Zionism above all else, including saving Jews in Europe in WW II.

      The Zionists also did almost every aveira you can think of, certainly the big ones, against the Jews who fell into their clutches, particularly during and after WW II.

      That state is also a disaster in every way, despite scientific, etc. achievements by some of its citizens. The most dangerous place in the “Jewish” world for a Jew to live. Government-decreed shmad. Etc.

      • I have read through “Vyoel Moshe’ twice. Plain reading of the “Six Vows” states [vow #3] that Jews should not go up [=force the Gentile rulers to allow them in the Land] in MASS — meaning most of the Jews. There is no prohibition of creating/maintaining a state or military defense. That ‘prohibition’ is the opinion of the holy Satmer Rebbe zt”l, but it not the only [or main] understanding of this Sugya at the end of Mesechet Kesuvos.

        • You evidently missed some portions.
          Dechikas haKeitz, for example, is one of those six that certainly do forbid creating/maintaining a state and military “defense”.

    • Zev, what you need is some blood soaked Jews!
      As the famous Zionist said “only with blood will there be a land” – when Germany was murdering the Jews!

  2. The word SHANDA is a dead giveaway.
    Used by leftist Jews all the time. Especially Israel haters and those who use a meeting like this to attack it. Get it ??

  3. For years, throughout galus, the rabbanim and askanim met with the heads of state for the sake of benefiting the yidden. Why is this any different?

    • This is not a head of a state. It is the head of an entity which, according to all Torah authorities (meaning, uninfected with Zionist idolatry) is strictly forbidden to exist. No other governmental entity in the world is like that.

      The Torah states no preference on, for example, China vs. Taiwan. But the Torah very much forbids a State of Israel for so many reasons, especially one that required tens of millions of dollars in arms/weapons (in 1940s dollars…a *lot* of money) to fight their initial war and that has never stopped fighting since.

      • No, according to those Torah authorities it _shouldn’t have been_ brought into existence, but once it is, then it’s a legitimate government, and the rules of ודרשו את שלום העיר apply to it like to any other. You have heard of the concept of lechatchila vs. bedieved, no?

        • So was the eigel also biDiAvad? After all, once it came into existence then, by your logic, it should have been accepted. But Moshe Rabbeinu destroyed it, not accepted it.

          No gadol ever said that the Zionist state is a legitimate government. None. Because it’s a non-starter. It’s forbidden for so many reasons it would take many sefarim (like the Satmar Rav’s vaYoel Moshe and others) to go through all the reasons. There were, however, gedolim who did and still do say that its citizens should vote in their elections. But that does not imply conferral of any legitimacy unto the State.

  4. Josh__ You are quoting an evil lie.
    Kastner Train, however is truth.
    Who cares anyway ??
    Even a rebbe comes to meet our PM.
    Eat your heart out, or eat a baloney salad.
    Did I mention Kastner Train??

    • Kastner TRIAL ?? Who cares anyways ????
      I’m quoting lies….. You BELIEVE LIES!
      Eat your heart out, or eat a pork chopp grilled in tel aviv on the beach shabbes afternoon.
      Did I mention Dehan??
      Or did I mention the Altalena?? Just following orders… AKA just following orders…..

  5. Look who’s babbling about Jewish blood.!! This holy Vishznitzer Rebbe , unlike his relative in UPSTATE NY , didn’t bloody his hands by supporting and advertising the Obama Iran Deal. Iranian Gazan rockets were partly his responsibility. Talk about blood soaked Jews ,eh ?
    Teaching kids to pray for Israel’s destruction, eh ?
    Jewish blood, eh ??

    • Since you believe the Zionists are such amazing warriors, why don’t you ask the Zionists why they didn’t stop the Iranians? Why blame a Rabbi for his political views even if they were not also the Torah’s view?

  6. Kill yas joe has his chasidim mixed up. You’re referring to Satmar. This was the Vizhnitzer rebbi who fully cooperates with the State. But for an anti-Semite like you, all Jews are to be hated, right?

  7. Kol Hakavod to Viznitzer Raba he did it on behalf of all Frum Yiden in israel a true Manhig not looking on his own interest doesn’t care what some non wise people would say , also no body said that having a state will block coming of Meshach because NOBODY knows

  8. kudos to the Rebbe!
    really glad to hear this. he is continuing the precedent of the admor R. Yisrael zt’l who
    lived in Grossvardine . he did not want to join in the ostracism of the Zionists.
    he felt that Hashem prposely wanted them to rebuild the Land.
    see also Rabbeinu Bachya on Va Yikra 11:4–7

    • Really? Hashem wanted the Zionists to shmad His children and impose a spiritual holocaust on generations of Jews, especially the sefardim from Arab countries? Hashem also wanted the Zionists to redefine Klal Yisrael into Nationalist Hebrew gentiles and infect the world with that heresy and idolatry?

      Doesn’t seem like Hashem wanted any of that. And He has plenty of better ways to build up his land. And, Hashem yishmor, just as this virus has changed the geopolitical landscape, He could easily change Israel’s physical landscape if He wanted to, as well, and didn’t and doesn’t need the Zionists to help Him with anything.

      This is silly.

  9. If Netanyahu would need Vizhintz, he would go to the Rebbe.

    But Netanyahu does not need Vizhinitz anymore.

    Now Vizhinitz and UTJ needs Netanyahu.

    Therefore the Rebbe went to Netanyahu.

    The “ani” (pauper) goes to the “oshir” (wealthy donor) for a nedava (charirty).


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