Ramat Shlomo Chareidi Youth Beaten Up By Traffic Inspectors, Police Release Them From Custody


JERUSALEM (VINNews) — A 25-year-old Chareidi youth whose sole crime was moving a traffic cone was severely beaten by Arab traffic inspectors in the Chareidi neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo. The youth was knocked down onto the road and required medical treatment for a head wound.

From a video documenting part of the attack it appeared that one of the attackers knocked the youth on the ground and kicked him. The youth lay on the ground bleeding until onlookers came to treat him.

A number of witnesses testified to police about the event. The witnesses supported the version of events described by the youth who stated that he was brutally attacked. One of the witnesses stated that one of the inspectors held a club.

Yet despite the video and the testimony of bystanders, police released the attackers after the investigation.

Moshe Polski, the lawyer for the Chonenu organization, said that “it is unthinkable that a citizen is violently attacked on a city street by traffic inspectors without him having done anything. The victim required medical attention and was taken by MDA to hospital

“Yet to our amazement despite the brutal attack which caused grievous bodily harm, Israeli police decided to release the attackers after a short investigation, this despite clear documentation and testimony of bystanders. We call on the police to immediately arrest the attackers, extend their remand and bring them to justice and not to abandon the security of Jerusalem’s residents even if they are Chareidi.”

Police sources claimed that the event was actually a scuffle between two sides and the attack was mutual. After investigation the two parties were released under restrictions.

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  1. Had a Jew beaten an Arab they would lock up the Jew for weeks. A chareidi soldier pointed a gun at an Arab who threatened him and the chareidi soldier got ten days in jail. No chareidi should join the anti Torah army made up of transvastites,women and toeivanicks. They hate us religious Jews more than they hate the arabs unfortunately.

  2. JUST JUST moved a cone !!!!
    Nothing happened. The Boy did NOTHING!
    Moving a cone is NOTHING.

    Not saying that the police is right but dont say he did nothing…..


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