Audio: Satmar Rebbe Attacks Vizhnitzer Rebbe For Netanyahu Meeting: ‘How Low Can They Stoop’

Last Updated: 4:32pm

KIRYAS YOEL (VINnews) — The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, sharply criticized his brother-in-law the Vizhnitzer Rebbe for meeting with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the prime minister’s residence.

According to a recording obtained by VIN News, Rav Aharon spoke at a special Le’Chaim tish (celebration) for a small number of his associates marking the Yahrzeit of rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl, one of the early Chasidic rebbes and a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov.

Rav Aharon spoke with great anguish and said :”After months of isolation far away from the chasidim, with no public prayers, no tish, no reception of chasidim for private meetings, no sandek (holding the baby at a circumcision) honors, all due to the fear of not being in the same house with a person sick with coronavirus and being infected, after all this he went to the house of the head of the unbelievers, the person who spreads the belief in “our might and power”, the person who has no derech eretz (courtesy) and no respect for G-d? Wasn’t he afraid to sit in his house together with him where he could be infected with spiritual diseases?”

Listen to full speech below: YouTube

Rav Aharon added: “I don’t understand him. Today is the yahrzeit of our grandfather, the Magid of Chernobyl. It is well known that ‘cherna’ means black in Russian and ‘bila’ means white. One should know how to distinguish between black and white and it is forbidden to mix between them.”

The chasidim related that the rebbe was very disturbed after hearing about the meeting last night and kept saying “how low can they stoop, those who go to elections and participate in the government.”

Vizhnitz chasidim responded on the Bechadrei Chareidim site, stating that: “The Satmar rebbe must not know his brother-in-law properly, the rebbe would be willing to pay him the airfare and give him his Beis Midrash so that he can protest against him. Our rebbe is performing his method of Avodas Hashem (service of G-d) and he does not care for his honor the slightest bit, nor is he concerned what people will say.”


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  1. I wont comment if the The Satmar Rebbe R’Aharon is or isn’t right criticizing in public.

    it is very unfortunate that Chassidic Jews are seen as part of a government that is forbidden by the Torah.
    A Rebbe should not be seen with a smiling face talking to the PM. Rather he should look down and not look into the face of a person who is head of a state who rebelled against the Almighty.

    • When David Green (aka Ben-Gurion), the first Zionist Prime Minister, insisted on meeting, liHavdil, the holy Chazon Ish, the Chazon Ish reportedly took off his glasses and also looked down the entire time they met.

        • You are a vile individual for comparing עובדי עבודה זרה to giants of תורה וחסידות you can’t stoop any lower than this, You are the ערב רב

          • I’m not saying it’s the same – the Viznitzer Rebbe has the right to do what he wants – the main issue the Satmar Rebbe had wasn’t so much that he visited Netanyahu, but that he did so at a time when he isn’t taking kvitlach from chasidim and not firring tish etc. But my point is it isn’t majority rule. We live in America, which is a free country. We don’t have the rabbanut bossing us around how to be Jews, we can figure it out on our own. Viznitz can be Viznitz and Satmar can be Satmar. We don’t all have to be the same.

    • Israel was saving lives, while the old Satmar Rebbe was busy telling the Yidden in Europe not to run. He PROMISED them nothing will happen and even stopped people from raising the alarm, by warned them not to scare the crowd on penalty of being put in cherem. How sad is it that so many thousands of gas chambered Jews, the responsibility lays at his feet. If you do not want to look at the face of an evil person, realize who you should not look at.

        • Very sad you actually believe what you just wrote

          Auschwitz was run by German Nazis and Not by jewish Zionists

          If we can’t agree on that statement we really have nothing to respectfully discuss

        • Who are the ZIONISTS? If I were to find a Satmar chossid who went to secular court against his brother and I were to tell you that Satmar is a cult that allows people to go to secular court against halacha, you would probably mutter something or other that would make no sense. In any case, the Jews who helped some other Jews get out of Europe were dealing with a much more difficult situation than who controls millions of dollars. They were trying to save what lives they could. I know, you would not have fallen to the level of a secular zionist who tried to save some non-frum people, but that is just a reflection of how you view life.

      • it is a fact that the rebbes in europe told the jews to stay put, even as the enemy was approching. they are answering their decision right now in the next world.
        will the rebbes of today , who hate the israeli govenrment , also give a din and cheshvon to the Almighty?
        Hashem gaves us back our land, how can you deny it. so some of the leaders are not as frum as you, so what? was every leader in the past such a tzaddik. dont make me laugh. shameo on all of you who do not support a free and independent country that we can run to, in case of trouble. too bad the jews in ww2 didnt have that option.
        again, a shanda on all of you for ignoring how good we now have it, to be abel to go back to the land that Hashem promised us.
        i could go on, but i know how much hatred there is in the chareidi world. exactly why do we have mourning on days of the omer. think! just for once, jews – think !

    • You serious? Comparing working with a gentile head of “state” to smiling at the heretic at the helm of the heretical Zionist entity known as the State of Israel?

        • This is absurd.

          Jews have always worked/negotiated with the gentile rulers of the places in which they resided. That covers DeBlasio, even if he were an Anti-Semite, of which you offer no proof (his recent foolish tweet is no proof either).

          But the Zionists have for over a century done incalculable damage to Jews world-wide, and it is disgusting and worse to see their heresy and identity theft of the holy Jewish people, turning that into a Nationalist idol, as Rav Elchonon and others wrote. Yet you believe that their leader “to a large extent” respects Judaism? Their leader may tolerate it to the extent necessary to maintain the fraudulent facade of leading all Jews from the Zionist state, falsely claiming it to be the “Jewish State”.

          • So in other words, a non-Jew is to be judged lekaf zechus, and “his recent foolish tweet is no proof” of anti-Semitism, but a fellow Jew has to be judged lekaf chovah, and his respect for Judaism is just “tolerating it” to keep up “a fraudulent facade.” Got it. You may want to check your own lineage and see if you are in fact a Jew.

      • Why does that make a difference? Jews have been dealing with the power of the land since Pharaoah. De Blasio has power as the mayor of New York; Netanyahu has power as the PM of Israel. Whether you like them or not, and whether you think Israel is a maaseh Satan or not, it is perfectly normal for a Jewish leader to meet with the persons who hold power over the community.

        • The difference is that smiling at a gentile ruler is okay because if he treats Jews well then he could, indeed, be from the righteous among the gentiles, etc. We are also enjoined to be loyal citizens of the gentile countries in which we reside. That means, of course, respecting the ruler of that country.

          But that does not apply to the ruler of the Zionist State because, first, he is not a gentile so he has different rules he must follow (as in the Torah) than a gentile, and, second, that falsely conveys Jewish legitimacy to the Zionist leader and to the entire heretical enterprise of Zionism which until today continues to shmad Jews worldwide.

          • I see. So if that gentile ruler is an idol worshipper, which automatically means that he’s not one of the “righteous among the gentiles,” then you shouldn’t smile at him or respect him? Absurd.

            And why aren’t you worried about falsely conveying Jewish legitimacy to communism, which de Blasio has publicly described himself as subscribing to? That’s been responsible for far more Jewish deaths and shmad than you could ascribe to Israel even in your most twisted fantasies.

      • Maybe he went there just to be mekarev bibi.maybe bibi askex him how he can change his ways ?it waS a private one knows what they spoke about.

    • did the Satmar Rebbe sit with DeBlasio DURING THE COVID19 SHUTDOWN? That is the point here, he could have called him on the phone if he needed to talk to him.

    • yet this poor excuse, sues his brother, a look-alike poor excuse, in secular courts. I guess he thinks all batei dinim are as corrupt as him. They are working overtime in the olam ha-emes stoking his rebbeshe coals.

    • misnagid…not sure why you wrote this on vin.why dont you just call him and ask him your insightful question .he may answer you.i can get you into see him

  2. One really needs to be mentally retarded to not be able to don-le-chof-schus having a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel. How many times did Yakov prostrate himself before the wicked Esav?
    Umn… which of the taryag mitzvohs is he insinuating was transgressed (when he spread his loshan hora and motzi shem ra). Reminds me of the time when the three bochrim who lived over the green line were murdered, and one of these bright lights claimed the Jewish parents were guilty of their deaths by having lived in an area that these two bright lights don’t approve of for Jews.
    These bright lights think Chevron should be Judenrein. How these bright lights have more than a minyan of followers escapes me.

    • Comparing this to Yaakov and Esav almost makes sense because Esav also had the status of a mumar.

      But you can’t compare it for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s wrong. For example, the meforshim on “hatzileini na miYad achi…” there note that it was Yaakov’s fear of Esav’s achva (brotherhood), not so much his sword. The optics here do not convey the same, though, of course, we don’t know what the Rebbe did or did not have in mind.

      Regarding the settlements, Rav Shach and others already ruled to not live in the territories/settlements. That’s not only a Satmar position. It’s also a logical Torah-based position of viNishmartem miod liNafshoseichem.

      Interestingly, the same people here who are so delighted to shut down minyanim because of, at best, a safeik pikuach nefesh, are willing to completely disregard a much worse safeik where the people in those settlements have to drive on roads that have had all sorts of attacks, need armed guards around their walled ghetto, etc. Hashem Yishmor.

      Come on. This is ridiculous.

      The answer seems to be that, well-meaning as they are, the idolatry of Zionism is of greater importance to some than is davening with a minyan.

      • “Safeik pikuach nefesh at best!?” You should come out of your cave more often. Further, pikuach nefesh is a consideration of multiple di’oraisos. Tefilla betzibur is at best a chiyuv dirabanan, if it is even that. This inability to properly prioritize mitzvos in order to reach appropriate psak halacha is as old as the eitza of the Nachash haKadmoni.

      • By that kind of “logic,” that it’s dangerous to live in the settlements/territories and therefore it’s prohibited, it would also be prohibited to serve in the army (and not just nowadays, but as far back as the time of Tanach), for example. It completely ignores the factor of saving other Jews’ lives, since without those settlements the Arabs would have a free hand to rain down missiles on Bnei Brak.

        • First, it’s Rav Shach and all the gedolim’s logic which you consider “logic”.
          Second, it certainly is prohibited to serve in the Zionist army for many reason.
          LiHavdil elef havdalos, the people who served in Dovid HaMelech’s army were tzaddikim and also went to war only with the direction of the navi/urim viTumim.

          Regarding the settlements ensuring that green-line Israel is safe, this is Zionist propaganda theory and, regardless, irrelevant. The gedolim ruled halachicly that you can’t live there. Period.

          Even if the Zionist propaganda were true, though, you still have no halachic right to put your life at risk just so that the State of Israel can have its (heretical) rule in green-line Israel.

          • There are gedolim in those places so they don’t rule like you say. The fellow who went to secular court, I don’t consider a gadol.

          • if dovid hamelech’s army was true how come it disappeared .I saw the flames shooting out from the crematoria in bu huchenwald and witnessed the sperre in ghetto lodz nxd whatever Israel has is good except the treifas

  3. Moshe Rabienu went to Pharo…. Lots of Tzadikim went to rulers that they had difference of opinions with….

    The gadlus of a man is one who can get along with people who have different of opinions than himself…. and STILL RESPECT THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the gemoro states:” Kemo she Partzufeihm shoinim ,
    Kach DIEOSEIHEM shonim….

    the gemoro relates the beis hillel and beis shamei disagreed on halacha,
    but respected the other’s opinion …

    beis hilel and beis shamei even inter married !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bibi Netanyohu is A HEISER CHOSID…

    Er GEIT TZU ALLE REBBES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My Power and My Might is the slogan of the Real Zionists and the Real Satmar Rebbes since way back.

    When Mohiach comes, both of these extremist persona will take a back seat. Wita and see. Big mouths

    Only they are always right. That is why the Rambam says; Always go in the middle.

    • So you would also choose the middle road between Moshe Rabbeinu and the Eigel haZahav, right?

      You would say that Moshe shouldn’t have destroyed the Eigel but they should have been co-leaders or something like that, CH”V?

    • mr blau…..i see youre an expert in rambam…..did you see what he writes about mevazeh talmud chcham?????you have the audacity to speak about r yoel like that you undersized mouse.better read your rambam again.better take a minyan with you to his grave site as starters.shoiteh she beohlam

  5. Same rabbi that meets in public with kofer, mechalel shabes, Israel hater schumer?!
    Why am i wasting my time even commenting here?
    Hey rabbi when is the last time you spoke to your brother?

    • Because this is what VIN thrives on: fomenting machlokes and setting Jews at each others’ throats. Notice that they have room for this, but not, for example, for a news item published (on other sites) yesterday, about how fully half of the plasma donors in the United States are frum Jews from New York City. Because that might make people have warm feelings towards chareidim and chassidim, and why we can’t have that.

  6. dont worry they are very good friends , they are each doing what their father did , who did what the rebbe before him did . believe me there is no ill will each one is doing whats right

  7. unfortunate this is the world we live in today. the rebbes have the same face as the politicians.
    there is no right or wrong anymore,its a corrupted world and then we wonder why hashem brought us this plague . many many machloykes,sines chinom, have happened since Reb Aron married his wifes sister and started the machloykes in satmar when reb aron became rebbe in KJ, now its continuing with a new scandal.Reb aron is not going to change them and he should just keep on learning Vayoel Moshe to his talmidim and chasidim , and led Viznitz practice their own religion Tziyones.

  8. We are not allowed to comment against a Rebbe in klal yisroel, I only wan to say that for generatiosn klal yisroel’s leader s would meet with heads of stateas hishtadlus to get a better situation for klal yisroel. has no bearing if the politician was Jewish or not.

  9. If not for the ZIONISTS there wouldn’t be a satmar rebbe they saved him and while Jews where dying in Europe he was walking around in Tel Aviv isreal

    • Not all, but also irrelevant. Joining the government to assert the little rights that you can is totally different than having a photographed seemingly friendly conference with their leader.

        • There is, of course, a middle ground between shouting at him and smiling at him.

          The meeting presumably should have been, at most, a business-type meeting, not what looks like a buddy-buddy conference.

          Again, I’m not judging anyone, including either Rebbe, just commenting on the optics.

  10. the satamarer rebbe was saved by the Zionist. The transport he escaped to Switzerland was from the sochnuth or Jewish agency and the organizer was later killed in Tel-Aviv. It is this fake which tuirns off the not frume and rightfully so. Chassdis went out of the chimneys of Auschwitz, majdanek and teblinka. what you today is a mockeery yes, strajmlach, shiach and socken and long payes but the iker of chassdis ahavas Yisroel and be conserned with the pintele yid is finished

  11. The shtetl is dead. The future is Israel. After 1,925 years of slavery in golus you want to be mentally in golus under Israel-hating rabbonim? AM YISRAEL CHAI.

    • Netzach Yisrael (not the Zionist identity-theft of the same) lo Yishaker.
      You’d rather be under “existential threat” under Zionist rule, having never known a day of peace in its bloody (and anti-Torah) existence? And you think that is the future?
      The future is, of course, the true geulah, not the fake news reishis tzemichas heresy.

    • Reb Meir Kahane said “the Jews left Minsk and Pinsk and turned Eretz Yisrael into Minsk and Pinsk” – the State of Israel is the most dangerous place for a Jew to live – more Jews have died in Israel since 1948 than any other country in the world.

  12. To Yonason Herschlag who wrote “One really needs to be mentally retarded to not be able to don-le-chof-schus having a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel. How many times did Yakov prostrate himself before the wicked Esav?”
    I’m just curious if he would apply the same rational to Neturei Karta meeting Ahmadinejad and if not whats the difference?

    • The Vishnitz rebbe directly represents one of the largest chassidic groups in Israel, and indirectly represents or is one of the accepted representatives of most Israeli charedim. So if the Vishnitz rebbe flew to Iran to meet with Iranian leaders, we would be obligated to assume that there is a toeles that justifies the meeting.
      Whom does neturei karta represent? A small fringe group, not known for being particularly wise talmedi chachomim. But they are shomer shabbas, and we should also give them the benefit of the doubt – that they are well intentioned, even if there is no positive toeles in their meeting and even if lemeisa it is harmful.
      Feel free to compare Bibi to Ahmadinejad. I understand that perspective while not completely agreeing. But there is no comparison between the Vishnitz rebbe and Neturei Karta. When a doctor cuts someone open with a knife, that’s different than when a thug does it. The Vishnitz rebbe is like a doctor, hamavin yavin.

    • @Moishe Yoel – everybody agrees with you. Just that some say Aaron is sick in his head, very well known he says whatever is on his crazy mind, and others say Srultchke is sick in his head, very well known he says whatever is on his crazy mind.

  13. “The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, sharply criticized”

    If you listen to the actual recording (for those who understand Yiddish) you will see that R. Aaron is very restrained in how he delivers his critique.

  14. Maybe he went there just to be mekarev bibi.maybe bibi asked him how he can change his ways ?it waS a private one knows what they spoke about.

  15. Maybe he went there just to be mekarev bibi.maybe bibi asked him how he can change his ways ?it waS a private one knows what they spoke about. Incidentally I did see a video of lubavitcher rebbe talkin to bibi

  16. He really didn’t mean it what HE SAID WHAT WONT YOU DO FOR YOUR OWEN BUSINESS TO GROW his believers DO believe that he did a wrong thing SO HE SHOWED THEM THAT HE IS A BIGקנאה. But don’t worry

  17. Why don’t you show the picture how the real Satmarer Rebbi greeted the President of Romania with his Big Hat in his hands covering his chest and bowing to the Romanian President who was known as an Ant-Semite before WWII. If they would learn Tanach, they would know that there was a lot of Hiemische communications with Jewish Kings who were Kofrim, Apikorsim and Reshoim in Bayis Reishon and Bayis Sheiny.

    Satmar continuous with their original hypocrisy and will always be Bal Machlokes with other Gedolim as has been for decades. We, chasidim, don’t learn NACH so we will not know certain things about the past history and also we donot publish the true past Jewish history in Hungary.

    • There is a major difference between Jewish kings, even “bad” ones and, liHavdil, the Zionists: the purpose of the Zionism and its entity, regardless of who is its ruler, is to shmad Jews and to turn Klal Yisrael from a Torah-based nation to a land-based gentile nation. None of that applied to, liHavdil, the Jewish kings in Nach.

    • rabbiblau.may need mechilah from entire satmar community for speaking loshan horah on an entire community.good luck kid and may god have mercy on you.youre going to need plenty

  18. Are you guys off your rocker? there has never been so much idfishkiet and Torah in Israel, the government gives millions of dollars to all from institutions, so what Dre you talking about.

    • The Zionists do whatever it takes, including giving some money to yeshivos, to perpetuate the lie that they are the “Jewish” State.
      Imagine how much more Torah there would be in Eretz Yisrael had the Zionists not shmaded (and continue to do so) generations of Jews worldwide.

  19. Everyone is correct here.
    When we fight the tziyonim which all Orthodox Jews oppose we need to fight on every level. We need people inside the government and outside the government. A war is fought with an army,navy,Air Force etc. you guys are confused. The old satmar rebbe was the biggest Zionist and the Ben gurions were anti Zionist. Why do I say that. Because if Jews don’t keep the Torah then we will be evicted from Israel. If the old satmar rebbe wanted to close up Israel then he would let it turn secular and eventually they would be driven out.

  20. The satmar so called rebbe should be ashamed of himself. How low can he stoop? Because satmar makes something wrong something is wrong? We have a שלחן ערוך and that’s what we need to go by. The Vizhnitz Rebbe loves every jew and will not even listen to any לשון הרע while shron has no problem talking and fighting with anyone. He is saying מוסר when לשון הרע and ערכאות is an איסור דאורייתא? Shame on him and all his followers. I long said satmar is the closest religion to the Jewish religion and speak and hate every other jew.

  21. I think it’s really not nice from vosizneias to post this both of them are very good people and rabbi it’s really not nice for posting this private family information sham on you !!!

  22. Sorry, I didn’t read the whole article but I got the basic idea.
    But which Satmar “Rebbe” was this story about, the one who hates his brother or the other one, who hates his brother?
    When משיח comes they’ll both probably tell their followers to stay in America while they try to leave to EY. Like their predecessor did.

  23. its been reported that the Vishnitze Rebbe went to Bibi to ask him to block the extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia. so lets see… the the Satmar Rebbe’s problem is that his brother in law met with Bibi, the Satmar Rebbe has no problem whatsoever that the Vishnitze Rebbe asked for the protection of a pedophile that harmed tens or hundreds of Jewish children

    what has become of us..

  24. reb aron is a gaon adir and wrote a few seforim and so is the viznitzer rebbe son of the yeshus moshe – this that one sais somthing about the other gives no standerd person a right to say ANYTHING NEGATIVE. hashem should have RACMANUS on all the people who wrote bad comments and be mochel them for being mevaseh a gadol byisroel berabim.

  25. JUST SO YOU KNOW- After the 67′ war, my father received a contract from ZAHAL & Rav Shlomo Goren.
    He consulted with the Beirach Moshe, who even put his name and hashguchah on the product.
    Don’t give me that line, it was only when he was the Sighter Rav!

  26. Congratulations this statement is drivel amazing how you took a whole Kehila if intelligent people and turned them into the kind of beheimos that buy this
    Oregon kelev

  27. Like R Yoselman (Yosel von Rosheim), Heilige Chazon Ish… z”l. It’s called שתדלנות
    Always was, always be till משיח comes.
    It might also lower the:
    שנאת ע”ה – פסחים מ”ט.

    ר ארל’ה האט זיך באנארישט.

  28. Everything Satmar does, EVERYTHING, strengthens the Middle Eastern Jew hating fanatics and their idiot Western supporters, in their fight to destroy Israel. Nothing else matters. They give aid and comfort to new Hitlers and will have to answer for it.

  29. I’m not sure how someone considers Prime Minister Netanyahu a rasha. Under his governments Charedi Yideshkeit has flourished like never before in unprecedented ways. Before each election he went to the kosel to daven and/or sent a kvitel – how is such a person considered a rasha – or someone who doesn’t recognize the creator of the world. Wearing a yarmulka in public is not dispositive. Look at his actions, look at how much money he allowed to flow to yeshivas and yungerleit.

    • There are halachic criteria that determine this, not emotions and even giving money to yeshivos. According to halacha, if one denies even a letter in the Torah, he is a heretic. Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of the Zionist entity, which denies Hashem and His Torah. This is ridiculous.

      • How do you deer he denies hashem and his Torah? Because you were brainwashed so in satmar?
        Someone who speaks openly loshon hora and makes machlokes is denying hashem and his Torah.

      • anonymous……maybe bibi has din of tinok sheh nishbu ??????????better read chazon ish’s position.scary part is you dont have that status.may god have mercy.youre going to need it

  30. If Netanyahu would need Vizhintz, he would go to the Rebbe.

    But Netanyahu does not need Vizhinitz anymore.

    Now Vizhinitz and UTJ needs Netanyahu.

    Therefore the Rebbe went to Netanyahu.

    The “ani” (pauper) goes to the “oshir” (wealthy donor) for a nedava (charirty).

  31. Neturie kartaniks do not come from a vacuum. If you are so hateful of Zionism please do not live in or visit Israel. You are taking advantage of the IDF the police fire sanitation services etc. if you were true anti zionists as you profess please leave israel and never visit or learn there. Hypocrisy is astounding. And to have this same outlook as your Rebbes before the Shoah is appalling. Zionism saved you and your movement. Deal with it or get out of Israel.

  32. The ones leaving in Israel are the grandchildren of all Zionist secular leaders. Seventy five per cent left Israel. It’s the chareidim who are the backbone of Israel. When satmar rebbe of Williamsburg went recently on a visit to Israel,among the crowd were natanyahus chareidi grandchildren with long peyos. Our enemy are the reform. The women of the wall.

  33. This party Satmer is all about filling up stadiums, blocking highways, and showing everybody and one party to the other how Massive they are.
    We are very proud of you.
    But please do not tell yidden who are busy there while life serving hashem what yoddiahkeit is all about

  34. We all know who the Rabbi of Viznitz is he is a person that proofed what he stands for, he went through 18 years of torture by his father and never said a word.
    Who is talking about who?
    No one is particularly inserted in what R Teitelbaum has to say about Yiddishkeit.
    Yes he is a powerful person with a lot of money and power, but please he will need to get reborn again to tell people what to do.

  35. Satmar give aid and comfort to those who want to see 6 million more Jews dead in Israel. Every anti-Zionist word they say, every hate Israel comment, fills the would be Jew murderers with joy. One day those who are giving aid and comfort to the would be Hitlers will have to answer for it.

  36. The Satmar Rebba can have his opinion. This why Mashiach is not here.
    We are jews and HASHEM with his kindness gave us back our land. There is no country so advanced as Israel, In 70 years is one of the top countries (this shows Hashem hand). Listen to the kaf Zchuet for all the Chassidim that are yelling givalt and nazi and protesting is that that is the way they were raised. I once was on this crazy side till I sat down with a Rav we love every jew and is very Chardi and a Talmid Chacham. He asks me if I agree with all that Paroh did. I said no the Torah doesn’t agree, He right but you still need to have Hakarat hatov we accept them as converts after 3 generations. Hey wait a minute even though they killed us and did all that bad. We can walk to the kottel and be free in Israel due to Hashem allowing the solders to protect us. I don’t agree with all the MIdanas rules, But I must say thank you for the good that they do do

    • well said ,if then eibishter firt di velt and Israel is success then it is min hashomayim inn spite of the satmarer rebbe saved by Kastner transport, Later Kastner shot on the street of Tel-Aviv by another yid

    • I hope that a Rav didn’t actually say this.

      Israel being “advanced” is totally irrelevant to their heresy and shmad. Their “advances” also don’t indicate that Hashem wants them there. However, given the amount of tefillos that people say for the Zionists and their idolatrous state, it’s not surprising that the Zionists are still wreaking havoc there in E”Y.

      You’re confusing koach haTefillah and plain hashgacha.

      Comparing the Zionists to the Egyptians is absurd. The Zionists are renegade Jews whose purpose is to change the Jewish people from a Torah-based people to a Nationalist gentile nation. The Egyptians were gentiles who, if you learn the bais haLeivi and others (based on the medrash), only began the shibud when Jews were “meifer bris”. Of course, the Egyptians went too far and beyond their “job” and were punished accordingly. But you can’t compare that to “Jewish” Zionists who have no business fighting Hashem, His Torah and His people.

      Walking to the “Kotel” (Kosel, in Lashon haKodesh), is a very weak argument. Presumably, you don’t know that before 1948, before the Zionists fought their war in 1948 (but decades after the Zionists began fighting both the Arabs and the British), Jews were also free to go to the Kosel.

      Finally, the Zionists have committed terrible aveiros invading and establishing and maintaining their rule in a large part of Eretz Yisrael. So if you understand that their presence there is a massive and open rebellion against Hashem then you wouldn’t be so excited that you could go to the Kosel, etc. never mind that you could have done so before the Zionists invaded.

  37. It’s not satmar that is a danger to Israel. They support the security of Israel as did the old satmar rebbe who fought for Israel’s security by telling senator Moynihan how he must support Israel. It’s the Zionist with destroying the Yemenite frum kids,a million Israeli kids in public schools but no yeshivas,pork stores,tattoo shops, gay parades, chillul shabbos and drafting yeshiva boys. It’s far worse today.

    • lol – #1 this Viznitzer Rebbe shlit”a is his brother-in-law, so they are close to one another – he has nothing to do with the Lubavitcher Rebbe z”l other than a shared ancestry from the Baal HaTanya zy”a and the Mittler Rebbe zt”l – #2 the Lubavitcher Rebbe z”l is in the olam ha’emes (i.e. he is physically dead, in case you didn’t know) – #3 the main point isn’t meeting with Bibi, it is meeting with him during a pandemic when he isn’t having minyanim, taking kvitlach, leading a tish, etc. – the previous Viznitzer Rebbe zt”l, who was yblc”t this Satmar Rebbe’s shlit”a father-in-law, also met with Bibi many times – although they might disagree on the issue of meeting with him, it wasn’t during a pandemic – if he had something to talk to him about, he could have picked up the phone and not went in person #4 Bibi came to the Lubavitcher Rebbe z”l – here this Viznitzer Rebbe shlit”a went to visit Bibi

      anyway, this was a private conversation that someone recorded and put on youtube, not a public speech – if you know how this Satmar Rebbe shlita speaks, you recognize that he is speaking much quieter than he usually does. This is being taken out of proportion.

  38. Satmer will never learn they think their opinion is the majority which it’s not it’s time they respect other people’s opinion maybe if there was more achdus moshiach would be here already the two brothers cant even get along why should I even listen to what they have to say stop the nonsense

    • The vast majority of their anti-Zionism is, in fact, the normative Torah view.

      Satmar does, however, differ in minor things like not going to the Kosel and not voting in Israeli elections.

      But the unprecedented disaster and meridah baHashem that is Zionism is exactly that, and it is not a “Satmar” chiddush.

  39. The two brothers from satmer cant get along I don’t think they have any credibility when it comes to criticizing their brother in law or anyone else it’s sad how two brothers who are rebbes don’t even speak to each other this is a reason why so many people are turned off by satmer


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