Female Chareidi Minister Sworn In With ‘B’Ezras Hashem’

Blue and White party member Omer Yankelevich at the Plenary Hall at the Knesset, Israel's Parliament, in Jerusalem, on May 14, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ???? ????? ???? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ????

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Incoming Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich caused a stir in the Knesset when she added the words B’Ezrat Hashem (With the help of G-d) to her declaration of commitment during the swearing-in ceremony of Israel’s new government. Yankelevich requested permission from Knesset Secretary Yardena Meller to add the two words to her declaration, according to an Arutz Sheva report.

Omer Yankelevich is the first ever female Chareidi minister to serve in Israel. Yankelevich, a 41-year-old attorney, is married to Yaron and is the mother of two sons and three daughters. She resides in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

Eric Goldstein, the chairman of the Jewish Federation of New York (UJA) welcomed Yankelevich’s appointment and said that “we respect her long-lasting commitment to dialog and to building bridges within the Jewish people and we expect to work together with her to ensure a joint and fruitful future for the State of Israel and world Jewry.”

“I, Omer Yankelevich, commit with G-d’s help as a member of government to maintain allegiance to the state of Israel and its laws and to execute Knesset resolutions.”

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  1. Poor innocent naive woman. She has no clue that “B’Ezrat Hashem” is despised in the Knesset. The entire foundation of the state of Israel is built contrary to what the Torah stands for.

      • That is all despite the Zionists.

        Obviously, since the Zionists invaded the holy land, they do need to provide the basic services, etc. that any government would provide. But that’s not anything special about Zionism.

        Any additional funding the Zionists provide is for the purpose of propagating their shmad to the recipient institution and its students.

        • Beheimo and liar the Zionist in 1948 saved erez eretz Yisroel with the help of hashem sdo you can sit in Israel on your fat tuches. If the ebishter firt di velt how come the Zionist won and the invading arabs. You and the muft would have made good pair. The mufti was decorated by Hitler ymsh

          • The Zionists raised tens of millions of dollars in 1940s money to fight both the British and/or Arabs both before, during and after the 1940s.

            The Zionists did not save anything. They did create a terrible calamity R”L that the world has never seen, including their actions/inactions during the Holocaust.

            The Zionists were by far the better military force in both 1948 and 1967. The Zionists’ lies about rabbim biYad miatim are just that: lies, and the world knows it, as do their own historians.

            Speaking of the Mufti, even he would have left the Jews alone had the Zionists not invaded E”Y and provoked the Arabs with complete disregard for Jewish lives, as in their Kosel demonstrations that lead to the Chevron Pogrom.

            While on the topic of the Kosel, it was accessible to Jews before 1948 but once the Zionists fought their war that year, the Zionists lost the Kosel for Klal Yisrael until they fought to capture it in 1967 which, of course, they did to serve their idolatrous nationalist purposes.

            Why else would they hold army induction ceremonies there? Who would hold such a thing in the holiest shul on Earth? Only a Zionist would, of course, because he considers the IDF to be the holiest thing on Earth in their religion…

    • You are a Maven like I am the Pope. You’ve got to play to have your say. Hallevai there should be ten more frum women like MK Yankelevich bringing views with proper hashgafah into the Knesset. It’s time to realize that the old-line atheistic Zionists of whom the Satmar Rebbe wrote have long gone to a better place, and even people like you can learn to overcome their cognitive dissonance and see that today’s Medinah is quite supportive of Yiddishkeit.

      • You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, many of those who comment are still living in 5680 not 5780 – what was true then is totally irrelevant today.

      • Of course, if you knew what are Zionism and the State of Israel, then you would know that your assertion is impossible.

        The entire purpose of Zionism and the State of Israel is to change the Jewish nation from a Torah-based nation to a Nation-State-based nation of the State of Israel.

        This is not merely historical, and is also not a secret; it’s part of the Zionists’ “Jerusalem Platform” on the WZO’s site. The particular (lack of) religious observance level of the Zionists of a particular time aren’t very relevant.

  2. She is an orthodox frum woman, not Haredi, with a long attractive sheitel and a public voice. Haredi women must not be seen or heard in public, and can’t be in any leadership role when men are involved. What exactly is haredi about her? I wait for all the hateful , personal attacks against me when my logic and words are correct , and the only defense some people have is to hurl rubbish with no substance.

    • That depends on your definition of Chareidi. There is a Chassidic judge in Brooklyn who is certainly seen in public, as she is a judge in the governmental court system.

    • It seems that to be HAREIDI one does no have to keep Shabbat, Kashrut, or taharat Hamishpacha.
      As long as you wear a short sheitle, don’t go to any place that men are there, and keeps a low profile your a OK HAREIDI. Anything else means nothing.
      Sorry to say that unfortunately you were raised in a extremely naive surrounding. Nothing personal just a fact.

  3. I like the mame ” judith”. But that’s not you.
    You’re a man , actually.. lol
    You’re not fooling anybody but you’re entitled to your opinion anyway.
    Lol again.

      • You’re an older bachelorette who has expressed your hate for Chareidim many times in this forum. It has got you nowhere.
        As an aside, Dov Lipman was also considered Charedie when he joined Lapid & the hateful Ain Atid party. He ended up disgracing himself and stabbing the Chareidim in the back. I hope this lady doesn’t turn out similar.

        • I just said she isn’t chareidi, Why is that hateful? There you again with the wild personal and false assumptions. I married in my early twenties and am a married woman to the same man for almost 4 decades. You either are divorced or unhappily married man. You show your contempt for anyone who has a differeing viewpoint.

  4. i think there should , bezrat ha-shem , be more woman in the knesset , in fact I will bezrat hashem yisborach , bezras ha-shem yisborach v’yisromom shmo hagadol v’hamhoolal v’hamshoobach v’hamfoar l’olam vo’ed od l’oylei olamim , Bli Neder , ubli kinuyei v’kinoosei v’chinooyei , daven real hard that some day the knesset will Bezrat Hashem v’gomer v’choolei , consist of only woman , chas v’sholam , chas v’chalila , chas v’sholaces , chas v’cholent , chas v’chooooolent , nebach rachmmana litzlan , der Eibeshter zol helphen, l’olam vo’ed , od l’olmei olamim , v”gomer v’choooolei , od y’mos hamoshich , bimheirah b’yameinu , b’korov momosh , b’sha’ah tova umiztlachas , bitah acheeshenah , Achakeh lo b’chol yom sh’yavoh !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Here are the facts.
    Some people think that the Zionist of yesteryear when the old satmar rebbe fought them are gone so why keep up the idea of hating zionists. But actually they are far worse today. I’m not so sure if Ben gurion would of supported gay parades in Israel. He did away with drafting yeshiva boys. I don’t think the old Zionist would bring in all these so called svartas as so called make believe yidden.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to give the benefit of the doubt to an ignoramus heretic like David Green (A.K.A. Ben-Gurion).

      He allowed the yeshiva boys to not be drafted because there was an agreement with some of the frum political leadership to gain their support in return for those exemptions. He also assumed that within a generation they would anyways all become Zionists, so why bother fighting the chareidim when, in his view, they would all “melt” in the Zionist melting pot and become Zionists, at which point they’d, without needing to be forced, send their kids to the Zionist army.

  6. I don’t know if it’s sad or pathetic- or maybe both- listening to those who espouse R Yoel’s viewpoints from the 1950s, or those who try to bend the reality of 2020 to those viewpoints.

    R Yoel was dealing with a destroyed community. For reasons known to himself- I will not psychoanalyze his actions-he took upon himself a rejectionist path and grew a community based upon that hashgafa. Successfully, may I add. That is profoundly sad, because the opportunity to recreate that type of community in Israel would have had profound differences in the evolution of the State. Again, I don’t pretend to know his motivations.
    However, listening to those who espouse the evils of the Medina in 2020 is the height of historic revisionism coupled with what can only be defined as inability to come to truth with facts. More yidden are safe, sound, and learning Torah in EY than at any time in the history of European Jewry. This is indisputable. And seeing Gerrer Chassidim, Sepharadim, and Shaital wearing women in the Knesset refutes any opinion of the modern day “zionists” attempting to spread “shmad.” These ARE the modern day Zionists!!

    • The Zionists admit that they have fully adopted Esav’s bracha of “viAl charbicha tichyeh”. They are safe, sound, etc.? What about the only child soldier who a savage murdered last week there? What about the Israeli politicians who discuss that Israel is under “existential threat” (may Hashem watch over His children there)? Statistically, Israel is the least safest place for any Jew in the civilized “normal” world (yes, that means Iran and Saudi Arabia, for example, are not relevant to this).

      You assert that since observant Jews serve in the Israeli parliament (so disgustingly and anti-Jewish-ly called the “Knesset”) that therefore means that the Zionists do not attempt to spread shmad.

      This obviously is not logical. First, who said any of those have not been shmaded to at least some extent? Second, even if the frum members are perfect Jews, that does not at all reflect on the Zionists’ shmad on the rest of Klal Yisrael there.

  7. Fearer of Hashem,
    Guess what? the Torah is non-negotiable that’s what the Satmar Rebbe practiced and lectured.

    He repeated the views of all previous true Gedolim that Zionisim is evil and Jews are not allowed to have a state before the coming of Moshicah.

    • Torah is non-neogtiable, and that concept isn’t owned solely by the Satmar Rebbe.

      As for the concept of not having a medina before moshiach- Kesuvos 110a is the first time in history that an Acharon has decided to be Psak Halacha on Aggadita. It’s simply not intellectually or halachically honest.

      And as for R yoel’s judgement of what’s true torah- he wasn’t given Ruach HaKodesh to encourage his community to leave the ovens. Stands to reason he wasn’t given Ruach HaKodesh to see what the State of Israel would become.

      • Umipnei Chataeinu Galinu Mei-artzeinu that is the reason we are in exile.
        Taking up in arms to show that we are no more dependent but we are independent is against Hashgaha Peratis.

        Not having a Medina is not a Satmar thing FYI.
        Torah learning today in Israel is not because the existence of a Medinah it is in spite of the Medinah and still it is not allowed to have a Medina.

        • It’s in spite of the medina? Can you actually prove that? Of course you can’t. But understand that the Stamar rebbe himself said that wouldn’t occur. So are you saying that he was (gasp) wrong?

          “Taking up in arms to show that we are no more dependent but we are independent is against Hashgaha Peratis.” Nice to say this, but disagrees with the Ramban and many other Rishonim.

          Yes, its not a Satmar thing. But other groups who were incorrect in their assessment have realized- begrudgingly- the err of their ways. Not Satmar.

          • “It’s in spite of the medina? Can you actually prove that?”

            You really believe that Herzel and Ben-Gurion with the rest of them wanted a Medina so that Jews should have a place where to sit and learn? are you this brainwashed by the Zionist ideology?

            I didn’t know that the Rishonim held that Jews should take up in arms and go back to Israel. I wonder how come it wasn’t done up until Zionism came on the horizon

            No need to reply as they say ” i made up my mind don’t confuse me with the facts”.

            I understand it is much more comfortable to be a flaming Zionist than an anti-Zionist. You are not some looser being pushed around from one country to another. We have a country we have a language and we are just like the rest of the world.
            The mentality of a Golus Yid is shameful.
            I hear you.

          • You are far from being a Maven. Because we got exiled that means that we can’t form a country? True it’s still in gulus nobody said that having a country is the redemption. Where does it say Jews can’t have a country? Maybe in the satmare bible. Yes satmar has its own bible. You can say loshon hara in public, machlokes, sinas chinom, talking on other leaders but that’s not in the satmare bible so you can, only anything related to the medina is not allowed. You guys need to open your eyes and get out of how you were brain washed as kids.

  8. Here is definition of hareidi, either orthodox or not orthodox.

    In order to be Hareidi there are some rules:
    All police and army members are NATZIs by definition.
    You must be “meyached” rocks each and every Shabbos and you Tov to be ready to throw at police, fire fighters or any other non chareidi enering a Chareidi area.
    You MUST throw rocks at all these public servents.
    You must be ready to block traffic and keep innocent people from getting to Yeshivah, Work or any other destination.

    you get the point but there is much much more conditions including moving into new occupied areas and protest, stone or otherwise harass the locals who have been there long before. Plus lots more.

  9. What difference does it make if she said Bezrat Hashem or Bezras Hashem important thing that she mentioned Hashem that what counts and I say Kol Hakavod

  10. Yup, it’s a beautiful thing .she is bezrat Hashem promising to uphold the laws of isreal “where Freedom of religion is enshrined in Israeli law, and proselytizing is allowed”
    (See the other news item about god tv)
    Which is ok as they are also giving money to yeshivos.

  11. I am just wondering for all those people who are criticizing this young lady who became a member in the Knesset you sound more like somebody who is reading the Vayoel Moshe i’m wondering what you were said to Esther Hamalka first for Marrying a Persian King Hachashverosh and then saving the entire population of Jewish people You should put on a pedestal I am sure she will make a difference in the Knesset as far as Jew ish is concerned But that’s our problem unfortunately always finding false and someone else I’m sorry bro we have nothing learns from this corona virus that Gossip where we are right now Hashem Yerachem

  12. Ashkanazik charedi gedolim all forbade pledging allegiance to the Israeli State and its (anti-torah) laws.

    Being “charedi” and pledging allegiance to anti-torah laws just don’t go together. It makes as much sense as claiming to be charedi and anti-charedi at the same time.

    • She said Bezrat HaShem. If its against Halacha, nay against your Narrow Hashkafah, Then there is no Bezrat Hashem and the whole drasha is invalid. She is a smart lawyer. She knows exactly what she said.

  13. I don’t believe that anyone who makes nasty comments on this site is truly Chareidi or even frum. If you were really a Chareidi you would not be using a computer with internet, a smart phone, nor would you be looking at a photo of a woman and make comments about her Sheital. I live with chareidim in Israel. They are the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. I never hear the kind of nasty comments that I see on this site. They can tell by my garb and kippah that I am not Charedi, yet I feel loved by each person I know. I truly believe that the nasty comments on this site are written by anti-Semites who are looking to cause divisions between our people. They fear achdus between us Jews. Let’s rise above this bickering and hasten the coming of Moshiach


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