R’ Hershel Huld, Founder Of Mayim Chayim Beverage Company, Succumbs To Coronavirus


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The founder of the first kosher le’mehadrin beverage company in New York has passed away in Monsey from the coronavirus at age 77. His coffin will be arriving in Israel for burial, according to B’Chadrei Charedim.

R’ Zvi (Hershel) Huld was the founder and owner of the Mayim Chayim Beverages which was the first to attain Kosher Lemehadrin (strictly kosher) certification in New York.

R’ Hershel was born in Israel and studied in the Ponovezh yeshiva ketana. More than 50 years ago he moved with his family to America and studied in Detroit.

R’ Hershel was very close to Rabbi Asher Freind O.B.M and would come to Israel at least six times a year while his rebbe was alive in order to be close to him and to donate to the welfare enterprises run by Rav Asher.

R’ Hershel established the Mayim Chayim company at the instigation of the late Rav Yoel of Satmar O.B.M who encouraged him to open a factory which would provide a basic service for orthodox Jews.

Rav Hershel was a generous philanthropist who willingly donated to Torah institutions and would always help those in need. He always tried to give people a good feeling when he gave them charity.

Rav Hershel used to visit Meron, Kever Rachel and other tombs of righteous people when he came to Israel.


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  1. “Mayim Chayim Beverages which was the first to attain Kosher Lemehadrin (strictly kosher) certification in New York.”

    There was no kosher soda before it??

    Can someone explain how Mayim Chayim soda differed from what was available previously.

    Or was the idea that it was the first Hasidic owned soda manufacturer?

  2. Why does it bother you? It happens to be that Mayim Chayim seltzer is better than the others. lol Hakovod to him and others who create businesses for the Jewish community. He seemed to have been a big Baal tzadekeh. BDE

  3. There was no certification on any soda. I do remember when all the current national brands didn’t have Any certification and everyone drank it. He was a tzadik

    • There was kosher certification on soda even before R. Huld was born. Way back in the 1930’s the kashrus of Coca-Cola was addressed by rabbonim. It may have not been printed on the packaging, etc., of course, as is the case with some products even today.

      I don’t know all the details, but suffice it to say that the story of kosher soda (soft drinks) by no means started with Mayim Chayim.

  4. So mr “Clarification” now ur ok? Got the answer to ur question? Hope so. Hope you’ll be able to sleep tonight. You should post all your other issues, people are always ready to help.

  5. There are many that do not trust the national certification on brands like Coke. They actually sell coke that is brought in from Israel. I am assuming this soda had chasidishe hashgocho.


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