Ashdod Falafel Store Owner Who Broke Down In Tears Suffers Heart Attack


ASHDOD (VINnews) — Yuval Carmi, the falafel store owner who touched the hearts of all Israelis when he broke down in tears during an emotional interview and described his deplorable financial situation during the coronavirus outbreak, suffered a cardiac attack which required him to undergo an immediate catheterization procedure to save his life.

Carmi has suffered vicious criticism since the interview, with some readers claiming that he is a “liar” and “crybaby” who lives in a villa and maintains a wealthy lifestyle. Carmi was very hurt by the insinuations and in recent days suffered severe chest pains and weakness.

Carmi even described how when he was waiting in the ER at Kaplan hospital, a woman recognized him and her husband said :”Yes that’s the crybaby from Ashdod.” He said that this really hurt him but that previously “I kept it all inside but I felt really bad for my wife and children who would come home every evening crying after they saw what was written about me on Facebook, that I’m wealthy and a cheat and a liar.”

Before his situation deteriorated, the emergency team at Rehovot’s Kaplan hospital led by Prof. Kobi George succeeded in catheterizing him and saving his life. Karmi praised Professor George and the team at the cardiac department and said “there’s no doubt that I took to heart my situation during the coronavirus.”

Professor George emphasized that “there is a clear influence from people’s emotional state to their physical condition and we may see many cases like this during this difficult period.”

Yuval just wants to go back to his falafel stand: “I miss the people, seeing them and making them smile. That’s my entire world,” he said.


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  1. I wish him a quick Refuah. There are some wonderful people in this word, and then there are some real nasty human beings. I too saw the picture of this man crying over his lost parnasa-for people to make fun of him because he saw his parnasa end , is beyond horrible.
    Some people are born with Chesed gene missing. Same on them.

  2. This man is a tzaddik. I sent him some money after his first interview, even though he said he was not asking for money. I had someone in Ashdod who said he knew his falafel stall find him. He found out my phone number and called me and was very agitated. I do not want money he said. How can I send it back to you? I told him I had given it away to tzedaka and could not take it back. We agreed on a local tzedaka in Ashdod he could give it to. The man is a tzaddik. He had no idea who I was. If he was not genuine why did he call me three times before he got hold of me? Refua shleima.


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