Limited Religious Services May Be Allowed By Shavuot, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says

May 17, 2020- Albany, NY- Governor Andrew Cuomo holds daily COVID-19, Coronavirus press briefing, Announces Statewide testing for Coronavirus at 700 plus locations (Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

NEW YORK (JTA) – Jews in New York State may be able to gather legally for small-scale religious services during the next holiday, Shavuot.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in his daily coronavirus briefing Sunday that his office planned to release guidance early this week about what New Yorkers can do over Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Shavuot, which is traditionally celebrated with all-night study, begins three days later on May 28.

“Can we find a way to do a ceremony — a religious ceremony, or a ceremony that honors Memorial Day? I think we can,” Cuomo said, responding to a question specifically about observance outside of New York City. He said services would be limited in size and would require social distancing to be practiced.

Religious services have been barred since mid-March, when Cuomo issued an executive order prohibiting gatherings of any size in a bid to slow the coronavirus’ spread. Recently, as the number of new cases have slowed, rabbis on Long Island have been openly sparring over whether to permit in-person prayer services.

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  1. “rabbis on Long Island have been openly sparring ”

    Not true. Rabbis are not sparring. Each Rabbi is advising their kehilos as they fell is appropriate for their situation.

    One Rabbi is sparring. One Rabbi is publicly sparring against all other Rabbis. He has gone so far as convincing local officials that the other Rabbis are doing wrong. He has been malshin on many of the other Rabbis and has caused a lot of harm, uproar, and Chillul Hashem. He has threatened and harrased many other Rabbis and he has no limits. He has sent articles a letters to the media to make it look like their is sparring.

    Most of the other Rabbis are getting along fine and doing well, even if they have different opinions.

  2. Terrible reckless Governor. Andrew is mamesh a rodef & a rotziach. Is it worth one person being killed just so you can daven with a Minyan?! Chillul Hashem. And then we wonder why the goyim hate us.

    • ROFL, are you that stupid, Andy Coumo is not Jewish, its not the goyim who hate us, its the self hating Jews such as youself.
      Chillul Hashem? you really lost it, it was a non jewish reporter asking a question to a non jewish governor and constitutes a chillul hashem. talk about being warped.

    • The misyavnim and beryonim are losing their grip on the brainwashed lemechels. These MO Rabbi’s are fighting with all their letzteh cochos. They hate HKB”H and his Torah R”L. During this lockdown they were finally happy that the amon am of ehrliche yidden were limited in the Mitzvos that they were always so makpid on. These misyavnim are choteh umachti es harabim. It’s not enough that they rebel. They want all Yidden to rebel. This bubeh maaseh of Vinishmartem is their cover-up for their evil plans. Suddenly they’re so concerned. They were never concerned for anything else in their wild lifestyles, but now when it effects yenim’s Yiddishkeit, their life line to the Aibishter, suddenly they’ve become so frum and concerned. Pheh. Their time is up. They lost the battle. They lost the war. Now, when I think back, I realize what my Rebbeim were warning us many years ago about the tremendous danger the Modern Orthodox present. Torah is nitzchius.

  3. If someone is called up for an Aliyah, how does he distance himself from the Ball Tefilah? Isn’t he also supposed to look onto the words of the Torah, that the Bal Tefilah is reading? Also, will there be prohibitions against kissing the Torah, both when called for an Aliyah, and also when it is being carried around? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, as I only want some clarification,since those questions have not addressed.

    • What we have done by our porch minyan with a torah is , only the bal korah gets an aliyah and that means on shabbos he gets all 7.

      One can kiss the torah via a napkin or cloth of his own. The congergation by us does not kiss the torah.

      Everyone at our minyan abides by those rules

      Thats the calrfication and guidelines. I hope that helps

    • The Baal Koreh lains AND takes ALL the aliyos!!!! That is what is happening in Lakewood, and other places and is 100% permissible according to Halacha. Same with Hagbah and Gellilah and taking the Torah out of the Aron Kodesh unless there are others from the same family who can do it.

    • My dear ignorant MO lemming, a “Bal tefilla ” does not read the torah, he davens at the amud, a Bal Koray reads,
      1. the bima in most places are wide enough for that you can open the torah and not be in close contact.
      2. Anyone who does not feel comfortable does can decline a aliya.
      3. Limit the aliyas to those who carry antibodies and tested negative in other words if there is a will there is a way.
      4. Absolutely no chiyuv to walk around the shul with the torah, this is a MO invention.
      5. You want to stay home no one is stopping you

      • To: “Stating the Obvious”- I asked a civil question, in a respectful manner; unfortunately, an arrogant, abrasive, rude and obnoxious character such as yourself, displays no derech eretz to others on this board. Therefore, to paraphrase your suggestion No. 5 (“You want to stay home, no one is stopping you), I’d like to state that “You may want to stay off this board”. Don’t let the electronic door hit you on the way out!

  4. This statement is inaccurate, I believe. Read the rules that put in place – indoor Minyonim have apparently been OK with 50% capacity and appropriate social distancing.

    • Yes a few shuls have been allowed to stay open all along and have cordinated with cops. But I am guessing they rule was you need to coordinate with the govt to stay open and only large shuls. Now its kind of a free pass providing you stick to 15

      • I know shuls in ney york state who were opened with police presence. I know the name of the shul and eyewitnesses who attended their beautiful social distant minyan.

        You sir are lying. I don’t think the shul wants me to name them in person and yes it was a a large shul that normally holds 500 people. They made 3 minyan in a differnet locations with 50 people. Feel free to call the NYPD and ask them before you accus eme of fake news. This can be verified

  5. Interim Guidance on Executive Orders Issued for
    Gatherings, Public Spaces, and Public and Private
    Sector Entities During the COVID-19 Outbreak
    Revised March 19, 2020:

    page 4: Houses of worship are subject to a maximum of 50 congregants or half of the maximum occupancy of the space, whichever is fewer.

    • I am pretty sure that is out dated. Keyword “Interim”. That was dated on March 19th per your post. We have lost 1000 people since then!

      Again why are you trying to spread FAKE news???

      • Nope its TRUE news. I know shuls open in brooklyn with coordination with the cops and health dept. Call them and ask if you don’t believe it.

  6. Briefings by King Cuomo are nauseating to watch. Every day with different orders.

    Cuomo is the sickliest politician in our time.

    He is heartless.
    Cares only about himself.
    Does not keep his word by changing opening dates.
    And on and on.

  7. Haha very true @judith, it’s very sad to say this but a lot of our Jewish brethren are dropping like flies… so keep on going out and making minyanim!! Keep up the great work!! It’s a big big chutzpah and disregard to one’s own parents and grandparents… Wait it out and daven at home.

    God ain’t running anywhere

    • @greeny, what planet are you in? the new infection rate is almost non existent and out antibody count is off that charts, You were never an observant Jew anyway so keep on doing what you were doing and we will keep on doing what we were doing and if that that causes you angst so be it.

  8. By now there is no valid reason for not opening Shulls and people should be able to Daven with Minyan.

    If you can shop at Costco,Bj’s etc etc so should you be able to open up all Minyonim.
    The only reason for not going to Shull by now is purely Yetzar Hora.

    Wondering,are the Mikvahs open in the MO communities? anyone?

  9. a lot of our Jewish brethren are dropping like flies

    True very sad and w eneed to daven for them and those still sick. But here is the thing NONE of our jewish brethren are getting sick any more BH. No new infections in 3 weeks. That means its not dangerous. Plus we are still socila disrancing by the minyan. what does the fact that mnay yidden did die have to do with anthing now? Now its safe? shall we stay locked up forever? Once its safe now is the time to use the koach hatzibur to beseech hashem for those still sick and quarantined Its because we care about our parents and grandparents that we go to shul and daven the second we can and the second its safe.

    G-d ain’t running anyhwere , but g-d is in great pian knowing his mikdush mat and holy places were closed. Now g-d is running to the minyan since its safe. We need to run where he is.

    • Source for no new infections? Is this another thing you are making up? Lot’s of things you say are usually based on nothing but your gut.

      • Source Hatzalah and local health clinics.

        No new infections is a strong word but “no new hatzalah calls” and “almost no new positive tests”

        Got it? its not a gut its real news. For your gut look around and see the diff between now and before pesach

  10. You left out a very important fact. The Gov said these protocols maybe allowed for UPSTATE! not downstate where the metrics have not been met.


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