Chief Rabbi Lau Begs PM To Open Shuls: ‘ I Sense How Much This Hurts People’

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau. Flash90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Chief Rabbi David Lau sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu requesting that he open the shuls in Israel immediately, according to a report by B’Chadrei Chareidim.

Rav Lau mentioned the uncompromising support he had given to all of the professional elements working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but at the same time he stressed that it is unthinkable that after all the restrictions in Israel were eased, shuls have remained locked. He called on the prime minister to issue clear regulations enabling the public to return to the shuls.

Rabbi Lau wrote that “public prayer holds a prominent place in Jewish life. During the lockdown I issued lenient halachic rulings regarding public prayer in the circumstances. The public responded responsibly and followed these directives. The return to activity of shopping centers, restaurants etc. without providing a proper framework for shuls has puzzled many people.

“I don’t need to explain to you the place shuls hold in people’s hearts. These central institutions are the places where people can pour out their hearts and connect with the Almighty who is constantly watching over us. From the responses I am getting from the public I sense and understand how much this hurts them. The people of Israel are not organized in some union or organization and therefore unfortunately their voice isn’t heard.”

Rav Lau concluded that “It is imperative to issue immediately clear rules on the matter and to return the public to shuls as soon as possible.”


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