Monsey: 2 Girls Found Safe After Going Missing For Hours


ROCKLAND COUNTY (VINnews) — 2 girls were found safe on Tuesday evening, after having gone missing for several hours.

According to reports, the girls had reached out to Chaveirim of Rockland stating they were lost while hiking in a wooded area. While communicating with Chaveirim, they lost their service.

Chaveirim dispatched volunteers to search the forest.

After a search that spanned longer than 4 hours, the girls were thankfully discovered in good condition.

The girls are approximately 18 years of age.

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    • Read it again. Two 18 year old girls were hiking in the woods. EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS. If at 18 you need school structure then why in the world would you be married off. I’m no longer amazed at the Jewish people in America, they have abdicated their common sense and intelligence to Anias Daati and Kashflo (the two greatest Rabbonim of our generation)

      • I applaud you for remaining anonymous. I will also when leaving inane comments. Basically, your comment said that if two girls choose to take a hike in the woods they shouldn’t get married. So…when looking for shidduchim, I should make sure that they don’t hike in the woods?

        • What was said is that is they’re are too irresponsible to stay on a trail or have a GPS device, then how would you trust them in any other situation. Nice of you to insert your narrative into others’ comments. The comment also refers to school structure as if school structure would have kept them off a trail. Not all 18-year-olds go to seminary, some work, some go to college and not all are beconte in walking from point A to point B. Keep your narrative out of comments, you have an opinion about the story, fine, I defend your right to offer your opinion. Your facts are suspect and fictional. Re-read story, the comment responded too and then who’s inane?

    • There’s really one person that I know of that definitely needs to continue his education, Educate Archy. Perhaps that would stem the flow of nonsense that gets posted here.

  1. the problem is that people go hiking with no idea how to stick to a trail or get out if lost, I don’t care if your 18 or 39, being unprepared is the issue

    • I hike a lot in the beautiful mountains around Monsey. I have all the trail maps and topographical map should I get lost. The best way out is just follow a stream. However, I did notice sometimes some kids will deliberately move trail markers and then lead it to nowhere. By the time someone realizes it doesn’t go anywhere it is hard to back track as you are looking at the other sides of the tress with the markers, you will get all confused and you can’t find your way back to the trail. If any girls wants to go hiking, get in touch with me I will guide you up and down the mountains. The most beautiful area by far, is the “Cascade of Sid” which is a series of waterfalls and foot bridges over the cascades.

  2. No reason why schools are closed I’m watching large groups of girls walking around the Lakewood lake every day, there are all hanging together anyway, so why not put them in school, e everyone is so bored

  3. I have the z’chus of being the first to comment, B”H. And, thanks, Chaveirim! And, it should be the worst thing that ever happens to those two young ladies.

    • Im timtza Lomar , that they have to include in their resumes , do they have to put in their favorite forms of entertainment or in their general outlook in life ?

  4. I have said it before and say it as long as I can remain anonymous.

    Of course, all is from HaShem.
    Nevertheless, there is a generation of children raising children going on. There are G-D forbid some tragedies which we wonder if they can be prevented.

  5. when someone goes hiking in the woods , they should bring along their own form of markers to trace their way back to the the beginning of the trail . Spraying a tree orange and big rocks orange with some type of spray has always been the traditional way , or using orange paint .


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