7-year-old Israeli Girl Who Violated School Dress Code Spent Day In Her Underwear

The girl's sleeveless dress was deemed unsuitable so her teacher made her sit in her underwear in the classroom

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A 7-year-old girl attending a nonreligious state school in central Israel spent the day in her underwear after violating the school’s dress code.

The girl went to the school in Petach Tikvah on Monday in a sleeveless dress bearing the school’s logo. Students are required to have the school logo on their shirts or sweatshirts.

The teacher who determined that the dress was inappropriate would not let the girl wear a sweater over the dress since it did not contain the logo and instead gave her a school T-shirt to wear. The child took off the dress and put on the shirt, spending the day in class in her underpants. It is not known why the girl did not put the shirt under the dress.

Ynet quoted the girl’s mother as saying that the child is a Russian speaker whose Hebrew is poor and that she may not have understood exactly what she was supposed to do.

The family’s attorney said a police complaint was filed and that they are demanding an investigation and “appropriate punishment.” She said the girl refuses to return to school and has become withdrawn.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of female students were prevented from entering their schools on Wednesday after arriving wearing short shorts to protest dress codes. The students stood outside the school gates until they were allowed to enter, Ynet reported. Among the communities where the protests took place were Raanana, Kfar Saba, Gedera and Modiin.

Temperatures in most of Israel have been above 100 degrees since Friday. The extreme heat is expected to break over the weekend.

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  1. Boy am I glad this wasn’t a religious school. If it were, Israeli society would be up in arms about the religious coercion. Since it’s not, it’s reported as exactly what it is – a teacher who obviously did something stupid.

  2. The authorities should look into this teacher to see if they have a thing for children in underwear because not even the most strict teacher would let a 7 year old girl sit in her underwear with just a T-shirt — especially if the student only spoke Russian.

  3. There’s something about schools that turns carers of seven-year-olds into seven-year-olds themselves. The only difference between them is that next year the girl will turn eight…

  4. “There’s something about schools that turns carers of seven-year-olds into seven-year-olds themselves. The only difference between them is that next year the girl will turn eight…”

    Naftush, you are brilliant – and oh so right!

  5. The teacher used horrible judgement but that was not the plan. There might have been miscommunication. It also might be that this happened at a time when it was very hot and the child did not want more layers. Please correct me if I am wrong but kids this age are really innocent.

  6. the teacher should be forced to take off her clothes in front of the whole class and bow down to the 7 year girl and apologize out loud . She should then continue teaching the class with her own underwear wrapped her head .


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