Karlin Rebbe Presents Israeli Simcha Initiative: Low-Cost Minimalistic Weddings, One Singer


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — During the coronavirus outbreak numerous simcha initiatives have sprouted up in an attempt to cut the spiraling costs of simchas even after wedding halls will once again be permitted for public use.

The Karlin Chasidus published a list of new directives which are designed to reduce wedding costs as well as limiting the number of participants and accessories.

The new directives call for smaller weddings with a reduced number of participants even from extended families. The Rebbe also requested that the musical accompaniment be gentle and not involve many instruments or singers.

The directives also refer to other simchas and require them when possible to take place in a private house. When the apartment or house is too small, neighbors should be asked to entertain in their house with the women in one house and the men in another.

The directives even detail what can be served at a Kiddusha Rabba and emphasize that these should be prepared by the shul’s gabbaim and not by the Baalei Simcha, who must just foot the bill for the Simcha.

Bar Mitzvah will not be celebrated in a hall but rather in shul with a kiddush in accordance with the above directives. No family from out of town besides grandparents should attend these affairs. Alternatively the Bar Mitzvah boy can have a kiddush on the day of his Bar Mitzvah for extended family with the same directives referring to the kiddush applying.

As for weddings, the directives place a cap on shadchanus money which should not be more than 4000 NIS (1200$) per side.

The vort should take place in the private home of a family member and only immediate family and very close friends will be invited. No catering will be allowed for this event.

The Rebbe recommends not printing invitations but rather placing announcements in shuls on mail lists or telephone announcements.

For Shabbos Choson and Shabbos Sheva Brochos the meals should be in the house of the chasan’s/kallah’s parents. If this is technically unfeasible they should “rent a small cheap hall.” The Kallah’s parents can be invited to the Shabbos Choson without married children.

Weddings should take place in a hall which is not rented for more than 3000 NIS (900$) and which does not have a minimum number of portions to pay for. The Seudas Mitzvah should include immediate family members and their offspring as well as brothers of the parents but without their married offspring and a small number of close friends. The band should be an organist alone and when necessary one other singer or instrument.

Regarding the Mitzvah Tantz the Rebbe ruled that it should be done quickly and much earlier than is the custom. There shouldn’t be gramen and announcements of who will dance should retain simplicity. Only Mechutanim, grandparents and the Chasan should dance unless a prominent rabbi is present who can also be honored.

The rebbe added that those who are marrying members of other chasidic groups should also try and maintain the directives as much as possible.

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