Religious Woman Publicly Humiliated In Holon Supermarket: ‘You From Meah Shearim Will Kill Us All’


HOLON (VINnews) — Israeli singer Ilana Adani could never have imagined herself being the victim of an anti-Semitic attack in her own hometown of Holon. Adani, who performs in France and other Jewish locations in the diaspora, had heard the accusations that Jews are responsible for the spread of the coronavirus but thought that such conspiracy theories would not influence the Israeli public.

However when she went to her local supermarket in Holon, she was publicly humiliated and told “You from Meah Shearim will kill all of us”. She was stunned and shocked by the insinuation, since she entertains all kinds of women at her shows, is a graduate of Bnei Akiva who did national service, her husband was injured in combat service and her great-grandfather was a Prisoner of Zion. She could not imagine she would be targeted for such criticism and said that “I looked behind me to see whether there was someone there from Meah Shearim.”

Adani said in a Ynet interview that “even if I was from Meah Shearim I should not have to suffer such insults.” Adani added that during the past month she felt that whenever she went out people would move to the opposite sidewalk but this was a far worse experience:

“I just went out with a headcovering to buy wipes. At this moment I am crying and trembling, I never experienced this in such a callous manner. I can’t believe it: Are these the people of my country, my birthplace, for which I gave my heart and soul?….Somebody had to wake up. The end is here already.”

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  1. That is why I will NEVER move to Israel before Moshiach tells me to. Such hatred against anyone looking Charedie. Here in the United States I can serve my God without being harassed by my neighbors or my government, regardless of which Party is in power. There is no open hatred from the frei yidden, generally, towards Frum looking Yidden. And there is no hatred from the Frum towards the frei. It’s live and let live. This is a Medina shell Chessed. Secular Israel is a Medina shell hate. Everyone hating on the next guy. Sick sick people. I want no part of it.

      • sure, religious jews hate each other to the extent they also refer to each other as parasites and post hate in their newspapers against them as much as possible, smell the coffee

    • I agree with 100%. YOU should stay in NY. And in 120 years when you move on to the Next World, please make sure you’re buried somewhere on Long Israel. We don’t want your remains here.

    • I’m assuming that you have been quarantined the last two months so you may not know what’s going on outside You also probably didn’t see the news clips and the comments either of jews and non-jews attacking jews after the funerals etc. I had a personal story last week. I went to Long Island for a kvura. I happen to still wear a mask outside, but when I came to the cemetery I had to go to the rest room, so I didn’t put it on. When I came out there were 3 older non frum people were standing there. They were wearing masks. One of them starting yelling at me in real old-time Yiddish. You’re a rodeph. I don’t need your germs etc He was being really confrontational, waiting for me to answer back. I just pulled my mask out of my pocket and walked away.

  2. There are some Israelis, who just hate and despise frum people; their attitudes have existed long before the present health crisis. One time, in a suburb of Jerusalem, when I boarded a bus, the driver looked at my kippah with a sarcastic grin, as if to state “oh, one of them”. However, a little while later, I boarded a taxi, and the driver who wore a kippah stated that he liked religious people.

  3. This is nothing new. Happening for years
    So much hate there
    I have experienced it myself – and I look nothing like a meah shear chareidi-
    So happy I don’t live there
    A place full of sinah

    Whenever I hear these pro “living in israel”
    People spewing the need for Aliyah and looking down on everyone else I want to explode
    A country of disgusting hate filled people
    Everyone hated each other
    A Lot of Torah scholarship not much else

    A cesspool of hate

  4. We all have our stories but there are far more good stories than these. obnoxious behavior which is publicized immediately on the media ruin people’s attitudes- .
    yes we have to work on achdus wherever we are -also in USA!!! – but undeniably the aretz has kedushah. and that is our only connection -regardless of the myriad politics out there from all factions -don’t feed into these negativities. we have a lot of work to do but let’s work together.

  5. things like this will continue to get worse….the Israeli public is disgusted with having to support a bunch of welfare kings and queens who do absolutely nothing for the country…the growing Charedi population is the biggest existential threat to Israels existence. A country cant survive if thirty percent of the population contributes nothing and sucks the country dry

    • You’re a lawyer in LA. What would you know about the attitude of the Israeli public? Have you ever lived there, that you talk so authoritatively? (The Israeli yordim you meet in LA are not, of course, representative in the slightest of the ones who actually stay there.)

    • The Zionists could stop the forced draft of the chareidim, and let them work without army service, rather than the Zionists forcing the chareidim to live in poverty.

      But the Zionists want the chareidim to become Zionist gentiles. So they keep the draft to indoctrinate the young people in Zionist heresy.

  6. Why would anyone be surprised about this incident.

    The Torah forbidden state of Israel has all kind of Schmutz and sinners.

    There are Millions of Jews in Israel who are not observing Shabbos.

    There are Millions of Jews in Israel eating Treifs.

    There are Millions of Jews in Israel who have no family purity.

    There are Millions of Jews in Israel eating Chometz on Peasach.

    Tens of thousands of Jews in Israel who participate in the degenerate gay pride parade.
    All and all it is a country just like any country in the world.

    And Hashem hates all of it.

    And now some of you found out that there are also anti-Semites in Israel.
    Yes there is loads of Torah learning as well but it doesn’t Kasher all the sins.

    • Many of the commenters here have donated heavily to israel , cried for israel danced for israel yearned to love israel

      But when we visit israel we are often assaulted with the realities of the love hate relationship the regular Israeli has for us dirty Americans
      They love our support and our dollars
      But really resent us and it manifests itself in how they behave

      I’ve been all over the world, I am highly recognized as an observant Jew and the place I have felt the most hate and utter anti-sensitism is the state of Israel

      By far

      • The likely reason for this is that every real Jew who is, thank G-d, not a Zionist, is a living testimony to the absolute fraud that is Zionism’s attempt to usurp the mantle of Jew and replace that with “Hebrew Gentile”.
        So when you show up in Israel and they see what a real Jew is, a Torah-observing descendant of those who received the Torah at Har Sinai, as opposed to one who believes in 19th-century Nationalism as part of his Judaism as do the Zionists, that can’t be fun for them. The gentiles have no such concern.

    • The problem is, Israelis think they are smarter than everyone else. They have this arrogant chip on their shoulder.
      Btw, do jews throw stones at other jews who drive on Shabbos, in NY? There is a great

      • Excellent point, Aliyah expert. I forgot to mention a number of other unpleasant incidents while traveling in Israel. The idiotic bus driver who accelerated, without even giving passengers time to sit down, before losing their balance. The teen age bullies on the bus who bully children, by deliberately trying to tie their fingers, with the cord, which is used to signal that one wishes to leave the bus. Additional passengers who will lean their tuchas against people seated on the bus, or others who will openly pick their noses on the bus. The tourist site workers who will grab your hand to see how much money you are contributing as a donation. What about the con artists who hassle people at the Kotel for money, by repeatedly harassing them? Also, the drivers who are extremely reckless, and are inconsiderate to pedestrians. I could go on and on, but the above is just a sample of the lack of derech eretz, which exists in Israel.

  7. Hey there, I and many of my freinds made Aliya. I must say that it’s amazing here. We all love it. There is some tuff love here. The news blames alot on the charedi world. Also some chardi people dont really act like humans here( Kaf zchut they dont know better). There are alot of american towns in Israel and have allot great people that are not american here. Either way I would warn every body never speak bad about Israel it’s HASHEM home and for the famous vort that I will come to israel when mashiach comes we wont need then. Come now if any thing that we learned from corana.

    • Eretz Yisrael is Hashem’s home.
      LiHavdil, the State of Israel is a Zionist political entity that is anti-Jewish to its idolatrous core (as in Zionism).

  8. To all the anti zionist anti semites who seem to believe they have a hold on G-d’s chosen people.

    Stay in America..Bottom are not that important.

    Israel will flourish and prosper while you continue to cow tow your temporary hosts.

    Israel is G-d’s land, so it is blessed.

    You are irrelevant to the history of the Jews.

    Contrary to your illusion of self, you are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

    • How dare you talk about Rashi, the Vilna Gaon, the Chofetz Chaim, Rav Aaron Kotler, Rav Yoshev Ber Solveitchik, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, etc…that way!


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