VIDEO: Days After Yeshiva Raid, NYPD Disperse Crowd At Williamsburgn Synagogue


BROOKLYN, NY (JTA) – In the latest dustup between New York authorities and Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, police broke up a gathering of at least several dozen men at a Hasidic synagogue on Wednesday morning.

Videos circulating on the messaging app WhatsApp showed police officers holding the doors of a synagogue on South 8th Street in Williamsburg as dozens of men exited the building.

It is unclear if the men had gathered for services or for yeshiva studies, but several of the men carried tefillin, a ritual object used during morning prayers. Both kinds of gatherings are barred under an executive order aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

The gathering comes as New Yorkers grow increasingly weary of social distancing after two months under a stay-at-home order, and as other parts of the state begin to reopen. Within the haredi Orthodox community in Brooklyn, several breaches of social distancing, including a large Hasidic funeral that drew thousands into the streets, have led to tensions with city authorities.

This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio called out Jewish violators of distancing rules for a second time in a tweet that his political adversaries, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, are criticizing as unfairly targeting Jews at a time when many New Yorkers are breaking the rules. The mayor also vowed Tuesday to shut down underground schools that he said tipsters had been warning city officials about.

Several parents told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency this week that yeshivas have reopened with altered schedules and sometimes in different locations, apparently to evade notice. On Monday, police shut down one yeshiva after officers found more than 60 students in the school, many of whom were without masks and not practicing social distancing.

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  1. Last night i heard that a Shul in my neighborhood was open “with social distancing”. I went for Maariv and despite the signs on the door asking people to comply with the rules, the place was packed, kids, elderly, no distancing. There were at least 75 people just in the main Bais Medrash and I was the only one wearing a mask. Not going back there anytime soon…

    • Last night my local rav called me for tenth man for mincha. i walked in and was impressed at the social distnce. Noone at the same table. It was spread out thin like anything. And only 11 people. Most know its open but realize the need to social distance and abide by rules.

      Another shul has staggered minyan and the gabbai locks the door at 14 people. You can’t get in

  2. I am not so certain that the police are allowed by law to close a Shull.

    There are many Shulls in Boro Park and Willaimsburg that were open the entire time of the coronavirus and as many times the police came to these Shulls and saw social distance they just went away.

    In any case its time for all Shulls and schools to open up fully.

        • You mean the shmooze where he says the doctors are all liars, despite our long storied tradition that hashem made the doctors the shlichim for healing, not a Rabbi who speaks very passionately.

      • Are you for real? I question why these people even bother to keep any of the mitzvos. People do not realize that achar meah v’esrim they will come to shomayim and get treated as murderers. not exaggerating! Huge Rabbonim paskened that it’s ok to be moser on these people. I didn’t but they were absolutely wrong!!! You may all have taken it as a joke but I heard that 600 frum yidden were niftar from this, most with no one at their sides with rushed levayas and no kovod. 72 still have children at home with 270 orphans!! Being Shomer Torah u’mitzvos is not about the YOU doing the mitzos, its about doing what the Torah says whether you like it or not. Many people going to face huge din v’cheshbon for being chosid shoteh!!! Don’t worry about the mosrim in this case, Worry about the murderers

        • Now now we all agree its scary and frightening. I’d add much more than 600 yidden died. Probably 1,000 or more.

          But let’s get this clear about your stupidty of murderers and rotzchim. If the minyan was social distancing and in a large enough area or out doors (Like by R Landau’s shul) you did NOT murder or harm anyone. Yes if you stayed in shul , packed it like always and ate from the same stinking herring platter you are all murderes. But if you abidded by all rules what the heck gives you a right to bashmutz on VIN , bully and post hate videos? You were social distanced. And the proof is the areas who had “porch minyan ” all along are quite now to. The minyan did not make anyone sick. So to yell at people bec they daven social distanced in sasreagan?

          Do you know that some shuls stayed wide open with permission form the NYPD?

          NO they are not muderers. This is what the torah says. Daven woth minyan in a safe manner You are a lair.

          Stop it already with your lies ad hominem and name calling. Time to face the truth. Your yelling of bloody murder was a fat hoax. All a lie

    • No, “Imbecile” it is your last name. In Hungary, it used to be “Farmishimbecile”, but when you folks arrived here, it got shortened just to plain “Imbecile”.

    • Your the imbecile who doesn’t understand what’s going on here. Wake up and smell the coffee. If your paying attention you’d see that this has become a political game between trump and the democrats of which our area was zoche to 3 of these idiots. And we’re stuck in the middle of all that

  3. Why do people choose to be stuborn even when there is pikuach nefesh involved?

    And please dont compare driving a car and a mageifa its 2 different types of risks.

    • Yeah your right, no shuls are open in the 5 towns yet a bucher almost kills himself and others joyriding in Lawrence, rather take my risk in a shul then walk in Lawrence

    • take it easy with ur pikuach nefesh. U just are lazy and not interested in going to shul or yeshiva. At this point if u follow the regulations its perfectly fine to go to shul or yeshiva. All the best

  4. and this is why I have no sympathy for the disproportionate impact in the Chasidic community. Ignorance of science has consequences. Now go ahead and call me a self hater again. The truth hurts

    • The only sympathy we need is from Hashem.

      You are just plain naive and ignorant.
      By now it has nothing to do with safety it is all about sleazy politics.
      People go to gyms,costco and many other shops and you don’t scream “ignorance”.
      But Shulls and yeshivos opening you have a problem with. From your part i guess Shulls should be closed for the next year or so because of safety.Hu?

  5. I am amazed that vosizneias was in such a rush to post when shuls are closed down (without recognizing that they were allowed to reopen with social distancing) HOwever, is the only ostensibly frum website that as of 1:17pm 5/20/2020 has not yet posted that Cuomo announced over an hour ago that starting Thursday “religious gatherings of 10 or less” will be allowed.

  6. America is a so called free country. We supposedly have a constitution to protect our rights. Two months ago fine this was a sudden thing we didn’t know how to handle it. Now there are no new patients that are critical, stop the nonsense protect our freedom. Seems that the Governor and mayor dont have what to do and are enjoying the daily briefings. This is over get back to reality.

        • again we can’t really wait till its zero. that’s sensless and can take a year. But if as you say “much less” than before that does it

      • yes we are certain. Now I suppose you can find one outlier (where one or two tested postive) and say hey we found a new case. But its at the point where its over. One or tow new cases are not a reason to lock us all up. (Maybe Hillary LOL)

        Call your local hatzalh and B cholim.

        Look at the numbers by non jews its also way down

  7. Every govt has the right to close down any area or venue in an EPIDEMIC. THE Constitution is not a suicide pact. If you are so dumb to go to a packed shul does the Govt have the right to deny you medical care? 250,000 by July

  8. At the end of the day we live in the land of law whether we like it or not and what these Jews don’t understand that as Jews collectively we’re all in the same boat and by you not caring and deciding to drill a hole on your side of the boat and say the heck with everyone you can Understand where I’m going with this

    • Thats right a land of laws, but this is not a law its an unconstitutional executive order which does not have to be listened to not only that all the summons’s given out will be thrown out because no law was broken it will never hold up in court

  9. Let everyone do their thing. At this point there are many many different opinions on pretty much everything that has to do w covid19. Everyone mind their own business and live and let live.

  10. Baltimore is just allowing strict outdoor minyanim now, while Lakewood is way past that, while Chicago is in middle of them…POINT BEING that there are many different approaches and opinions and everyone should follow their rav/posek. There is absolutely no makom to start putting down or being moser on other yidden. All the best

  11. Live and let live? A nice cliche for imbeciles who go to crowded shuls and spread the epidemic to their families and endanger health workers! SELFISH TRAIFE.

    • You’re a sheep unable to form your own opinion, you probably believe that hydroxychloroquine is bad because that what the media tells you. andthat this virus is sooo dangorious think for yourself its called critical thinking it might serve you well

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