WATCH: Prominent Kiryas Joel Doctor Abruptly Resigns, Will Leave Community

Last Updated: 6:55pm

KIRYAS JOEL (JTA) – His rise was meteoric and his fall just as sudden.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an Orthodox Jewish doctor who rose to fame in March while promoting a cocktail of drugs he claimed had successfully treated coronavirus – including one that President Donald Trump said Monday he is taking himself, despite the drug’s potentially dangerous side effects – has announced that he is leaving the Jewish community where he has practiced medicine for decades.

In a video released on Wednesday, Zelenko announced he would leave Kiryas Joel, the town north of New York City where, until the coronavirus pandemic, he was known as a beloved community doctor.

“Things have happened,” he said speaking directly to the camera. “I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do.”

The announcement comes after Zelenko was accused by community leaders of spreading disinformation about the rate of coronavirus infection in Kiryas Joel, leading to discrimination against residents of the village. Zelenko is also being investigated by a federal prosecutor over his claim that a study of the drugs he promoted had won approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Leaders of the Kiryas Joel community spoke out publicly against Zelenko in an open letter in March.

“We the undersigned institutions strongly believe that the predictions presented by Dr. Zelenko have been proven false and are not supported by the overall medical establishment, specifically in his wild conclusions as to the spread of the virus in our community,” the village’s office of emergency management, a partnership of several community organizations and government agencies formed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, wrote in an open letter.

The letter was written to contradict Zelenko’s claims, which he promoted in videos posted to YouTube, that 90% of the Kiryas Joel community would be infected with COVID-19.

“These measures have, thanks to the Almighty, resulted in a rate of 90% of the community being healthy, the opposite of Dr Zelenko’s outrageous prediction of a 90% infection rate,” they wrote, referring to the closure of the community’s synagogues, schools, and other buildings.

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  1. Great, those who should leave Kiriyas Yoel for the upstate vacation home (and you all know where I mean) get to stay and this real tzaddik is forced out.

  2. Dear Dr zelenko I have to thank you because of your confidence in Hydroxychloroquine my family members took the drug and had a speedy recovery from this magaifa. I will always be grateful.

    • Dr Zelenko I am so grateful to you, family members of mine of taken your recommended cocktail and it has saved their lives bezh!
      Chazak vematz!
      Shame on these moisrim and roidfim.

  3. This is heartbreaking. I don’t know if the media pressure forced him out but the way they acted towards him in the beginning before anybody knew how helpful/not helpful it is. And tried bringing him down with a story of a moron couple in Arizona. But they definitely kille many other people with this reporting

  4. No MD not associated with a research institution does independent ‘research’ on any drug. Never. If he has ‘anecdotal’ evidence let him publish it and have it peer reviewed. But he never will. Pushing hydrochoroquackazine is a credential in Dr trump’s White house but not in NY State.

    • U animal ur such a stupid fool the president took it after he’s doc told him to do so.
      And Dr zelenko has 1 death thats the biggest proof wgat do u need more
      Shame on u

    • Your nuts. Enough said. He clearly saved lives with what he believed to be a reasonable risk to take given the downside. Your just sold on the stupid cdc and fda that cares for nothing more than saving their jobs. They don’t give a hoot about the lives they supposed to be protecting

      • Takeh a tzudreiter. Did this strike you as the time to start looking into research grants and doing peer review studies. You’re like all these other college morons. Meanwhile, the number speak for themselves. All the other frum kehilos can’t talk about 1 dead, unfortunately. And the one dead in KJ didn’t even take the medicine, so that 0 dead following this protocol. I’m sure it was because they were all wearing masks, right?

        • YOu mean all the other frum communities in the New York area. EVen that’s not true, there is at least one other community near NYC that pupupu had a single death.

      • If he saved lives, let him share the documentation, there are many clusters and cases of the virus. his documentation will save lives. surely he kept notes.

    • From now on a licensed MD must conduct an independent study before he prescribes a FDA approved drug. A drug that is FDA approved may be prescribed by any licensed doctor, if he honestly feels that it is appropriate. In KJ they sue the Doctor anytime somebody dies because the correct medicine e was not prescribed. We generally rely on the Doctors opinion to match the medicine to the KRENK. The same with Yom Kiper. He is not under any real investigation. The new Malaria drug suddenly got a back seat in the NEWS today because it is not a miracle drug for Corona. If Zelenkos chicken soup does work, all the big guys will lose money and reputation. Dr. Fauchi, if Trump fires you, KJ-Satmar48 has a job for you in Kersetir.

      • What? Stop spreading misinformation.
        Doctors do NOT need to do an independent study to prescribe drugs on- or off-label.
        Multiple research studies are showing it doesn’t work. Not because “the big guys” will lose money but because it doesn’t work.

  5. He left becaus like he said in the last video that was quickly taken off the internet that his competition was cholim had a criminal investigation opened against him hoping that they could have a monopoly over kj shame on those chasidishe bums

  6. Dr. Zelenko, thank you SO MUCH for developing the Covid19 treatment protocol. You saved a lot of lives in your community and beyond. Thank you! Regards, Jane Alstatt

    • Sigh. There’s no proof that he saved lives. We only have his statements and, as just one example, he claimed “100% success.”
      No drug is 100% with no failures and no bad side-effects.

  7. Good for him. Those lowlives don’t deserve his devoted service. Many more Monroe residents would have dies if not for his innovative and proactive treatment. Shame on them. May the good doctor have good health and lots of hatzlacha.

  8. Thank you Dr.My non jewish worker used your method and in a few days was cured. Thank you. Don’t let the domocRATic operatives stop you. We have the same gang here in Boro park. They hate Trump even though most of us like him.

  9. To much politics in satmer let them learn to respect other people who are not exactly like them this dr was mamish a tzadik saving people and standing up to the crazy liberals and Democrats and to the few mishigoyim in satmer it’s a disgrace that this wonderful dr had to leave the community shame on the community leaders who let this happen

  10. To much politics in satmer let them learn to respect other people who are not exactly like them this dr was mamish a tzadik saving people and standing up to the crazy liberals and Democrats and to the few mishigoyim in satmer it’s a disgrace that this wonderful dr had to leave the community shame on the community leaders who let this happen

    • Do you think that patients came to him that didn’t feel absolutely terrible. My son spent 2 weeks at home in a terrible condition and was afraid of a hospital and Hatzoloh. Another very close family member who had the 2 main symptoms and felt very bad did go after this medicine – the day Cuomo outlawed it in N.Y.S. and finally obtained it via a N.J. pharmacy was over with Corona after the 4th day with the medicine.

      Do you think that Hatzoloh didn’t make erroneous judgements. To create such a fiasco against a doctor who was sincerely trying his best seems that there is an evil intent.

    • I heard, heard, heard he was going to Eiheller Gus and Sigiter Lane giving the cocktail away for free. He stopped when he reached Rechov Tzemach Tzedek.

      If you are on the Internet you SEE more than you HEAR.

  11. Dr. Zelenko,

    You made a Kiddush Hashem just in the way you spoke in the last 2 clips. I am not writing as an opinion about your suggestions. We all see that nobody who is in the public limelight truly knows any true answer. We see that political and financial interests have taken over the decision making and it is all fakery. This includes many of the Yiddishe Askonium who are really disguised political and money people. I do not think that anybody trusts the WHO, CDC and NIH anymore.

    Although, I am not a Chabad follower, you showed that they provided you with a sincere chinuch which the Mussar movement as well as other Chasiddeshe groups would approve wholeheartedly.

    I wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

  12. I had fever for 14 days and my oxigyn was 82 . So I got a oxigyn at home and started Dr. Zelenkos treatment and the fever broke on day 2 , breathing got better day by day. On day 5 I got off the oxygen,thanks to Dr zelenko my 6 young kids at home have a father , your zechis is incredible.

  13. Sorry, I missed some facts. My Grandson who lives in Boro Park and had a severe non-hospitalized case did take your cocktail and he is B”H OK.

    The side effect story is definitely a fake. Every medication has a Kvitel with side effects warnings with equivalent dangers. I just never understood how you determined (and what made you promote) the potential effectiveness.

  14. One more comment.

    I know of a Montreal Medical Askin who is close with the group of Askanim that challenged you that does influence serious Cholim to use the Canadian inferior Medical system over transferring them to top medical facilities in the United States. The man is basically well connected to Montreal based doctors and needs to provide them with patients to be recognized as an effective Shvitzer. Most people think of him as a wonderful Bal Chesed while he is really an atrocious person. Stay away from the Tzviuim.

    • You obviously failed English language and comprehension.
      Your command of the language is poor. In fact you have no command of the language.

      Stick to Yinglish!

      • Avrum der ershter………not exactly sure of tbe wonderful inciteful comment that you made to rabbi amram blau .please explain your deep points that we all missed.shoteh

  15. It’s clear to me after much pondering and deliberation , we need Sherlock holmes to investigate this situation in order to uncover exactly what has happened here with Dr Zelenko . We’ll need Dr Watson as well . .. there just is no other alternative at this point of time .

  16. I had 102 fever for over 2 weeks- along with other terrible covid symptoms. After 2 days on Dr zelenkos cocktail my fever broke and I was on my way to recovery! Thank you Dr. Zelenko for saving my life!! Shame on the people who drove him out of KJ!!

  17. I had 102 fever for over 2 weeks- along with other terrible covid symptoms. After 2 days on Dr zelenkos cocktail my fever broke and I was on my way to recovery! Thank you Dr. Zelenko for saving my life!! Shame on the people who drove him out of KJ!!

    • Per Dr. Zelenko himself the people who die wait too long to take his cocktail (i.e. once they need hospitalization he says it is too late already). So either your brother-in-law was in the hospital and it was too late for this treatment to work so he must have gotten better by himself, or he did not need to go to the hospital yet, and you have no way of knowing if the disease would have progressed or gotten better without taking anything. Most people who are very sick get better without going to the hospital for this. What you experienced is anecdotal and of little use in assessing whether this treatment did help.

  18. Come to Boro park and open a practice. Here the community is too large for these rotten askonim political democRATic hacks to close you down. If they try the community will crack heads. We don’t listen to these fake bums. When president Trump was running for office they were going to force 200 rabbonim to come out for a Hillary. Every Rabbi was warned not to support the machshefa and why. In the end they all backed off. Today Boro park is stronger than ever. The name democrat is so hated here that anyone running does not use that label anymore.

  19. KJ The inbred capital of the USA.

    Nothing to see or learn from these inbred cultists.

    Leave them to their own devices.

    They along with so many other cultists turn to dust in time.

    There is only one G-d. That is something these cultists never really understood.

  20. Don’t be anonymous, k.j. is known for theirרשעות everything is money he is not the first doc what the story with Doctor wertzberger who was the first doc in kj he didn’t want to follow there רשעות so he went for him self but he kept his mouth shut it’s a shame that’s why משיח is not here yet they do everything in they name of God shame on them

  21. Dr Zelenko
    You have proven yourself to be a אוהב ישראל כפשוטו. Hashem has given you a powerful כח הרפואה. May the great זכות of ALL the countless people you assisted to recovery, be a everlasting source of blessing in your future location & position!!!

  22. Disgusting story.
    This proves he puts his patients BEFORE his pockets. Some doctors today still have their morality and ethics intact.
    They have not been poisoned or enticed by the urgent care money machine industry.
    I wish Dr Zelenko lots of luck.
    As for urgent care, if it was owned by a Dr Zelenko type, that would be a different story. I’d definitely go there.

  23. וויפיל א שיעור פון די מענטשען די גאנצע חסידשער וועלט ווערט באשעדיקט דורך די מענטשען רחמנא ליצלן

  24. “And Pilate went out again and says to them, Lo, I bring him out to you, that ye may know that I find in him no fault whatever”….This has happened before. Those of you who disappreciated this great man, sent to you by G-d, are not the sons of Abraham, except by flesh. You should go travel to Europe and visit Auschwitz and put in your job application for the profitable positions of Capos in case they’re are still hiring. You are exactly the type of material well suited for that job.

  25. There is at least one serious chance of a side effect to people with a certain type of lag in their heartbeat pattern. This is not unique to this drug. The prescribing Dr. would pay attention to this.

  26. when the world heard president trump was taking this medication the democrats went crazy. the dems support all chasidish communities regarding their schools, food stamps, etc also monies to support their needs dr. zelenko was a liability. president agrees with dr. zelenko so he had to go. big monies are involved for this community

  27. I am embarrassed that a website that is viewed exclusively by frum Yidden, who are supposed to be smarter than other primitive people because of the chochmas haTorah, is dominated by comments loaded with nonsense and beliefs in all ludicrous conspiracy theories peddled by Trump, Guiliani and all their wacko friends. How could you people buy this nonsense? Ok, I get that you love Trump thanks to his great friendship of Israel, but does that mean you have to buy all these lunatic conspiracy theories about the Deep State keeping this miracle drug from all America? Do you really think all the frum doctors in BP and Williamsburg and Lakewood are murderers, who chose to let over 1500 frum people die rather than save them with this drug that is guaranteed to save 100% of those who take it? Do you people care to actually check any facts? Are you aware that in Brazil, whose president Bolisanaro is even more wacko than Trump and refused to enforce any social distancing or stay-at-home orders, also bought into this wonder drug crap and had his army mass produce it and give it to every patient in the country, yet Brazil now has the highest illness and death rate from Corona in the entire South America? I cannot believe how many frum people buy into this garbage, and are willing to condemn the entire Satmar community because of the lies of this doctor, who was willing to smear their entire kehilla and make a huge chilul Hashem and explosion of anti-Semitism just to turn himself into a hero?

  28. I dont know the politics with Dr. Zalenko but i know one day i was feeling very ill , i called my friend Levy Apel who is a KJ Hatzolah member who introduced me to Dr. Zalenko . After examining me he sent me straight off to Hospital where i was treated for my condition and saved my life. Thank you Dr.Zalenko and wish you Hatzlocho and many more years of health .

    • I know someone who has “the symptoms” and a PA put him on Dr. Zs cocktail. Less than a week later this person was in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. I dont have access to this persons medical charts, and im not a doctor. But, just reading my words, one can draw all sorts of colclusions either for or against dr. z. This is not a forum to learn anything health related. want to rant and rave? you came to the right place!

  29. I do not know Dr Z .but I do see from his speech that he’s careful how he speaks and not to speak bad about anybody would be nice if the peope writing some awful comments on VIN would learn from the doctors carefully chosen words. they may even save themselves from the damnation House of purgatory

  30. When you lose faith in HaShem you turn to quacks like Dr Zelenko in desparation. Rudy drank Clorox. Will you? Its a new version of leeches, cups and bleeding. Didn’t work then or now.

    • Ha-shem purposely brought a confusing magafah upon the world . It is inherently confusing in many ways . This confusion characteristic is part of the punishment that the world needs to be put thru. Ha-shem has many reasons for punishing the world in this fashion. It’s a measure for measure reason that I’ll leave for the Rabbis of the world to explain .

  31. Read the new large scale controlled study that was published today regarding the efficacy of HCQ & macrolide antibiotic & zinc. It totally debunks Mr. Zelenko. It not only shows that it does not work, but is dangerous. I’m a physician in a major university. What Zelenko has done is professionally reckless at best & potentially life threatening at worst. And for all you wannabe doctors, Dr. Googles, stick to what you know best, and leave medicine in the hands of trained physicians who do not pander to the whims of their patients. We welcome you participation in your care and are happy to listen & discuss or even refer to other Docs who follow the hippocratic oath to do no harm.

    • Annyamous, You call yourself a “doctor”? You are an ignorant fool.Dr Zelenko is a Brilliant blessing to the world having saved in the thousands of lives with his protocol. What phony study are you referring to?

    • I guess you can argue with NYU Langone Medical School – you didn’t quote the NYU Langone Medical Study which showed a decreased death rate of 44% Researchers at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine found patients given the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin were 44 percent less likely to die from the coronavirus.

      “Certainly we have very limited options as far as what we have seen work for this infection so anything that may work is very exciting,” said Dr. Joseph Rahimian, Infectious Disease Specialist at NYU Langone Health.

      LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in New York City
      LIVES LOST: Remembering Victims of the Coronavirus
      What to Do If You Test Positive for COVID-19
      CDC Coronavirus Page
      WHO Coronavirus Page
      The study looked at the records of 932 COVID-19 patients treated at local hospitals with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

      More than 400 of them were also given 100 milligrams of zinc daily.

      Researchers said the patients given zinc were one and a half times more likely to recover, decreasing their need for intensive care.

      Meanwhilea study in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Monday found that treating patients only with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, or both did not reduce hospital deaths.

  32. Why anyone cares abut these anti semites in KJ is beyond me.

    They hate every Jew. They side with the murderous Iranians who work 24/7 to murder Jews.

    They are far removed from Judaism.

    They are impostors.

    They are the erav rav.

    The normal Jewish community should disengage from them.

    I for one have.

  33. The hospitals have wiped out half their patients and now they are looking for new victims. This doctor prevented so many people from becoming sick.

  34. We have seen how the doctors in hospitals have been unaffective. Here comes a doctor who has saved countless lives but because he is pro Trump the liberals hate him.

  35. No mention of northwell hospital group that also used. I wonder why hatzolah kept on bringing pt to northwell hospitals from Brooklyn? Or Westchester why not call them reckless…. Just bec he is a frum yid?… Y was there lest causalties in kj? Stupid people. Dr Zelenko klal yisroel will never forget your tireless efforts. Yechi!!

  36. “Kiryas Yoel Doctor Abruptly Resigns”

    It wasn’t so abrupt. We saw it coming weeks in advance….. In fact he released a video last week, telling the community that he may be leaving soon. So….

  37. Some people call themselves chassidish but I think it’s just a show if this is the way some of our chassidisha brothers behave I’m embarrassed to call them brothers I wouldn’t call them chassidish either that’s not the way a chassidisha yid is supposed to behave you threw out a dr who was saving lives how could the askanim in kJ do such a thing enough with the politics have a heart

  38. Thank you dr zalentco !! You were a beacon of light to many and a true inspiration!! You went above and beyond caring for your patients and providing the care they need and you have saved many lives !! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you have success in all your endeavors! Good health and abundance !!


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