Absurd: Chareidi Giyores And Her Son To Be Deported From Israel


TEL AVIV (VINnews) — A Chareidi Giyores who has been living in Israel for over 20 years and converted to Judaism in Rav Nissim Karelitz’s Beis Din is under threat of deportation from Israel together with her 10 year-old son who studies in a Talmud Torah in Tel Aviv , despite the fact that both of them lead a Chareidi lifestyle, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 12

Chaya Yael (originally Josephine) came from the Philippines to work in Israel 24 years ago and was assigned to care for Chareidi and religious families. Even after her permit expired she stayed in Israel and slowly became close to religion. “I studied halacha, I studied everything, I converted because I loved to be Jewish, to be a real Jew,” she said.

Her son Moshe David studies in the Kehillas Yaakov Talmud Torah and explained in tears that “I will lose my friends and my country, the school, it’s very sad. I learn in a religious school, why do they need to deport me?”

When Moshe David was a child his father abandoned the family, and his mother never received an Israeli ID card. Yet his mother steadfastly maintained her religious lifestyle and joined the Yemenite kehillah in South Tel Aviv. Moshe David says that “I get up and say Modeh Ani, I wash my hands for Asher Yatzar, I go to wear clothes and pray. I have Peos, Tzitzis and a Kippa.” He adds jokingly: “Some friends call me a Jewish Philippine, I look Chinese.”

Chaya Yael says that the authorities did not recognize her conversion documents because they were from Rav Karelitz. After submitting a request to be recognized last June, they were told in March to leave the country and due to the coronavirus there has not been a chance to appeal because all the offices were closed. When she tried to reach the Interior Ministry recently, she was told that the time for appeals had passed. “They want to send us to the Philippines. What about food? I don’t eat non-kosher, thank G-d. How will I pray there?” Chaya Yael says.

The Immigration Authority responded that : The mother and son’s request to be recognized as proselytes was submitted and adjudicated in 2011, many years before the Supreme Court ruled on the matter. Therefore their request to receive status due to conversion which at the time was not recognized has been rejected. Their new request for humanitarian status was submitted only in 2019 and there was no reason to give them status. Due to coronavirus and beyond the letter of the law we will allow an appeal to be submitted by the end of this week.”

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    • The story here says that she was refused recognition around 2011. While I don’t know if this is related, around that time a certain court in Netanya had come out with a weird pronouncement that Rav Nissim Karelitz’s Beis Din had been duped by forged documents, and on that basis invalidated (some?) of his conversions. Seeing as Rav Nissim Karelitz did not pass away until 2019, there was plenty of time for this court in Netanya to present their evidence for Rav Nissim Karelitz to recant the conversion, but I cannot find any evidence that he ever recanted.

  1. It’s a disgrace. But sadly, this is the tipically way , how the government of the “land of the Jews” actually acting AGAINST the erliche Yiddishe people, and against everything, what is connected with the Hashem j”b…

    • Are you really a Yid? You seem to be from a chevra that wants to cause discord between yidden. Right away, you write a comment to stir up hatred. We don’t need trouble makers on this site. You and your cohorts are afraid of yididish achdus. Your disguise has been torn off. We are wise to you. Go to another culture and ply your discord.

  2. Seems like another Beis Din should be able to step in and recognize her geirus or convert her again. Worse comes to worse, the Chareidim should hide them.

  3. Disgusting. Governments are so bad at so much at such an astronomical cost. They’re so large and out of control. And, they’re it’s so difficult to reduce their size, scope, & cost. God help them.


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