Cuomo: Summer School In New York State Will Be Online

People cheer for medical workers at 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 20, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

NEW YORK (AP) — Summer school in New York will be conducted remotely, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday, citing the risks of returning children to the classroom.

The governor said it’s too early to make a decision about the fall semester. School buildings in New York have been closed since March.

“Schools obviously pose risks. They’re places of gathering. They’re on buses. They’re in classrooms,” Cuomo said at his daily briefing.

Cuomo also mentioned increasing awareness about a syndrome affecting children that is thought to be linked to COVID-19. Pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome affects blood vessels and organs and has symptoms including prolonged fever, abdominal pain and vomiting.

New York is investigating 157 cases of the syndrome, which has been reported in more than a dozen countries. Two young boys and an 18-year-old woman diagnosed with the syndrome have died in New York state.

Meal programs and child care for essential employees will continue during the summer session, Cuomo said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said instruction in the city’s public schools will be online this summer.

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  1. The governor said it’s too early to make a decision about the fall semester.

    Aguda and everyone else . wake up. This a threat to our existence. We need to fight this madness once and for all all the way to the end. Kids should be out of cheder for a year? And you are all thrwoing your hand sup in the air? You need to fight this tooth and nail. And if that doesn’t work let coumo know we will resist. We will open every cheder and come and arrest us all. We won’t stand for this nonsense any more. This is our existence. The time lost for children early education esp in yiddihskiet will never come back. Kids must must have cheder in person

    The danger is over. Covid is done. This kawhaski thing is not spreading like wildfire (Like Corona was). Overall its not worse than flu and it been around for a while (so we see it progresses). There is nothing rational to be scared of . (AS per NPR not FOX who had an expert who studied the data and risks with kids).
    We need to stand up to this govt overreach. i know its scary bec we lost 1000+ yidden when its an overreach and our existence is at stake its a call for action. Lets do it now and not in two months when its late

    • You said this in March. A HOAX It will be gone in April. You are the last person anyone belives. “We lost 1000+ yiden ” on your advice and projections. No one sane person will listen to you.

      • You said in late April , anyone who attends a porch minyan is a rotzach . You are wrong and a liar since no one got sick from it and it’s Bh gone . You are the last person to Have a view .

        What I said in March was based on what we all knew which was limited . I now speak based on experts. Huge difference

  2. 25 states and 17 countries have reported deadly Kowasaki Virus in children. Besides that, children are known vectors of COVID-19. If one kid gets it his family and the entire school or camp can get it. You ok with that?

    • 25 states and 17 countries have reported deadly Kowasaki Virus in children.

      How many kids died? two ? is that deadly?
      “Besides that, children are known vectors of COVID-19″
      Wrong fake news. Data shows kids do not spread covid. A study was performed din France and Iceland about this.

      ” If one kid gets it his family and the entire school or camp can get it.”
      Another lie and fake news Lets look at the kids that did get it including the few in our own community who are not social distancing any more. Neither their family nor the kids near then got it.

      “If you are OK with sending your child to school despite no mandated flu shots this is far less risky.” This is a quote from, Emily Oster, economics professor at Brown University, author of several books and creator of the website COVID-Explained. Not a conservative pundit at all.

      The essentiality of cheder and schools for children is so crucial that I am OK with it and so should you.

      Please stop fake news and fear mongering. End the lies now

    • Children aren’t “known” vectors of COVID-19 at all. Several countries restarted school because of the lack of evidence of precisely that.

      They might be, but we don’t actually know that.


    ALL THE YESHIVOS, MOSDOS HATORAH, SHULS need to SUE the government all the way to the Supreme Court for going against the Constitution of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

    • The office of Agudahs main advocacy is for government funding,Eiruv’s and discrimination.
      They do not advocate for Rochnois. I am not speaking about their Gedolim. I am referring to the office.

      They would never file a lawsuit against king Cuomo because of fear of loosing their relationship .

  4. Archie answer me one question how many lives would’ve been saved had the rabonim canceled purim this year ? Now I’m going to listen to your types to tell me to go back to shul and to put my kids back in school? Why are you and so cavalier when it comes to coronavirus and mitigation of risk. At the same time your types would cause a gantz iberkerinish to intubate somebody brain dead Who has almost 0 possibility of life but for corona some how you don’t care. So I guess you are not playing politics either ?

    • Arhy answer me one single question. 1000’s of Yidishe Lives could have been saved if you and some similar political Trump activist would have not spread false advice to save his presidency. Why would anyone listen to your lies after what you did to klal yisroel.

    • My proposal is not to force anyone to go back to school. Schools should definitely offer an option for those that are uncomfortable .

      Now let’s explain why this differs from Purim
      1) curve is at near zero for us for a month already . On purim it was way up.
      2) we now have data suggesting kids don’t spread it. Even easier to open schools than shul .
      3)75% got it already.
      4) Schools only expose young people unlike Purim when over 60 and Ill were exposed
      5) We are now educated . We know how to mitigate risk. Like Israel’s model schools will reopen in cluster small groups . We will monitor each group. Only groups of ten children . And mostly if not all would be outdoors for now. ( even if not ..) We are also ready to shut down sooner .

      I think that covers and explains the difference .
      You appeal to emotions well. And yes it’s scary . Yes we made a mistake in Purim. But should we never drive a car again because Of an accident ? We stated data and thought about safety measures now

  5. “Never drive a car ” We explained this before. If 1000s yiden would die from car exidents in a few weeks we should not drive cars. Opening schools your way could chas vesholem cause 1000s more to die. (less than 6% of the USA is immune) In the meantime b”h everybody is fine. The Govt send the checks, sometimes even more than when we worked. Perfect time so spend Quality time with your kids, after all the Torah commands YOU (Not the Rebis) to teach the Kids. There is NO EXUSE to send them out of the House. Do a REAL MITZVEH Read the Torah. TEACH YOUR Y O U R KIDS.

    • What’s opening schools my way?
      And really that would cause thousands to die ? Do you know that experts are saying the chance of life dying from kawahaski and covid is lower than the kids dying from the flu. This is a per an expert on npr .

      Opening schools my way Would kill thousands ? What kind of hyper stupidity do you Preach ?
      Dont you know the curve is at near zero , kids don’t spread it and “ my way “ is Israel’s way via small container clusters plus outdoors . The second an issue arises it closes . How will that killl thousands ? You preach such hyper nonsense exaggerations . It doesn’t even make sense . Why is it differ than any other phase one reopening ? Is it because Torah means nothing to you ? And when the curve is at near zero what more do you want ?

    • And enough of your stupidty and coldness that hey you can just Daven at home and rezig kids at home . What kind of stupid comment is that ? Chinuch was always about taking my Yingel to cheder . That’s what we are doing for 100s maybe thousands of years . Of course we try at home but it doesn’t come near a rebbe . And today’s rabbiem are trained to motivate children and teach Kira . Many take advance courses and put years into this . A father can’t do the same .

      How can it not pain you that there is no cheder ? Are you such a cold Jew ? Where were you raised ? Shame on you

    • And to be clear, this is not a trump issue at all as you’d like to paint it . This is a Yiddishkiet issue . It’s the basic understanding of the need and essentiality of cheder. Even Israel gets that.

      Now to set the record ,
      I disagree with anyone that says it’s a hoax or minimizes it .
      I disagree with Trumps idea that it for sure won’t resurge. Who knows ?
      I disagree with reopening the economy full force . We do need to do it slow albiet not as slow as N.Y. However, schools come first . It’s should be phase 1.0. like in Israel not phase 5. And yes it’s the least risky since kids seem to get less sick.
      Lastly , I think both Democrats and Republicans are wrong about stimulus. It should be for the employed not unemployed lazy s like you . The govt should hire more teachers ( we will need small clasrooms to contain the virus ) , more health workers , clean up hospitals , etc … pay well and no pay if no work


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