Trump Lashes Out At Scientists Whose Findings Contradict Him

FILE - In this May 11, 2020, file photo, President Donald Trump listens during a briefing about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. Trump has been lashing out at scientists whose conclusions about the coronavirus are at odds with his own beliefs or are conclusions that he doesn’t like. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — “A Trump enemy statement,” he said of one study.

“A political hit job,” he said of another.

As President Donald Trump pushes to reopen the country despite warnings from doctors about the consequences of moving too quickly during the coronavirus crisis, he has been lashing out at scientists whose conclusions he doesn’t like.

Twice this week, Trump has not only dismissed the findings of studies but suggested — without evidence — that their authors were motivated by politics and out to undermine his efforts to roll back coronavirus restrictions.

First it was a study funded in part by his own government’s National Institutes of Health that raised alarms about the use of hydroxychloroquine, finding higher overall mortality in coronavirus patients who took the drug while in Veterans Administration hospitals. Trump and many of his allies had been trumpeting the drug as a miracle cure and Trump this week revealed that he has been taking it to try to ward off the virus — despite an FDA warning last month that it should only be used in hospital settings or clinical trials because of the risk of serious side effects, including life-threatening heart problems.

“If you look at the one survey, the only bad survey, they were giving it to people that were in very bad shape. They were very old, almost dead,” Trump told reporters Tuesday. “It was a Trump enemy statement.”

He offered similar pushback Thursday to a new study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. It found that more than 61% of COVID-19 infections and 55% of reported deaths — nearly 36,000 people — could have been been prevented had social distancing measures been put in place one week sooner. Trump has repeatedly defended his administration’s handling of the virus in the face of persistent criticism that he acted too slowly.

”Columbia’s an institution that’s very liberal,” Trump told reporters Thursday. “I think it’s just a political hit job, you want to know the truth.”

Trump has long been skeptical of mainstream science — dismissing human-made climate change as a “hoax,” suggesting that noise from wind turbines causes cancer and claiming that exercise can deplete a body’s finite amount of energy. It’s part of a larger skepticism of expertise and backlash against “elites” that has become increasingly popular among Trump’s conservative base.

But undermining Americans’ trust in the integrity and objectivity of scientists is especially dangerous during a pandemic when the public is relying on its leaders to develop policies based on the best available information, said Larry Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor who is an expert in public health.

“If the president is politicizing science, if he’s discounting health experts, then the public is going to be fearful and confused,” Gostin said, calling it “dismaying.”

The White House rejected that thinking, noting that Trump has followed his administration’s public health officials’ recommendations through much of the crisis.

“Any suggestion that the president does not value scientific data or the important work of scientists is patently false as evidenced by the many data-driven decision he has made to address the COVID-19 pandemic, including cutting off travel early from highly-infected populations, expediting vaccine development, issuing the 15-day and later 30-day guidance to ‘slow the spread,’ and providing governors with a clear, safe road map to opening up America again,” said White House spokesman Judd Deere.

Yet Trump has made clear that, at least when it comes to hydroxychloroquine, he has prioritized anecdotal evidence, including a letter he told reporters he’d received from a doctor in Westchester, New York, claiming success with the drug.

Asked this week what evidence he had that the drug was effective in preventing COVID-19, Trump responded: “Are you ready? Here’s my evidence: I get a lot of positive calls about it.”

That veterans study, funded by grants from the NIH and the University of Virginia, was not a rigorous experiment, but a retrospective analysis by researchers at several universities looking at the impact of hydroxychloroquine in patients at veterans’ hospitals across the nation. It found no benefit and more deaths among those given hydroxychloroquine versus standard care alone. The work was posted online for researchers and has not been reviewed by other scientists.

The Columbia study, in draft form, also hasn’t yet been published or reviewed by other experts. The researchers ran numbers through a mathematical model, making assumptions about how quickly the coronavirus spreads and how people behave in hypothetical circumstances.

Trump’s criticism of the studies also comes as his allies have been eager to counter messaging from public health experts who say Trump is putting lives at risk by pushing states to quickly reopen in an election year. Republican political operatives have been recruiting pro-Trump doctors to go on television to advocate for reviving the U.S. economy as quickly as possible, without waiting to meet federal safety benchmarks.

Gostin said Trump should leave it to his public health agencies to assess emerging data and the value of various studies.

“I think there are real dangers,” he said, “for the president to play scientist and doctor on TV.”

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  1. Politics at play. At what point eat the medication given? When patients had so much damage that there was little chance of survival? It needs to be administered at the first signs of illness. Not when on a vent already.

    • Please read the article, oh ignorant waterfixerl.

      “Patients who received one of the treatments of interest within 48 h of diagnosis were included in one of four treatment groups (chloroquine alone, chloroquine with a macrolide, hydroxychloroquine alone, or hydroxychloroquine with a macrolide), and patients who received none of these treatments formed the control group. Patients for whom one of the treatments of interest was initiated more than 48 h after diagnosis or while they were on mechanical ventilation, as well as patients who received remdesivir, were excluded.”

      That’s correct, NOT included were patients “on a vent already.”

  2. The doctors with their studies who attack hydroxy are beholden to some Pharma companies and are liars.
    Not one of them are prepared to come on tv and be questioned.
    Thousand of doctors are treating hundreds of thousand with hydroxy and the truth about the phony doctors will soon come out.
    This miserable Fauci is now hanging out with Hollywood elites, at our expence.

    • Patent nonsense. Plenty of doctors are writing, posting, and probably on TV (I don’t watch much so can’t say for sure). There is no plot, no conspiracy.
      The truth, in numerous retrospective studies and increasingly in prospective, randomized trials, is that this regimen simply doesn’t work. Why is that so hard to believe?
      Trump wants a “magic bullet” that will simply end the pandemic. This isn’t it.

  3. We have become so acclimated to Trump’s flat earth society anti-science nonsense that this kind of dangerous, Peron-like outrage hardly shocks anymore. Horrible.

    • Its funny how you guys all deny the science as well. Listen to experts on WNYC who discuss chidren and covid.

      Its far less risky than going to school with thoe who don’t have flu shots. “Emily Oster, economics professor at Brown University, author of several books and creator of the website COVID-Explained”. She Quotes from multiple experts. Listen to experts like Naomi Klein discuss how Coumo is buying into big tech while hurting people of color who and other minorities who are not equipped to home school (yes its hurting us and our ruchnias too but you don’t care about that. you only care about other minority groups).

      Did you read up about mental health impacts on children with no camp or school? Did you speak to expert educators about the need for early intervention and educating children when they are young? Why isn’t schools essential 1.0? Why aren’t we doing like Israel and reopneing that?

      This is the science yet you wont fight to reopen schools. So you are the same earth is flat denier kind of guy. You are both hypocrites.

      PS I want to be clear that I am not pro blanked reopenings. (Open schools and keep nail saloons closed where is our priorities) . I also am disappointed with trump for not planning in case of resurgence. I say reopen quickly but place a mitigation strategy to ensure we are safe for ersursgnce. I don;t know trump is doing that

    • Correction: we have become so acclimated to “science” masquerading as the real thing – see, for example, global warming aka climate change – that some, like you, find it “anti-science” to point such things out.

    • You don’t follow truths about children and corona either. You fall into Fake news that is dangerous . You fail to see the essentially and fall for stupidty. As long as its Ok for our chlidren to fly on a plane to Orlando at the peak of the virus which is full of inefctions but yingelech in cheder when the curve is down and class sizes are small? Oy vey that will kill us all.

      Where are your truths? R Frankel said it the way it is.

    • And Yoni-phineas,

      95% of kids are not social distancing. so whats the net danger ? No social distance but climb in grabage dumps or no social distance and learn torah in that same backyard?

      I guess otrah and cheder are just not important

        • Your son needs to go to yeshiva . Chavrusas in zoom are not enough . It won’t suffice . This is not authentic Yiddishkiet. The yeshiva is his essential The data shows. It’s safe .

  4. Of course Trump lashes out at scientists. As a stable genius with a yuuge brain who’s uncle was a super genius at MIT, he knows more than the scientists.

  5. > “If the president is politicizing science, if he’s discounting health experts, then the public is going to be fearful and confused”

    Confused? How many times, over a short period of time, has the CDC itself retracted and contradicted its own recommendations? Don’t wear – wear mask; surfaces contaminate – surfaces don’t contaminate etc And speaking of “scientists”, now Governor Cuomo is blaming the CDC (wording it “Trump’s CDC”, which it really is not) for allegedly recommending he send the recovering COVID-19 patients to old age homes?

    > “could have been been prevented had social distancing measures been put in place one week sooner”

    So why didn’t they speak up before instead of waiting till now? Doesn’t that make these universities complicit in all these deaths? How many spoke up when Governor Cuomo sent recovering COVID-19 patients to old age homes?

  6. Breaking:
    Trump announced that coffee is good for you.
    The slew of cable network now featuring learned commenters bashing him as incompetent.
    Pelosi and schiff call for hearings. Schumer cryyiyying.

  7. Yeah, say it louder. In fact scream.
    Here , I’ll do for you :

    NOT ONE !!

    It’s THEIR science or nothing.

  8. Of course , intelligent readers can see thru the SCIENCE cookoo heads.
    IIt’s my Stalinist science ye shleppers. I know what’s good for you , you Les Miserables.
    My junk is really science, ye worthless eaters. Your doctors are quacks cause they agree with Trump, ye fools.


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