VIDEO: Saying They Are Essential, Trump Calls On Synagogues To Reopen Immediately, Threatens to Overwrite Governors

    President Donald Trump speaks with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Friday said he has deemed churches and other houses of worship “essential” and called on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend despite the threat of the coronavirus.

    “Today I’m identifying houses of worship — churches, synagogues and mosques — as essential places that provide essential services,” Trump said during a hastily arranged press conference Friday. He said if governors don’t abide by his request, he will “override” them, though it’s unclear what authority he has to do so.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had prepared reopening guidelines for churches and other houses of worship weeks ago, but the White House had refused to release them until Thursday when Trump abruptly changed course.

    “I said ‘You better put it out.’ And they’re doing it,” Trump said Thursday at a Ford Motor Co. plant repurposed to make ventilators in Michigan. “And they’re going to be issuing something today or tomorrow on churches. We got to get our churches open.”

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        • Nope fake news . Kids don’t spread it. Emily Oster, economics professor at Brown University, author of several books and creator of the website COVID-Explained,

          Stop lying and fear mongering.

          Folks kids are not carriers

          Sholomo at min provide a source for your lies

          • Jarred Brown, distinguished professor of Arts & Literature at DState University says otherwise.

            Stop lying and promoting a false narrative.

      • someone said that Trump should say that Shuls and Yeshivos should be closed – then the DEMOCRATS, CUOMO, BLAHBLASIO AND ALL OTHERS WILL SAY THE “OPPOSITE” and OPEN THEM QUICKLY

      • Archy, at the beginning I was very against your opinions. The more this is going on the more I am actually agreeing with you. My hats off to you sir!

        • Thanks . By the way I don’t think anything should reopen without precautions , including shuls and yeshiva . I argue for the Israel model .

    1. Are anti-Trumepers going to go so they can infect people and blame Trump? Or are pro-Trumpers going to say a conspiracy that they did if someone gets infected?

      • Pro trump will say , it’s chances are at flu levels are lower . It’s possible that one may get it but If the curve is this low for such a long time life moves on

    2. G-D bless President Trump.
      This is revving up big time. I expect the president to take the fight in other areas : Education, retail stores, eyc. etc…. We must support him by letter writing to WH and reps in our congressional districts. We must assist him in this war against Devilrat fascists because he’s fighting for us.
      He must be reelected.

    3. Our president in so in tune with millions ordinary Americans more than any one in our lifetime.
      Let the evil fake news media be d…..ed.!!!

    4. PRESIDENT TRUMP WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You really got some real lige understanding of whats going on…. Why on earth are so many other things essential and not shuls etc… Bh I wish you much luck and pls stay our POTUS

    5. Just remember this is the same guy who in the middle of March said this was the flu, in the end of February promised us a vaccine imminently, told people to use HCY which more and more studies show correlation with an increased mortality rate, and suggested sticking lights and disinfectant in people…

      Everything with him is from the gut and not from the intellect. With an epidemic I would be concerned when politics or emotions are the basis for critical decisions. In Pakistan and other Muslim countries they are having a resurgence of cases due to Ramadan. Without actual actionable data to go with, and instead you act like Trump talks and a Rabbi the other day gave a drasha about with emotions when you should be using your brain, don’t be surprised if you are back to square one. I hope those jumping to reopen everything are right, but my intellect says it does not make sense.

    6. Terrible. Mamesh terrible. Trump is a rodef & rotziach and it’s a chiyuv to be masser on him. Chilul Hashem. And then we wonder why the goyim hate us.

    7. More confused messages from Dr. BLEACH. Another threat, another fight. 100,000 bodies. No leader only a mess. What crisis will he create next?

    8. Churches YES let them open, take Hydroxolcide and drink Lysol if they want. Shuls Please NO We have the Torah. Usmarten et Nafsaysechem. Daven at Home. Hashem will Love You and bench You at home. Bechol Mokajm asher ato mazkir es smi ovaj elecho uberachticho.

        • So someone who says we should act as the Moetzes and OU both said and not open shuls yet, you say their mother should have had an abortion?! Are you even religious? Is your religion going to shul and nothing else? You really sound disturbed.

    9. He cant force us to open the Shuls. We will open when Our Rabbis OU, Agudah, Hisachdus etc will tell us to Open the Shuls. Not the POTUS, not some Uneducated posters or individual rabbis. This is OUR MESORAH.

      • Agudah says follow to govt which is Trump. BH all shuls in our community are open. Our bal tefila cried by magan avos this week friday noght as its the first time in two months we had that zechus to say it

    10. There’s no reason any longer to keep the country shut down.Every business must be allowed to reopen instantly.
      We’re adults, we know to social distance and wash our hands…
      The Democratic governors are doing this on purpose to oust Trump and install themselves as Mussolinis.
      That is to control; what eat , how to talk, how much to drink etc. Enough is enough.
      No sane American can vote Democrat. We must come to the booths en masse to counter their fraud.
      This is an emergency.
      Democrats are Stalinist despots heck bent on destroying our country.
      We must not let that ever happen.

    11. I remember when if a president said he would “overrride” state authority, there would be screams of “states’ rights” and “remember the Tenth Amendment.”

    12. If the people in my neighborhood shuls practiced social distancing to the extent that the men I saw walking to and from shuls this morning we’ll see a spike in Covad cases real soon.

    13. All of you that think shuls shouldn’t open can stay home. No one is forcing you to go back (BTW, if you actually heard what he said, you would know he said that they should be allowed to open. He never said you have to open.) So As “aha” commented above that the Rabbonim, Agudah, oy will tell us when to come back. I agree we have daas TORAH and this Shabbos the Agudah reopens theirbdoors as dis many shuls BH. Kaia Yirbu and as hatzalah as BH reported no new cases in over three weeks may we be zoiche that if we are not in the bais hamidash for your Yom tov, then at least the mikdashei ma’at Should be of kolei TORAH and tefilah

    14. Will Donald Trump and the Trump children all go to church this Sunday? Remember when American Presidents routinely attended church on Sundays?
      Trump prays on the golf course.


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