New York State Records 24-hour Death Total Under 100


ALBANY, N.Y. — New York state reported its lowest number of daily coronavirus deaths in weeks in what Gov. Andrew Cuomo described Saturday as a critical benchmark.

The daily death tally was 84 after a peak of 799 on April 8.

Reducing the state’s daily death count to fewer than 100 seemed almost impossible several weeks ago, the Democratic governor said. That figure has remained stubbornly high even amid other signs of encouragement.

“In my head, I was always looking to get under 100,” Cuomo said. “For me, it’s a sign that we’re making real progress.”

The number of hospitalized patients in the state that has been the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S. continued to fall, dropping to over 4,600.

Cuomo also announced that the region along the Hudson River north of New York City and south of Albany is set to begin reopening Tuesday, and that Long Island could follow suit Wednesday.

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    • I love your first two parts , You left out a very important two more parts of the vaccine .

      Davening and Torah ! Very key components

      Now that the danger is at flu like levels it’s time to Daven at safe social distant minyan and it’s time for cheder kids to learn Torah at a structured cheder with precautions . The koach hatzibur is crucial to a vaccine

  1. Time to reopen schools . Enough of this already . Schools are essential #1. Covid 19 is over. Look how low numbers are . And kids are less at risk . This is a fact .

    If it makes pHineas/ yoni happy we will put in their context , school closures disproportionately hurt poor minorities and people of color . ( they don’t care about from Jewish pain ) . We need to stand up to this craziness and resist . Fight the governor , sue them and yes ignore the silly law . Israel understood the first thing you reopen is schools ? How are we not ashamed to be so callous and not fight this ? This is our future . Wake up guys . Wake up you Askanim


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