No Urinals? Toilets Could Evolve Post-virus


LONDON — Toilet experts say urinals may be consigned to history as part of measures to make public conveniences safe for the post-coronavirus world.

Raymond Martin, managing director of the British Toilet Association, says business and governments need to adapt public toilets to make them infection-resistant, adding technology such as foot-operated flushes and sensor-activated taps.

Hospitality industry groups in Britain have also proposed replacing rows of urinals with cubicle-only washrooms for both men and women.

Martin told the Sunday Times that transforming toilets would be expensive, but “we want to bring back life to this country, and toilets are a vital part of that.”

He said “tourist offices all over the country should be telling visitors: ‘Come see our castle, come see our beaches, come see our state-of-the-art toilets.’”

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  1. Never knew there was something called a “toilet expert” but whatever. I would think a urinal, if it’s self flush, etc. I would think would be safer because you have to touch it.

    • Quite right. The urinal involves far less bodily contact than a full-service toilet. If the flush lever is replaced with an infrared proximity sensor, which the majority of offices seem to have, there can be no contact at all. The article’s premise makes as little sense as the global response to this bug: everyone’s treating the symptom, and ignoring the -real- underlying cause.


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