NYC Lawmaker: Being A ‘Republican In New York’ Is Like Being Israeli Soldiers In Six Day War


NEW YORK (JTA) – A New York City lawmaker told a Jewish audience that she knows what it was like for Israeli soldiers to fight in the Six Day War because she’s “a Republican in New York City.”

Nicole Malliotakis, who represents Staten Island in New York’s state Assembly, made the comments on Thursday night during a Zoom meeting hosted by the Staten Island Jewish Community Center to celebrate Jerusalem Day, the Daily News reported.

“When you think about the small army at the time that Israel had and that they were confronted with five armies — I mean, I’m a Republican in New York City so I can kind of understand what they may have been going through or thinking,” Malliotakis said, according to the report, which included a link to the recorded Zoom call.

Malliotakis is working to unseat Democratic Rep. Max Rose in the November congressional election. Rose, who is Jewish and is a U.S. Army combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan, spoke before Malliotakis. “She owes the Jewish community an apology,” he told the newspaper.

Another unnamed participant told the newspaper that the comparison was offensive and “stupid.” But a Malliotakis spokesman told the newspaper that three participants on the Zoom event, including Israeli U.S. consul general Dani Dayan, reached out afterward to compliment her.

Dayan’s office later contacted the Daily News and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency to clarify that his message to Malliotakis did not represent an endorsement of her comments.

“My courtesy text messages yesterday to Congressman Rose and to Assemblywoman Malliotakis following the event referred to their words about Israel and Jerusalem and not to any partisan statement about which I would never opine,” he said in a statement. “It is well known that as a foreign diplomat I never intervene — publicly or privately — in partisan issues.”

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  1. It was a great analogy as for max time for him to go. He’s a leftest democrat and not a true supporter of isreal.

  2. She’s looking to unseat Rose who voted for impeachment. After promising that he wouldn’t. He’s a liar. Rose is a leftie who represents all that’s wrong in the Democrat Party.
    Vote Nicole for Congress in Nov.
    We cannot allow another nauseating liberal like Rose represent my district.

  3. Max Rose is a Trump hater and voted to impeach in a despicable speech.
    He represents Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. Throw this bum out.

  4. An “unnamed ” participant called it stupid?
    The unnamed , guaranteed, is a liberal Jew.
    Good luck Nicole. We need you in the halls of Congress to bring sanity back.

  5. Rose , who was at one time a decent chap, suddenly fell in love with AOC and the gang of radicals.
    He went back on his promise not to impeach and instead became Pelosi’s rat. Shame on the libyids who are trying to derail Nicole.

  6. I don’t think Rose represents the Frum neighborhoods. The parts of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn that is included in his district are not Jewish neighborhoods. I don’t know about SI. Most of the Heimishe areas here in Brooklyn, are Jerrold Nadler’s district. He is my Congressman unfortunately and there is no feasible way to get rid of him. The Republican Party in NYC is dead. We always have a few weird Rinos that make a little noise before an election and then quickly dissapear off the face of the earth. Nicole received only 27% of the vote when she ran against DeBlasio for Mayor. I’m not in Councilman Chaim Deutch’s district, otherwise I would change my party affiliation just to vote for him. Good guy. I hope he’s matzliach.

  7. I’m in Nadler’s district also.
    This woman ran against him and did rather decently considering, but the heimishe olam stayed home or many even voted for him.
    A disgrace.

  8. Rose represents my district in Staten Island , and I’ll do whatever it takes to throw him out. I’ve signed up to help Nicole’s campaign and will wash toilets if that’s what it takes to get rid of this guy. Sorry, I can’t help much with money.

  9. So Roy, how come Demonrats are freaks?
    Schiff, Hillary, AOC , with bug eyes.
    Kwomoho & Danang Dick Blumenthug with cadaver faces?

  10. She made a great comparison.
    In fact, it was even too mild, being that the robber barons in the Assembly are poaching Democrats. Nicole rocks.

  11. Roy Goodman was the last GOP quality leader in NYS.
    They need to fix NY and it can be done.
    There are more counties voting evidenced by the last election. 4 of the boros give the Dems the overwhelming votes to stay Blue.
    Get the vote out in upstate and work the precints .

  12. Max Rose is a disgrace. He has turned on our great friend President Donald John Trump. Nicole needs all the support we can give her to oust that traitor in our midst.
    The last thing we need is another leftist liberal traitor like Rose and others of his mindset. Jewish leftist liberals are the enemies of Israel and of America.

  13. Nicole Malliotakis is a leftists Republican, she publicly regretted voting against same sex “marriage”, we are better off with a democrat than a leftist Republican who will vote against us and give a license to democrats to vote the wrong way.

      • so does she, leftist Republicans are worse than democrats, they give license to Democrats to be even worse.

        If Chas Veshalom she is elected we will see much more leftist laws pass. Voting for Rose is still assur, and Yehorag Veal Yaavoer.

        PS. Just because Democrats are trief doesn’t make Republicans Kosher. The leftist Democrat is like a behama timaya, a leftist Republican is like chelev, it’s harder to detect without knowledge, and a bigger issur (kares)
        Every idiot knows that a democrat leftist and eating donkey is assur, to understand that voting for leftist republicans is actually worse takes sechel.

        I can prove this going back over 50 years.


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