Police In 3 States Seek Suspect In 2 Connecticut Slayings

Peter Manfredonia. Last seen in East Stroudsburg, PA. PA law enforcement agencies are actively looking for the suspect. Do NOT approach, he is ARMED AND DANGEROUS, call 911 immediately.

WILLINGTON, Conn. (AP) — The search for a 23-year-old University of Connecticut senior suspected in two slayings and believed to be armed with several stolen guns had stretched from Connecticut to New Jersey and Pennsylvania on Sunday, state police said.

Connecticut troopers said Peter Manfredonia, suspected in a deadly assault in Willington on Friday and a homicide in Derby on Sunday morning, is believed to be armed with several weapons stolen during a home invasion. A car Manfredonia is suspected of stealing from the Derby victim was found in New Jersey at the Pennsylvania border Sunday afternoon, police said.

Police said Manfredonia is suspected of killing 62-year-old Ted DeMers and assaulting another man in Willington. DeMers’ wife, Cynthia DeMers, tells the Hartford Courant that the two men had been attacked after they found Manfredonia walking along a road and offered him a ride back to his motorcycle.

“It could have been anybody who offered him a ride,” she said. “It could have been any of my neighbors’ husbands. It just happened to be mine.”

DeMers was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The other man suffered severe wounds described as sword or machete wounds, state police said.

Connecticut Trooper Christine Jeltema said police were called to a home in Willington early Sunday morning. A man reported he had been held against his will by Manfredonia, who then left with food, several guns and the man’s truck, which was found abandoned at 6:45 a.m. near Osbornedale State Park.

Police investigators then went to the Derby home of an acquaintance of Manfredonia and found him dead. He was identified Sunday afternoon as 23-year-old Nicholas Eisele.

Manfredonia is a 2015 graduate of Newtown High School and a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in finance and mechanical engineering, the Connecticut Post reported. Police describe him as a 6-foot-3 white man who should be considered armed and dangerous.

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  1. They should stake out his family or friends homes. He is going to need money to survive. He probably will rob some store. Every holdup or robbery should be shared between the different states.

  2. Forget Columbo , you need either Sherlock Holmes or the Mission impossible Team to mess this guy up for good . If they can’t catch him , then we’ll call on Superman , Spiderman , Ironman or the Green Lantern to knock this guy off .

  3. It sounds like simple advice but many times those in police work overlook simple solutions. Criminals always connect to either relatives,friends or habits.

  4. It is very dangerous to pick up, or assist strangers on the road; about ten years ago, two cops saw an elderly man (89 years old) wandering on the highway. They decided to assist him, and place him in the back of their patrol car. However, they made the mistake of not searching him for weapons. From the back of the car, he took out a concealed weapon, and shot both of the cops dead!

  5. Whoever finally catches this guy , whether it’s Sherlock Holmes , Inspector Gadget , Agatha Christie , Superman Spiderman Iron man Green Lantern Aqua Man or Mission Impossible , the guy should be thrown into the same jail cell dungeon as Grafton Thomas , and those two sick retarded wierdo imbeciles can wack each other to death

  6. This morning, this killer’s Attorney was on television calling for his client to surrender; at the same time, he made excuses for his client, by stating that “he’s suffered from mental problems for many years”. In doing so, he stigmatized millions of other people who also have mental problems, but don’t turn into mass murderers. The cops will probably confront this lunatic, and it will turn into a shootout, and he will either kill himself, or be killed by the cops. It was nice the last few months, where there appeared to be a decrease in violent crime, because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, this type of activity has started again. It was only last week, where a shopping mall was reopened, somewhere in Arizona, and another lunatic started shooting at complete strangers. His excuse was that “he was bullied”. What a bunch of garbage.


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