Former Student Of Ner Israel Of Baltimore Arrested For Attempted Car Ramming

File - A Baltimore Police Department vehicle sits parked near a crimes cene (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

BALTIMORE (VINnews) — A former student of Ner Israel of Baltimore was arrested on Tuesday morning for attempting to run over a Yeshiva staff member.

Baltimore County Police received a 911 call at around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning for a person driving erratically in the 400 block of Mt. Wilson Lane in Pikesville, around the campus of Ner Israel Rabbinical College.

The caller reported that an individual in a black Nissan was attempting to run people over. As officers responded to the call, the vehicle fled, resulting in a police chase in the area of Mt. Wilson Lane and Reisterstown Road.

Eventually, police managed to stop the vehicle at Reisterstown and Fallstaff roads.

According to police, it was necessary to break the vehicle’s window to apprehend the suspect, as he refused to exit the vehicle.

One officer suffered a minor injury during the arrest, and was brought to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma as a precautionary measure.

The suspect has been identified as a former student of Ner Israel.

Police have confirmed that at least one Yeshiva staff member was targeted in the attack, but added that more information will become available as formal charges are announced.

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  1. Why are you rushing to judge Rabbi Cook? You should be on a watch list for a possible attack you sound bitter and disturbed why don’t you just wait it out and see what the investigation shows?

    • Former Ner guy:

      I am describing context-specific facts of which I have personal knowledge. I do so without harsh judgment, and with language explicitly stating that the conduct by the student was wrong, possibly criminal, and that to suggest the conduct was in any way correct is “insane.” Your argument, under these indisputable facts, that I sound “bitter and disturbed” is a specious, ad hominum attack designed to distract from the facts which I not only personally know about, but that is also acknowledged by other posters here as well. Not quite “watch list” material.

  2. some students in Ner Israel maybe need a psychiatrist. I remember when Ner Israel was on Garrison boulevard and incidents like this never happened

  3. Ditto from another alumnus. One more point – R Cooks behavior with boys NOT expelled (even A or B students) needs a lot of introspection. Too many karbanos.

    • Your comment is the dumbest I read. Instead of reacting with: well, no one is saying the rammer was justified, but this could serve as a wake-up call for NIRC to begin gravitating towards offering and ensuring a warm emotionally stable environment for boys versus merely maintaining a campus and staff. No one is saying Rabayim need be psychologists, but they certainly shouldn’t blatantly ignore public displays of gross emotional abuse, as well as protect calm boys from physical harm from the 1-5% of boys who hurt others.

      Instead you decide to interpret these comments as being justification for the rammer. Doing so was just plain dumb on your part.

  4. most likely the bochur is bipolar & had a full blown manic episode , when that happens they are not a baal bechirah
    there are other mental disorders that can at times detach a person from reality and they hear , see things that are not there
    refua shleima, bh menahel ok , and for the family may the bizyonos be mechaper…
    these kinds of neshomos are gilgulim vetikunim nothing to do with mishpocho

    • Ruby:

      You broadcast defensiveness for NIRC. I have no clue about the facts here, not the current incident, nor the history. And I could opine on them anyway. But I won’t.

      I will tell you that your intent to attribute this to a manic episode is a far stretch. May I ask what your background is in mental health? When I read this account, I was unready to talk about mania. There seems to have been more preparation in perpetrating the event. Getting a car, going there (former student, not a current one who would be on campus), and more reckless behavior that was directed at causing harm or damage. Same goes for the refusal to get out of the car once apprehended. Nope, my friend. This is rage. I haven’t a clue of his psychiatric status, but this does not sound like mania.

      That’s the defensiveness detected in your comment. The rage/anger angle implies that there was what to be angry about. And you seem to wish to deny that.

    • Tks professional psychologist for your insightful analysis “ most likely the bochur is bipolar & had a full blown manic episode”.
      As a NIRC alumni, I witnessed not 1, not 10, but TENS of boys broken emotionally by none other than Rabayim there, directly or indirectly by not stopping other boys. Haven’t you seen the boy at shul whose father destroys him?
      These boys were repeatedly broken down to the core.

  5. Tov She Be Yeshiva Administrators, & Rabeim Le’ Gihenom.. !!!!!!!!!!

    SOME of them are mamash CHAYOS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shmigege I was but in 1950 Ner Yisroel was on Garrison Blvd. what are an ex-NaZI cannot stand holocaust survivors , wipe your nose and take a serotonin uptaker

  6. I agree. No need to dump on Ner Yisroel just yet. No Yeshiva is perfect and no Rebbe is perfect. Everyone has their stories. This may have just been an individual with mental/emotional issues r”l. This really shouldn’t of been aired in public by the heimishe websites.

  7. The Yeshiva was open?! So they are takeh rodfim & rotzchim. This bachur was only trying to do what the Torah says you must do to a rodef, kill him! How reckless can the Yeshiva be? And then we wonder why the goyim hate us.

  8. “hopefully the Yeshiva will find a way to see him through“
    Crying from laughter at that. They don’t care enough to prevent boys falling. Makah kodem lerefuah mentality

    • I was fortunate enough to see just how big his heart was. He had tough love and a lot of people had issues with him but he had an incredible heart!

  9. Who do u think you guys are?? Why are u bad-mouthing the yeshiva so much?? This episode has nothing to do with the fact that half of what ur saying is not even true, it mustve been that this boy, who obviously was very unstable, did something, or didnt do something for that matter. How can u automatically blame the yeshiva for this when u dont even know each boys personal stories?? and how many of u actually know the rebbeim personally that can judge that they are not helping each boys personal needs????

  10. Just for the record I know VIN didn’t put any names in the article, but they posted the comments of staff and students. For what reason?

  11. Fellow Yidden: The fact of the matter is that in all 50 states, and all five territories, it is a crime to use a motor vehicle, as a deadly weapon, in order to crash into a human being. A human being weighing 160 lbs, has no defense against two tons of fast, moving steel. We have seen this tactic performed over and over again by terrorists in Eretz Yisrael, against the IDF.

  12. Tick…tick…tick…. boom
    Not a surprise to alumni but probably shock to purposefully clueless hanhala who treat the boys like another lawn to be manicured and building to be cleaned, they’re great at property maintenance.

  13. Hmm, “Not a surprise to alumni” that someone tried to MURDER their former rebbi over some perceived ingrievance which you people decided happened just because you had rough childhoods and that it was worthy of him being killed for…..It appears there are some sick individuals posting their thoughts here and I wish you all speedy recoveries

  14. This is a terrible tragedy but more for the family that I know very well I don’t know how such a thing is possible. The young man did go through terrible divorce but he’s been out of the Yeshiva over so many years

  15. Just keep in mind the yeshiva is run by people who are big talmidia chachamim and to say lashin harah about them can get you about every lav in the chafetz chaims intro.
    But to side with a murderer over talmidia chachamim and to say that they did something to warrant this reaction is ludicrous. And it is a bezoan of talmidia chachamim.
    We are in middle of a din from God and He is clearly upset with us. Maybe we should be a little careful what we say and of whom we are talking about before we write something. And maybe the zechus of holding back your tongue or pen will end the pandemic

  16. Marcus55

    The reason I asked is because I find it surprising that you aren’t familiar that there are many people who went to the mechina had a profoundly negative experience there. I do feel that the hanhala there means well but I do think they should be doing a cheshbon hanefesh and reach out to former talmidim many of whom are unfortunately not doing well and/or are off the derech. I don’t think that the throwing talmidim out of yeshiva constantly and not following up afterwards or trying to help them get into a yeshiva or situation that would be better for them is really not right. I am not denying that we all need to be better in our bein adam lechavairo but maybe it would be better for you to also try to be noseih beol with many people who are suffering as a result of what they experienced there.

  17. First Hashem closed the Yeshivas, now he is sending to hurt the Rosh Yeshiva. Wake up start excepting all bnei yisroel And Teach them torah

  18. Im sorry my above comment wasn’t meant to be addressad to marcus55 but rather Solomon nicalumny, and the other bitter people commenting

  19. Yosef Chaim Aryeh

    2 things can be true simultaneously:

    1) the guy clearly needs serious psychiatric help and no one should condone any act of violence against the faculty regardless of their experiences there.

    2) Ner Israel’s mechina has not done right by numerous students who attended and were subsequently discarded by the Yeshiva which is evidenced from the tremendous hurt exhibited by some of the commenters here and many I have encountered. I would hope that you have the ability to show compassion for them and have the capacity to validate their feelings on the subject which are extremely legitimate.

  20. I learned in the Yeshiva in the 70s and only have fond memories. It was one of the few places where you had a great learning environment and could go to a good colleges at night. The high school may
    Have been different but I do not remember any student getting thrown out.

  21. olenugget

    Throwing bochurim out of yeshiva because they don’t fit in and not taking achrayus for what happens afterwards is not a policy that should be lauded nor should it be done frequently. Throwing someone out of Yeshiva is Dinei Nifashos. The gedolim have been pretty unanimous that throwing bachurim out of yeshiva should not be a “mehalech”. Every jewish neshama is kadosh and worthy of our respect even if they don’t always fit in to the mold that we would want.

  22. yitzy what happend shouldnt of happend i know that the rebbie who was targeted is a very good person and thats why hashem didnt let the man kill him and every single person who was attacked did get injurd because the are very big talmedai chachamem hoppfully this wont happen again and the people who were attacked will recover.

  23. Mishpacha magazine reported last week that a girls seminary stayed open In Israel during covid based on years ago advice of Rabbi Bulman that the seminary is there for the girls not the other way around. Ner needs to learn this lesson as they have it backward.

  24. Yeshivos are for learning period. They are not mental health clinics.They are also not there to take care of emotional issues or to replace fathers or mothers-Go out and see what takes place in the secular world.
    If not for yeshivos we would not exist today.The Rebbeim are doing the best possible in roles that are forced
    upon them.They are not thrapists nor should they have to deal with the problems that are cast upon them.
    According to statistics 10% of all males have mental health issues.In the Jewish population one can guess it is higher.Emotional issues are not even included.One survey claims that of all groups in the U.S. Jewish people are the least accepting of mental problems than any other group.That said in one word is denial.
    Furthermore quite often a child can function well at home but when thrown into a large society of strangers
    without home support will bring out issues that the most perceptive parent was not aware of.
    The writer of this note is suprised that this seems to be an exceptional incident making it newsworthy.
    Perhaps it would serve a purpose to publicize how many Parents are killed by thier own children in the secular world.Keep in mind , in the secular world the only age when children move into school environment is college age.At that age and in that environment what takes place is not for YWN to elaborate.Perhaps the colleges have good reason to encourage such behavior as an alternative to violence.Perhaps the military has good reason for wanting to become a mixed gender environment.

  25. I am stunned reading this. I am a product of a small High School and mesifta in Ling Beach. I attended in the early 70s. At that time, the hanhalla would never behave the way I hear in this post. I imagine if a Rebbi would not fit the mold HE would be thrown out. Those were the years of Rabbi Z, till 120.

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