An Open Letter to Mayor De Blasio from a Reader


    NEW YORK (VINnews) — Dear Mayor De Blasio,

    “Jews, We will come down hard on you.  Everyone Else? Well, just protest peacefully.  Oh and Police?  Go easy on them – just a light touch.”

    Although these weren’t your exact words, this was essentially what you said.

    You began, “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.”

    And then, on Friday, you ignore those who are gathering in large groups.  You ignore those who who don’t wear masks.  What do you do?  You cheer them on.

    You said, “To everyone protesting and expressing that anger and pain, please remember how important it is to protest peacefully. Please remember that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. We have to do all we can to protect each other. Everyone out there has a responsibility.”

    No mention of the various prohibition of gathering and such.  No mention of instructions to the police to proceed immediately.

    Social distancing? – Only for Jews. 

    Summons and tickets?  Only for Jews. 

    Arrest those who gather in large groups?  Only for Jews. 

    Enough is enough!!  You are applying different standards, double standards, in fact.  And the hypocrisy is glaring.

    Tickets, fines and wholesale arrests to those who gather to pray, attend a wedding or pay respects at a funeral.  And yet for those that are gathering to throw bricks at police officers, to loot stores and to engage in wanton violence – that’s okay.  They can gather all they want.

    I am not saying that it is okay to gather.  It is not.  But at least, dear mayor, show us that you do not look at us like garbage.  At the very least, apologize.  Issue a statement saying that you regret your strong words and attitude to how you have dealt and spoken with some parts of the Jewish community.  And that you hope to rectify it.  Until you do that, it is hard to see how you are not being a hypocrite.

    Please do so now.


    Jacob Harris

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    1. Micheal great point except he was doing the same a month ago
      Only religious observance bothered him
      Remember his walks in prospect park

      • Hello? 250 People arrested How many were arrested in BP Wili? 2 Police van drove in a crowd of 100. Did they do that in Wili? Maybe its time to go back to the Dems since “then I saw the light” you are Insane. The Police and DBlasio treated us b”h much better. Just imagine a Police van driving into a crowd of Yiden and DBlasio approves them? If you and other simililar minded will treat a OHEV YISROEL Mayor this way you will get very soon a AOC and it will be late to say Chotosi, Just say. Thank You MR D Blasio for not doing this to us. DONT FORGET You live in a City where Orthodox Jews is a small minority and Liberals ar a wast Majority and getting bigger every day .

        • If Jews would be threatening the police they would get hit as well. The funeral then was originally organized with the police. Only later on started did they retrieve with not letting speakers which caused all problems. Also did the mayor in out to yell at the protesters to stop looting and vandalizing

    2. Joe you r wrong. It’s time to vote ALL democrats out of office.
      The states with highest disease Levels are run by democrats.
      And continues today as well

    3. Only religious observance bothered Deblazio.. the fact is that so called rabbis from supposedly orthodox synagogues allow swimming but NO PRAYERS.. NO MIYAN… Florida who had very few deaths is the target by these self hating Orthodox Rabbis.. what a shame

    4. This letter is a distortion of reality. The mayor is 100% correct to clamp down on violators of social gathering bans. Look at what is happening now in Israel with the upsurge in infection. There should be zero tolerance for large funerals.

      The mayor is also trying to get riots and protests under control. His comments are an attempt at easing tensions instead of enflaming them.

      Falsely contrasting apples and oranges only enflames tensions and benefits no one.

      • “Distortion of reality” ? are you kidding? Outright antisemitic lie to turn the Govt against frumme yiden. They attack The Mayor, Agudah, Askanim, Rabbonim,Frumme Doctors,Hatzolah and everything Jewish. They have an agenda. Follow the money. There is Huge Jewish Frumm Money in NYC Real Estate. Driving it down will benefit ??? the Anti Dblasio, Anti Agudah, Anti Hatzolah Not sure if its Erev Rav or Evangelist real Estate Interest.

        • Your rant is Chinese to me. What exactly is your point?

          The mayor appointed Agudah people to his reopening board. Satmar has publicly defended the mayor. The Mayor has come through for the Chareidi Jewish community on Metzitzah Bapeh and School curriculum.

    5. It is the same NYC as a month ago. The risks seem greater now. While a month ago he had his NYC driver transport him to the park I now discovered that NYC has closed off all car parking at my closest park. This indicate that the concerns are still there.
      The demonstrators are risking tipping us back into the epidemic yet not one word is uttered by NYC.

    6. What a most beautiful threatening letter from a ‘Goolis’ Jew to the Mayor of a rare Malchis shel Chesed Medinah/City. (HUD, Food Stamps etc)
      The Rebbeh ZYO would be extremely proud of you keeping up the ‘Shoolesh Shveeis’ especially the one about not to be ‘Misgooreh with the Imous’.

    7. Hu xi is a hypocrite.
      Mayor calling for LIGHT touch against rioters to ease tensions.
      Calling for full crackdown against Jews, not giving a rat’s behind about easing tensions.
      Obviously, you doesn’t own a store.
      So what do you care?

    8. Dear Jacob,
      Your points are well taken.

      Having said, if De Blasio would get pressure from black community activist to 
      come down hard on the rioters he would do it in an instant.

        De Blasio had enormous pressure from well know Jewish informers who are Frum looking to come down hard on the Minyonim etc. They were chasing and taunting the mayor how come he does not do anything to the Frum Yidden. 

      The Frum community had anything and everything from the mayor up until this informers started to taunt him about the Minyonim.

      Jacob,We, by not chasing out these Mosrim from within our community like another Kehila in Israel did are at fault what De Blasio did to us.

      Tens of Thousands of Frum Yidden in NY.

      • Good points. The people who reported on illegal minyanim were let off the hook by the guillibe sheeple. The halacha is, one is allowed to kill a mosser without bais din intervention. A moser is the worst kind of yid. Someone that has no chelek in olam haba. A real rasha of the worst kind. Those evil wicked so-called yidden who were going around taking pictures and snitching to the authorities on fellow yiddenn should be put in cheirem. These mosrim/misyavnim are worse than these animals who are rioting.
        B”H we davened all the tefillos of Shavuos in our regular Shul, with NO restrictions. We did have a section off to one side for those that wanted to practice social distancing etc… Hallel was out of this world! We sold the aliyos and made an appeal for others. We didn’t have that stupid shower curtain between the baal korei and the mivarech. We even had a shalosh seudos and neilas hachag right in our own Shul. It felt great to return. It felt great to daven in my makom kevuah again. It was great to see all the chevra again.

        • you are an apikores, the rambam paskens anyone who is mekel on pikuach nefesh is an apikores.

          I personally got a psak from one of the biggest poskim in America the week after Purim that calling on a shul was a chiyuv. now granted I’m sure that psak doesn’t apply at this moment in time.
          Halacha is clear if someone is mazik es harabim there is no din mesira.

          you are only claiming Mesira because you don’t care how many Jews die.

    9. Thank you sooooo much Mayor Deblasio for being a clear Shaliach from Hashem and reminding me of the Halacha עשו שונא ליעקב.
      Living in NY so long and getting along with most Goyim, gave me and my family a false sense of security. I learned in Yeshiva about how when things got tough in Germany a leader by the name of Adolf Hitler scapegoated the Jews and fanned the flames of Antisemitisim so much, that he convinced the Goyim in his country to murder 6,000,000 Jews. Of course that destroyed Germany as well.

      I always wondered why more Jews didn’t leave when his anti semitic rant started, and it seems like unfortunately most Jews thought it would blow over which of course it did not.

      In my comfort and naivety I never thought the leader of my city in NY America can fan the flames of Antisemitism so openly and brazenly and not even apologize when confronted about it.

      Thanks to you and the response to your message, I see clearly what the Goyims real sentiment is. In order to protect my family and their future, plus be part of Jewish Destiny, I will be making Aliyah and going to the only Jewish country Israel, given to our people by Hashem, immediately this summer of 2020 while I still can.

      When Moshiach is revealed there soon God willing, I will bring a Korban Todah in the 3rd Temple to thank Hashem for surviving the destruction of NY and sending you Mayor Deblasio as the Shaliach and warning call to wake me up out of my delusional trance to run and save my family’s lives. I may even name the Animal *Bill* after you before the Kohein slaughter’s it.

      Thank you again Mayor
      Am Yisrael Chai!
      NEVER AGAIN!!!

      • Typical twisted right wing Zionist ideology to compare De blasio to Hitler.

        This is what Meir Kahana preached all day igniting and fueling the flames of antisemitism.

        Go and make Aliyah.

        Go live with the extremist in the occupied territories which is the most dangerous place on planet earth and putting your families lives in danger. Numerous Jewish families were slaughtered there by blood thirsty animals. All for a twisted Zionist Ideology.

    10. The Mosrim saved 100s Jewish lives from the so called Frumme who went against Rabbonim, Askanim, Frumme Doctors, Hatzolah Instructions etc for nothing but personal gains. Every Rabbinical Court in the USA forbid it. Not a single Bet Din approved this Minyanim. Some people spread rumors that some Rabbis did Ok it . We did not see a single Rabbi with a signature.

      • I find it hypocritical of someone like you who is not a shomer torah umitzvos and scorns Rabbonim on a daily basis, to suddenly fawn all over them by misquoting them as far as legal safe minyanim are concerned. Based on your recorded previous comments, your hate for Frum Jews knows no bounds. Stick to your rioters and rejoice on how many Jewish businesses are destroyed by those wild animals.

      • Stay home, take your flu shot and you’ll live forever. Why would you want to die like those evil minyan goers? Only those that stay home will live.

    11. People who report illegal minyanim don’t save lives. All they do is create antisemitism.

      Almost every FRUM Rav,Rebbe Davend with Minyan.

      Many many FRUM shulls stayed open the entire time with the guidelines.

      Minyonim don’t kill. Not following the guidelines might kill.

      • frum maybe, erlich not a single one did.

        only apikorsim davened with non social distansting minyanim, if you don’t keep pikuach nefesh halachas the rambam calls you an apikores.

    12. Democrats support Jew haters and are anti religious freedom and the mainstream media are fake news propagandists for the democrat party

      Where is the story on the democrat party supported anti Israel Jew hating terrorists who vandalised then burned a conservative synagogue in LA.
      Democrats are the party of anti Israel Jew haters.

    13. He hates jews cause he’s jealous he sees our success and devotion to god and cant stand it he will get punished yesh baal habiyis lbiirah zu

    14. Democrats support Jew haters and are anti religious freedom and the mainstream media are fake news propagandists for the democrat party

      DeBozo like he always does is blaming Trump for the actions of leftist democrat rioters just liek he blames Trump for attacks by leftist democrats on Jews throughout his tenure. Vote the criminal loving anti Israel Jew hating/supporter of Jew haters democrats all out of office.

    15. Maven baby,
      You sound like you’re getting nervous.
      Yeah, this is yet another signal , yet you’re ranting bs against Meir Kahane who predicted this.
      Maven baby, they’re looting the luggage stores, yoyull have norhing to pack in.
      Your time is up, Maven baby.
      Off to Zion you’ll be scrambling.
      Ya think ya have enough time ??
      Maven baby, your pathetic lies don’t cut it anymore.
      Can’t hear the whisper__ Juden Raus ? Or are ya too busy ranting and yelling?

    16. Seriously_ Is this Maven a kapo the offspring of 1936 kapos who told my family the exact same lies , or is he a paid agent or is he just a blind hater?
      The synagogue arson yesterday is not just an event , it’s a message.

      Say Maven , are you a believer ? Or a kapo thug ? Which one ?

      • Maven is a Torah observant jew.

        We just prayed this Yom Tov in Musaf:
        u-mipnei chataeinu galinu mei-artzeinu, v’nit-rachaknu mei-al adma-teinu.
        I bet you cant figure what it means

    17. Actually, he’s one if the Spies.
      Although he has neither their scholarship nor intelligence to be able to convince.
      The Mavens of this world are goons’ tools , and eventually, fools.

    18. Aliyah applications are up worldwide..
      You stay here, train to be a Jewish tour guide showing off once vibrant Jewish neighborhoods and synagogues.
      Stay here with mommy.

    19. This is what the evil Democrat party of do- nothing fake impeachment America haters have wrought.
      They want covid deaths, economic collapse , and bloody riots.
      And it’s good for Jews??

    20. Let’s not get carried away. There is no holocaust happening in America. The more religious Jews become and the more the reform die out the less chance for a holocaust.

    21. Lol, Maven_ you lost your bet !!!
      You fell right in. As a rav gave once psha,. Umipnei chataeinu galeinu , was the destruction of Beis Hamikdash and gulis.
      WE furthered ourselves away from Eretz yisroel. Otherwise, the posuk is redundant.
      Thanks, buddy. You just made my day.

    22. You swine Maven:
      What guarantee do you have that your miserable life will not be in danger even this evening? BIG SHOT. APIKORUS .
      Who taught you this language ?
      Name your rabbi who told you to puke like this.

    23. Jacob Harris wrote a fantastic straight to point letter . Thankyou Jacob ! . As far as the Mosrim are concerned , they should someday pay the price . As far as Maven is concerned , he should change his name to Graven . As far as the rest of us are concerned , WE must get rid of all the freaking Idiot DEMOCRATS from this otherwise great country !!!!

    24. Maven has a point. My wife is thinking now of moving to Israel. It could be the end of America as we know it. It does it mean Israel is safer but if enough religious Jews move there we could run it our way.

    25. The only solution that we Torah observant Jews have is to pray to Hashem to send Moshicah quickly and he will take us out of Golus to the holy land ERETZ YISROEL.

      Nationalistic Jews with their twisted right wing Zionist ideology should leave now to the so called Jewish state of ISRAEL. And if they are stupid enough not caring about their lives let them go live in the dangerous territories among blood thirsty Arabs.

    26. We true Torah Jews see a quickening of the geulah in beautiful Israel. The Almighty sent Trump to Judaize Jerusalem and Golan Hts and for more annexation BE”H. Your are living here without a G-D as per our chazal.
      Repent before the Big Day. You only have moments.
      Moshiach is not coming to your neighborhood to pick you up. Lolol.


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