De Blasio Still Enforcing Social Distancing and Business Lockdowns on 13th Avenue as City Riots Spiral out of Control

NYC sherrifs arrive on 13th Ave in Boro Park on Sunday May 31, 2020

BORO PARK (VINnews) — New York City is awash with rioting, fires, and looting, while Bill De Blasio is fiddling with ensuring that the stores and shops on 13th Avenue remain closed and strictly follow Corona pandemic restrictions.

Every News station in New York is depicting sheer mayhem in the streets. Storefront glass are shattered by looters and rioters. Police vans are burning. Stores like Moishy’s Bake Shop, and Target are being looted to their bare shelves. Police cars are overturned and burned alongside the American flag.

All this and more is happening, while a large contingent of NYC sherrifs are assigned to Boro Park’s 13th Avenue, patrolling the streets to ensure that no one illegally enters a store.

The irony of entire neighborhoods having every store window shattered and dozens of rioters illegally entering and then exiting with shopping bags filled with stolen items has not been lost on Boro Park reidents.

“We are peaceful, and the mayor is coming down with an iron fist upon us,” remarked, “Duvid’l, who did not wish to divulge his last name.  “Look what is happening all around.  The mayor has completely lost his mind.  Police officers everywhere else are being attacked by rioters and this is where he sends squad cars?”

Ironically, just a few hours after the sherrif’s arrived, it was revealed that the Mayor’s own daughter, Chiara, was arrested at a Manhattan protest for blocking traffic.

Protesters took to the streets across America on Sunday, with violence flaring in pockets of largely peaceful demonstrations fueled by the killings of black people at the hands of police. A truck driver — apparently deliberately — drove into demonstrators in Minneapolis nearly a week after George Floyd died there after pleading for air as an officer pressed a knee into his neck.

Protests sprang up from Boston to San Francisco, with people stealing from stores in broad daylight in Philadelphia, cities across California and elsewhere. In Minneapolis, the tanker truck sped into a peaceful crowd of thousands on a closed highway, but no one appeared to have been hit, authorities said.

For a second day, the protests reached to the White House, where chants could be heard from around 1,000 demonstrators just across the street in Lafayette Park as they faced police in riot gear behind barricades. The scene was defiant but peaceful, though police used flash bangs to stop another group from reaching the park.

Curfews were imposed in major cities around the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. About 5,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen were activated in 15 states and Washington, D.C.

But still trouble flared.

Looting has become rampant across New York City and the rest of the country, with one viral video showing people fleeing a New York store with large bags and boxes.

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  1. Of course the stores on 13 ave have to be shut, don’t u see that providing food for their family they are hurting everyone around them, don’t you see that by people peacefully shopping that it’s generating income for the city through sales tax and obviously therefore hurting the city. Don’t you see how all those people rioting are really peaceful? Don’t u see how by destroying the livelihood and stealing and burning things they are saving the city? Well if you don’t see it then you aren’t smart like DeBlasio because to his sick mind. Our Mayor has zero priorities in his agenda other than his liberalists agenda and he doesn’t care if he destroys hard working New Yorkers.

  2. He should be ashamed of himself! He knows we will not fight back like the animals out there so he sends them to our neighbourhood. Shame on him and on the so called עסקנים

  3. Open the stores, it’s the right time to defy this bum.
    Throw the ball in his court.
    My relative has a store on 13th and will open tomorrow, other owners told him they’ll do the same.
    Pressure him till he resigns. Let’s go shopping tomorrow and come out en masse and support our fellow Jews.
    Nobody will stick up for us.
    Crash this democrat’s fiesta on Monday..

  4. I blame the do-nothings Yeger and Eichenstein! They have completely disappeared from their constituents. They couldn’t care less if their community goes to pot. When it comes to positive press coverage like serving rice & kugel in Masbia to goyim, they are all over the place. You can’t get rid of them. But now that we have a major crisis on our hands, small businesses are completely losing their livelihoods, THEY ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Someone aught to call 911 and report a missing persons request. I say WE should demonstrate outside their office! Why should we continue to pay their stinking salary?! WHAT DO THEY DO FOR US???!

    • We didn’t vote for them. We only represent 0.08% of the total voters. 92% of the voters are goyim and radical self hating irreligious Jews. Even if every Yid votes straight down the Republican line on election day, we have no chance. Stop blaming the Frummer Yidden for perverts like Nadler, Schumer, Engel, Gillibrand, etc… At the end of the day our vote means nothing. We are a minority of a minority. As a commenter above noted, yes, we are to blame for Yeger, Eichenstein, & Felder. They are voted in locally and we the idiots put them there. They are not there for us now, when we need them most.

  5. The law is the law. Breaking the law means these Yidden are criminals. You can change the law by voting. This is not civil disobedience. It’s lawbreaking. As far as the Mayor sending squad cars, I am not 100% sure but I believe this article is factually incorrect. I believe the Sheriff is independent of the Mayor. Sheriff is not NYPD. So they are actually doing their job – stopping lawbreakers. Now, I’m assuming all of these holy Jews also pay all of their taxes? Hmmmm?

    • If what you say is true, why don’t your holy sheriffs go and stop the rioters and looters. They are certainly breaking the law.
      Btw, the Governor said businesses can open. The Governor is a lot more powerful than the Mayor. The Mayor is busy bailing out his black kid from prison, after she broke the law.

    • you forgot to add that Jews have long noses.
      BTW the Sheriff in NYC is appointed by the mayor and serves at his pleasure unlike the rest of the state where its a separate elected office

    • Yumi Simon, The Sherrif May be independent from The NYPD, although I don’t believe you are correct, but the are controlled by the Mayor. The mayor when talking about the riots said that civil disobedience is an important part of the conversation. Finally it’s an executive order to keep stores closed that makes absolutely no sense considering the fact that Walmart sells the exact same things….

  6. Blessing in disguise. With all the looting going on around the city – we are safer with the police & sheriffs making sure stores our stores on 13th Ave. are closed. Better a store closed with police cruising – then having stores opened & no police around – inviting to looters.

  7. Shame on u Yumi Bumi
    The law is unconstitutional according to many.Judging your fellow Jew favorably is also the JEWISH lawsomething you obviously don’t take seriously.
    Also Yumi Bumi under the law in the former USSR keeping the Torah was outlawed.Well u would have liked that because in your wrapped mind “that’s the law.”
    Shane on the women who brought שונא ישראל Yumi Bumi to the world

  8. Democrats support Jew haters and are anti religious freedom and the mainstream media are fake news propagandists for the democrat party

    They should just put up big signs saying Justice for Goerge Floyd and then they will be allowed to stay open.
    Debozo liek mostly democrats support criminals over law abiding citizens.

  9. I think that this is all min-hashamayim (That he is enforcing this with many police cars). This way the stores will be around later to open unlike in othe rparts of the city . LOL

  10. All you guys missed the point
    It’s not that we religious Jews are a minority. We can have tons of voting power if everyone registered to vote. The reason they don’t because of jury duty. But here is the point. If chassidim are on jury duty and they put every Criminal in jail there will be end of jury duty system. It will be classified as racist.

  11. The law is the law. It is illegal to destroy property and it’s illegal to open stores except when permissible. Jews need to obey all the laws as do non-Jews. Don’t do the crime if you won’t do the time.

  12. Mr. Emes,
    I assume that you are not an owner of a closed business, otherwise you wouldn’t be so “emesdig”. While its true that rioting and opening a store that is mandated to be closed are technically illegal, they are not equivalent. The mandate requiring the store remaining closed is completely arbitrary and should and must be challenged, whereas rioting and looting are “real” crimes!.

  13. When you vote democrat so you can get more programs you get Jew hating bumps like Cuomo and Deblasio who side with the criminals,empty out the jails and crack down on heimish yiddin.. you get representatives like Felder and Eichenstein who do absolutely nothing for the community. When will our people wake up and start voting Republican??

  14. REMOVE that filthy stinking DeBlasio. Useless lump of trash as his family is too. We need a good Jewish man in office. Remove all the idiotic rioters, lock them up for good including any would be future ones.


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