Mayor de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested At Manhattan Protest

Chiara de Blasio (Mark Lennihan/AP)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Instead of devoting a disproportionate amount of attention to Jewish New York areas, such as Boro Park, perhaps Mayor de Blasio should be focusing more on his own family.

Just a few hours after a convoy of NYC sherrif vehicles descended on Boro Park’s avenue to penalize small businesses for opening, it has been revealed that his 25-year-old daughter Chiara was arrested at a Manhattan protest.

At approximately 10:30PM on Saturday night, Chiara was arrested at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan at what law enforcement classfied as an unlawful assembly.

According to a New York Post source, she was blocking traffic, and refused police orders to move.

“That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time,” the source said.

Chiara did not reveal to her arresting officers that she was the mayor’s daughter, but gave Gracie Mansion as her place of residence.

She was issued a desk appearance ticket.

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  1. If frum Yidden have the delusion that DB will be there to protect them in the kodesh kedoshim of NYC, they are terribly mistaken.

    Golus is deadly..OF course most of you never ever picked up a history book. In your small minds Hitler YMS worked with the Zionists to kill the Jews of Europe.

    Well, the chickens have come home to roost. Hashem is sending a message…America is on the brink of destruction. Covid along with the massive burning and looting will end up hurting Jews more than any other group.

    Its time to get out….Yes its that serious.

  2. Uch. What are all those things sticking out of all parts of her head? And the First Family is supposed to represent royalty and decency??? This DeBlasio family can’t get out of Gracie Mansion quick enough.

  3. She looks like a punk. Your dad and mom are lowlife scum.
    The moron mayor should resign.
    NYC is a hell hole and it anti coming back.
    People are leaving.
    This what you get for voting this crab into office And the rest of the evil dems.

  4. Tell me, can you control your own adult children? I don’t think the Mayor was too pleased about his daughter’s antics, but your comments are inappropriate. I understand what you believe to be the Mayor’s fixation with the ongoing lack of social distancing and mask wearing by members of the Boro Park community, but your rhetorical question is a total non sequitur. Neither the looting and rioting, nor the vandalism of houses of worship, nor the disregard for social distancing regulations by crowds of all kinds are acceptable in these very challenging times.

    • It troubles me that the looters and rioters are not practicing social distancing nor are they wearing face coverings. Our Rabbonim already paskined that Vinishmartem is the most important mitzvah. These rioters & looters are endangering themselves and others. In order to avoid aiva, we must be moche those rioters and looters who are not practicing social distancing and not wearing proper face coverings.

  5. There is a huge nafkamina, difference, between protesting police brutality and rioting. The first is positive the second is despicable. I believe that if the Nonjews in Germany protested in great numbers peacefully against Kristelnacht there may not have been a Shoah. We Jews should deplore discrimination and the violence that may emanate from it, from governmental authorities. The Bill of Rights of the Constitution is most important for us and for all people in this great country. We should educate our children of this fact.
    Equal protection under the law is the foundation of our living well in this country by the grace of God.
    All races of man are created by God. We should always stand in awe of God’s creation.

  6. most of your comments only are possible on VIN and any other forum they would be erased. Here you can pour out gall, ignorance and stam nastiness

  7. We are totally frustrated at our helplessness under this government. SO DO SOMETHING: APPLY FOR YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT so you can vote. It won’t do anything? And posting a comment does something.

  8. On Monday afternoon news came out that NPD in force raided an outdoor park in Williamsburg and chased the kids out. While I do not condone any crowding due to Covid19, this was absurd. There were no chasing of rioters with their stolen rolex watches, just 6 year old Jewish Kids.
    DiBlasio should immediately step down, he is now unable to at because he is split between law and order VS knocking the cops that arrested his drug addicted punk daughter.

  9. There are reports that DiBlasio’s daughter was charged with throwing objects at the police, not really a non violent protest as DiBlasio proclaimed.

    • Well we can’t blame her for throwing objects at the police , after all they were poking fun at her ugly face and her ugly drilled-out ear lobes . Anyone else’s daughter would’ve done the same


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