NYC Preps For More Protests; National Guard On Standby

Protesters march down the street as trash burns in the background during a solidarity rally for George Floyd, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in New York. Protests were held throughout the city over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City officials were looking for a peaceful way forward after three days of protests against police brutality that left police cars burned and led to the arrest of hundreds of people.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he had no plans to impose a curfew Sunday despite many other major U.S. cities, and smaller cities throughout the state, preparing to enforce them again.

De Blasio said city police showed “tremendous restraint overall” during the weekend’s protests, but he said was concerned about video showing two police cruisers lurching into a crowd of demonstrators on a Brooklyn street. He was appointing two city officials to conduct an independent review of how the protests unfolded and how they were handled by the police.

“We all better get back to the humanity here,” de Blasio said at a briefing. “The protesters are human beings. They need to be treated with tremendous respect. The police officers are human beings. They need to be treated with tremendous respect.”

The largely peaceful protests around the city Saturday gave way to scattered clashes between police and protesters later in the evening Demonstrators smashed shop windows, threw objects at officers, torched and battered police vehicles and blocked roads. Graffiti was scrawled on Manhattan’s famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

New York City police said 345 people were arrested, 33 officers were injured and 27 police vehicles were damaged. There were no major injuries reported. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said some peaceful demonstrations were “hijacked” by a small number of people with violent intent.

With more protests scheduled Sunday, Shea said his officers will work with demonstrators.

“We’re going to make sure that everyone has the right to peacefully protest and assemble,” Shea said said at a briefing with the mayor. “But we are not going to tolerate destruction of property, having our officers put into harm’s way or any civilians put into harm’s way.

Similar protests flared around the nation in response to the Minnesota death of George Floyd. Floyd, who was black, died Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on his neck until he stopped breathing. Protesters damaged property and set fires in cities across New York on Saturday night.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the National Guard is on standby and that hundreds of additional troopers are being made available in Rochester and Buffalo.

“We expect additional protests tonight and we’re preparing for such,” Cuomo said at his daily briefing.

The governor also said state Attorney General Letitia James’s investigation into actions by NYPD officers will include any protests held Sunday night.

Cleanup was under way Sunday morning in New York City, which is still under a lockdown enacted two months ago when it became the U.S. epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the Brooklyn block where two police cruisers lurched into a crowd of demonstrators Saturday, knocking several to the ground, the only sign of the previous night’s disturbance was a small pile of glass shards in the street.

Workers power washed the sidewalk and cleaned up graffiti outside the Barclays Center, the site of two nights of demonstrations. In another Brooklyn neighborhood, the burnt remains of a police van torched by protesters were removed. Soot and broken glass was all that remained.

The independent review ordered by de Blasio will be conducted by New York city Corporation Counsel James Johnson, who is the city’s chief lawyer, and Margaret Garnett, commissioner of the Department of Investigation, which typically investigates suspected wrongdoing and fraud by city employees.

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    Please do not listen to the news, everything being said is correct one day and false, the next, same for the doctors and companies who want to make money on drugs
    remember dead is dead and you are not being revived, trust me I do enough funerals.
    HOPE they own cemetery plots.
    People go with me as a first responder to the hospitals and see the horror story of people dying while courageous doctors and nurses are trying to
    save their lives. One person was aggravated when I mentioned cemetery plots the other day because one of her children had the virus. Three of my children, some grandchildren, and two sons in law had the virus . I will not comment on the riots except to say many were not wearing masks and certainly not remaining six feet apart. The numbers will rise of people carrying the virus and more people will die. Please take all precautions and live. rabbi dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  2. Yup. The Joe Biden voters pictured, are the same dregs of society that wait for over an hour in the pouring rain to get into the Target store on Flatbush Avenue. Now there is no reason to wait. Just smash the window and get that flat screen tv for free.

  3. BlahBlasio – OPEN THE SCHOOLS and these youngsters will not roam the streets and make trouble.


  4. Warning
    Week ago Jews in BoroPark “rioted” against the police. From an inside source:
    This past Shevuos the cops were ready for revenge. They planned on raiding the shuls in BoroPark for violating guidelines and emptying and closing them in middle of davening. This plan was thwarted when they had to redeploy becaus eof the major riots taking place elsewhere in the city.
    They haven’t forgotten. Recall that after some bogwig cos got busted for taking bribes from the Jews plenty of Jews were ticketed for “driving while Jewish”. It will happen again. they will be looking to “even the score”.

    • These protests show us that every person has something important to him. That would make him break the lockdown and social distancing rules. I wonder what’s gonna get the yeKes out of their basement

    • That probably answers why we haven’t heard a peep out of 2 Boro Park representatives, Kalman Yeger and Simcha Eichenstein. Nothing regarding small businesses opening. Nothing about the discrimination against our batei knisiyus. I’m very disappointed in their lack of performance. Other ethnic groups, their elected officials speak up loud and clear for their needs and desires. By us, nothing, gornisht. Shh shh zei shtill. We’re in galus. You’re not allowed to speak out. The goyim will hate us. Just take it on the chin. Just be contrite and enter the cattle cars. Showers will be given upon arrival. Shhh. Why do we pay their salaries? What do they do for us?! Anyone???

  5. These protests show us that every person has something important to him. That would make him break the lockdown and social distancing rules. I wonder what’s gonna get the yeKes out of their basement


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