Police In New Jersey Praised For Marching In Floyd Protests


CAMDEN , NJ (AP) – Police officers in one of New Jersey’s largest and most violent cities were praised on social media for marching alongside protesters in rallies held this weekend over George Floyd’s death.

Camden County Police Chief Joe Wysocki, who has been working in the city for decades, joined the front line of a march in Camden on Saturday afternoon, sporting his uniform, a protective face mask and a peace sign.

”Yesterday was another example of our ongoing engagement, and a very real dialogue, that we are having with residents throughout Camden that has made our agency part of the fabric of this city,” Wysocki said in an emailed statement to The Associated Press.

Since Camden’s police force disbanded and reformed in 2013 as a county agency, officers there have been hyper-focused on community policing. It’s not strange to see them on walking beats or attending neighborhood block parties like the one Saturday night where two officers grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs.

“We know that together we are stronger, we know that together, in the city of Camden, we can create a space where policing is focused on deescalation and dialogue,” Wysocki said.

Protests have been held for days in cities all over the United States in response to Floyd’s death. Floyd, who was black, died Monday after a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck until he stopped breathing.

On Saturday night, peaceful protests turned violent in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Store windows were smashed and items were stolen, police cars were set on fire. Both police officers and civilians suffered serious injuries.

There were other instances of police solidarity throughout the U.S. widely shared on social media.

Marchers in Flint, Michigan, arrived at a police station where Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson — responding to chants of “Walk with us! Walk with us!” — said, “Come on!” and joined the protest.

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  1. As a strong police & low enforcement supporter I have to say this time I strongly & forcefully condemn that bad apple that killed mr Floyd , I am sure any decent person that watched the clip will come to same conclusion

  2. The TL cops are marching here, kneeling at other sites, even as a black federal officer was slain in Cali. A craven country with craven politicians and craven cops.
    So what you say, you unzere sharfe kupps ??
    A bruch.!! Innocent store owners being robbed and beaten , and the stinking TLers giving in to criminals.

  3. Support for the hooligans is going mainstream, except for when they start destroying THEIR property.
    It’s burning. People with legal guns are alert and waiting. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.


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