Steep Rise In Infection After Israel Opens Schools

A picture shows the entrance to the Paula Rehavia high school in Jerusalem on May 31, 2020.The school has been closed after eleven students and seven staff members have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ??? ??? ????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In an urgent press conference convened during the course of Shavuot, Prime Minister Netanyahu and health ministry officials warned that they may have to rethink the opening of the educational system in the wake of a significant rise in infections after schools opened a few weeks ago. The officials exhorted the public to continue to strictly maintain the ministry’s guidelines regarding social interaction.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, who participated in the press conference despite his being religious because he deemed it Pikuach Nefesh (saving lives), said Sunday that there is a five-fold increase in infections in Israel over the past few days.

Most of the infections stemmed from a secular school known as the Jerusalem Gymnasium. 89 pupils and 15 staff members tested positive for the virus. A staff member taught at another school where a pupil also tested positive for the virus and the daughter of another staff member who studied at a third school also tested positive for the virus. All the schools have closed in the meantime and the pupils have been isolated.

However there were also some cases within the Chareidi community. After Telzstone was declared “corona-free”, a Yeshiva student studying there tested positive, although he is not a resident of the town. In another Telzstone Yeshiva, eight students tested positive after one of them who was part of a “capsule”- a closed group of students studying together and apart from the other capsules – contracted the virus from his sister.

In Kiryat Sefer, a second-grade boy tested positive and his classmates were ordered to isolate themselves.

In Ponovezh which only restarted studies last week, a student in one capsule tested positive for coronavirus. His capsule will remain in isolation.


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  1. Our very stable genius EDUCATED told us that children don’t spread the virus. Bibi, Mosad etc are UnEDUCATED Zionim against the EDUCATED Chassidim in Brooklyn. Governor COUMO. Please don’t open schools. Let the EDUCATED teach their own kids instead of posting all day on every issue they have no understanding at all.

    • I never heard anyone saying that children can’t spread the virus on the Contrary they’re saying that they will have it not even know it and spread it to the elderly’s

    • Educated Archy May 27, 2020 7:02 pm at 7:02 pm
      well said. people don’t realize that the “new patients” testing postive are those whom two months ago were turned away . People like me who had mild symptoms BH and were not allowed to take tests. I can’t say there are “no new crtical” cases but its far lower than its 1k total

      Bigger scam that beaches come before a childs educaton. How stupid can we be? Why are we so complacent? Where are our askanim? Whats this paranioa about schools? Data shows kids do NOT transmit covid. With numbers this low what’s the problem? How can you open the economy before schools? We need string askanim to right this. sue the govt, talk to trump. This crazyiness needs to end

      • Emily Oster, economics professor at Brown University, author of several books and creator of the website COVID-Explained,

        Do your research . Data shows kids do NOT spread virus . Stop your fake news and lies . These are facts

        Now what Happened in Israel ? Guess what an adult a teacher came and spread it to kids . Kids didn’t spread it past them . Kids are not spreaders .

        Here is the point , you can’t keep an economy locked down forever or the streets will look like Minneapolis. Now adults should be able to keep rules . Kids can’t keep rules . The argument against schools are since kids won’t keep rules we can’t open . You don’t social distant kids . To that I say who cares kids won’t spread it . Now can adults pose a danger ? Sure . But society at a point needs to trust adults and can’t function without that . Yes there will be adult mess ups .

        Bow Phineas before you spew the same nonsense 100 times , let me repeat it, kids are not spreaders , adults are . Schools must reopen and adults need to act responsibly

  2. This worrisome, but expected. Children are more able to withstand this disease. Let us keep an eye on this and hope that this does not lead to deaths.

    • Please dont drink Lysol or take that hydrox… Its tested and killed people. Kiryas Yoel is a Chassidic Town where you go to the Rebbe or the Kever of the late Rebbe or to Daven (or buy the best take out food outside of ny) not to learn SCIENCE . That you need to go to a University or except the Medical Society’s opinion including Trumps Govt CDD who ruled that it does not help and can kill people.

  3. just gave away your level of scholarship.i used to think that what you knew was from the arnold fine article of i remember when.didnt realize how well read and educated you are


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