New Video-Angle: As Three Police Officers Kneel On Him, George Floyd Begs: ‘Please, I Can’t Breathe’


MINNEAPOLIS (VINnews) — Videos released on social media have demonstrated that not one but three policemen kneeled on George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis last week and seemingly caused his death. A fourth policeman is seen watching the scene but did not intervene to save Floyd’s life.

The clips show Floyd face down on the ground with three policemen kneeling on top of him including one kneeling on his neck. Floyd can be heard saying weakly “I can’t breathe” and “please let me stand.”

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder in the case but demonstrators nationwide are demanding that the other policemen involved also be placed on trial for murder.


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  1. It’s terrible what they did to him.
    But these animals have zero right to destroy and burn down the county.
    These leftist mayors are cowards and mush he help accountable.

    • You mean Maxine Waters. She said people should go attack WHITE Republicans when they go out to restaurants. You should gather on the front lawn of Republicans. Etc…

    • You evil liar, there is nothing in Trump’s tweets inciting anyone to kill. On the contrary, he’s calling for the riots and killings to be stopped. Cite one – just one – statement that you think says anything to the contrary; you can’t, because all you know how to do is to keep lying, like your heroes the Nazis.

  2. Terrible. Even if Mr. Floyd was a violent criminal (which he wasn’t) with a violent history (which he does not have) and just committed a violent crime (which he did not), that would still not justify his murder.
    This was a murder, plain and simple. These “police officers” need to be held fully accountable for their horrendous deed.

    • I agree. However, it does not give the others who are violently protesting the right to take it out on innocent people and businesses. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  3. I agree with oberchuchem , the protesting should have only been towards the precincts and other federal govt buildings where mayors and governors work !!


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