President Trump Threatens To Deploy United States Military Unless States Halt Violent Protests


WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid racial unrest across the nation, President Donald Trump on Monday declared himself “the president of law and order” and threatened to deploy the United States military to American cities to quell a rise of violent protests.

As Trump spoke, an incredible TV split screen developed around the White House. While he addressed the nation in the White House’s idyllic Rose Garden, a series of military vehicles rolled out front on Pennsylvania Avenue and military police and law enforcement clashed with protesters at Lafayette Park.

Those peaceful demonstrators were cleared so Trump could walk across the park to St. John’s Episcopal Church, known as “The Church of the Presidents,” which suffered fire damage in a protest this week. Holding a Bible, he then stood with several of his Cabinet members as the cameras clicked.

“We have the greatest country in the world,” Trump declared. “We’re going to keep it safe.”

Trump said he would mobilize “thousands and thousands” of soldiers to keep the peace if governors did not use the National Guard to shut down the protests. Loud tear gas explosions could be heard as authorities moved what appeared to be peaceful protests in the park. The escalation came just after Attorney General William Barr came to the park to to survey the demonstrators.

According to senior defense officials, between 600 and 800 National Guard members from five states were being sent to Washington to provide assistance. Those troops were either already on the ground or will arrive by midnight.

Under the Civil War-era Posse Comitatus Act, federal troops are prohibited from performing domestic law enforcement actions such as making arrests, seizing property or searching people. In extreme cases, however, the president can invoke the Insurrection Act, also from the Civil War, which allows the use of active-duty or National Guard troops for law enforcement.

The officials said that some of the National Guard in D.C. will be armed and others will not. They said that the D.C. guard members do not have non-lethal weapons. The military police that are visible in the city are members of the Guard.

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  1. Thank you, Mr.. President.
    You rock.
    Evil Demonrats are allowing the mob to do whatever they want, even destroying black people’s property.

      • You should actually read the act. Under the insurrection act, the state police, the local police and the state’s National Guard must be over run and the states must not have any more lines of defense before a president can use the insurrection act to mobilize the military on US soil against American citizens.

        The fact that Trump says that the states need to step up just invalidated any rationale for using the act because he admitted that the states can do more.

        • Also if states are unable to safeguard its inhabitants’ civil rights which by them allowing these rioters to attack people and property and loot and destroy businesses is covered by that.

  2. Good, if the democrat run cities and states won’t restore order the President will.
    Remember these protests are only in democrat run cities and states.
    Minneapolis is Democrat run, the last Republican mayor left office in 1961this exclude a Republican who was mayor for a day in 1973.
    Most of these killings of unarmed black men are in democrat run cities.

  3. Of course he can. He’s commander in chief of the armed forces plus he can nationalize and federalize the National Guard.
    He’ll do it.
    He’ll stand up for the American people.

  4. We need to end unemployment and govt programs while hiring people to work for the govt and reopen schools . If you want food or money you need to work . Once these people are starving they won’t have time to loot .
    Alternatively anyone caught acting violent gets all their programs and unemployment confiscated. They will learn their lesson

    • That is what FDR did during the New Deal. He created jobs rebuilding america, building infrastructure in places that didn’t have running water and electricity and built out the public parks and monuments. He created unemployment but most were working for the government. There were significantly less riots in DC and elsewhere after he did that.

      I am no fan of Trump but if he did something like that he would be lauded as one of the best presidents in history — I would be amongst them.

      • If you have been reading my comment you’d see that I am actually now a fan of FDR. FDR would be a conservative today. I say no more employment. No free money. The only way to get money is to work for the govt. Let the govt goon a hiring spree. Hire more teachers , road workers, tracers, hospital staff etc… No more unemployment. You want money work. If you work you won’t loot.

    • Right. They will starve. And then they’ll learn their lesson and be good boys and girls.
      They will starve. And then they’ll teach YOU a lesson.
      Beware of unintended consequences.
      But you know that. You’re “edumacated”

    • Agreed, but also take away the programs from those who violated social distancing and shutdown rules. 100,000+ dead from coronavirus makes a few vehicles and stores looted seem small potatoes.

  5. Trump is the man who will solve this mayhem . He will put and end to the rioting and violence and he will stop POLICE BRUTALITY FOR EVER . TRUMP 2020 !! TRUMP 2020 !! TRUMP FOREVER !!!!!!!

  6. In 1967, Lyndon Johnson sent federal troops to Detroit, to assist law enforcement during a large riot. In 1992, federal troops were sent to L.A. to also assist local law enforcement following a riot.


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