Boro Park: Suspect Apprehended After Vandalizing Synagogue [VIDEO]


BORO PARK (VINnews) — A suspect was apprehended on Monday evening after vandalizing a Boro Park synagogue.

Video footage released by Boro Park Shmira shows a male turn a street corner at approximately 11:00 PM on Monday. The individual is wearing a cap and a mask, which leave his face obscured. In his hand appears to be a white bag.

The man stops in front of Cong. Zichron Chaim Shia Sorvosh, located at 15th Ave and 53rd Street.

He reaches into the bag, pulls out an object and throws it forcefully at the building, leaving some glass shattered. He then runs off.

With the help of Boro Park Shmira, the NYPD apprehended the suspect shortly after, on 15th Ave and 39th Street.

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  1. What is with all the neo-nazis (the folks Trump called fine people) using these protests to engage in violence?

    • I have seen many black people involve din the mayhem. I have heard mass media refer to agitators but nobody has ever seen them. A NYPD vehicle was involved in an incident where a black Lawyer and another Lawyer with Islamic names tried to cause an explosion. I did not verify their Neo-nazi background.

    • Liar these are all leftist Democrats Antifa terrorists, whom all the democrats support.

    • The only cities burning are all Democrat run, many for decades and when President Trump threatens to send in the military to end this violence you and the rest of the democrats and their propagandist media call him a dictator. Democarts are the only party with actual proufld anti israel jew haters in congress tehy are the only party with BDS supporters in congress and the only party that supports banning religious freedom.

    • Ain’t it amazing how suddenly every white person is not only a Trump supporter but a neo-Nazi? You know, if that were the case, you’d be in fear for your life, considering that about 75% of the country is white. But of course you yourself don’t believe a word you write, and know good and well that there’s just as much chance (more so, probably) that the guy is a Bernie Bro, who after all have a history of violence (shooting at congressmen, for example). Not that you’d ever admit it.

  2. When
    Mayors and governors think more about the rights of revolutionary terrorists then hard working Americans we have a real problem. And yes they’re All democrats
    Police are shot police stations fire bombed and nothing’s done this country is finished

  3. He will only be charged for the plastic bag as rioting and looting is allowed by the criminal loving DeBozo

  4. looks like Rodef Archy if you ask me. Maybe this shul didn’t give him the “taam” he was looking for. Or maybe worse – they wanted him to look after his own children – you can see why he would be so mad.

    • Archy, if you’re reading this, a word of advice: get a restraining order against this fellow. The way he’s so obsessed with you, sooner or later he’s going to crawl out of his basement and try something.


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