Former Assemblyman Hikind Calling on Jews To Attend Solidarity Rally For Floyd


BROOKLYN (VINnews) – Former NY Jewish Assemblyman Dov Hikind is calling on fellow Jews to attend a solidarity march in support of the Floyd family & black community

In his tweet, Hikind says “I’m calling on Jews & fellow New Yorkers to join us this Sunday”. “Regardless of politics, every human life has to be held as precious or we’re all in danger!”

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    • Well said . We need to make it clear that trump has done more for people of color than many other presidents.

      Whether it’s prison reform , low unemployment Or even ideas to offer tax abatement For developers who built up low income communities. We should hold signs saying Trump supporters sypmthasize with you

      • Actually we do NOT support Trump. He is the most racist President since Trump, the most personally immoral since Harding, the most venal and corrupt ever, and the most incompetent ever. Oh and no President ever had given support to Nazis and no President since Tyler to Confederates. He is dividing the country and trying to become a dictator.

        Unemployment is now at the highest levels in 80 years. The tax breaks went to his cronies. Israel is in the worst strategic position it has been in in decades, US foreign policy is subordinate to Russian interests, we have a pandemic that has killed over a hundred thousand Americans, and just three days ago he gassed peaceful protesters and illegally seized a church.

        Wake up before it is too late. Italian Jews supported Mussolini. You may end up like them if we don’t replace Trump.

        • Actually 90% of us from
          Torah Jews support trump.
          You are in the minority despite the ten screen names you hide under .

          I love how you say Israel in the worse postotin ever . Abbas yonach Shimo
          Surely disagrees with you . He hates trump more than you do . Aside for the embassy , the idea of annexation wasn’t a thought before trump

        • Charlles B Hall, you either work for the media, a blind Dem, or have drunk the liberal kool-aid. Everything you have written is baseless and hate.

          • We dont give credit daily or hourly. Will see at the end of his term (ij”H 5 more months) and will compare it with Obama. He will not get even close to Obama who increased the Dow by 270% and decreased unemployment by 50% If Trump will do 1/2 as good I will give him 1/2 credit. At the best he likely will show Stock gains maybe 40-45% (less than a quarter as good as Obama did) Unemploymen ? He will be lucky to be at the same level when he took over, more likely he will be much worse. (unlike Obama who reduced it by 50%)

        • This whole post is nonsense and I despise the leftist trump.

          Jimmy Carter supported the confederates much more than trump,
          Trump did what exactly? Say that those marching to keep Confederate statues were good people.
          Jimmy Carter pardoned the unrepentant Confederate president Jefferson Davis!

      • “Low unemployment”? Best laugh in a year. Are you posting from the Levoneh? Mars? Unemployment is the Highest in the HISTORY of the USA.

        • Silly stupidity .

          The unemployment now is due to natural causes . You can’t pin trump on that .

          Right before the virus unemployment was at its lowest ever in the USA and for blacks too.

          Furthermore did you see the stock market today ? They believe it will all swing back

      • If you want Camps to open, yeshivas to open etc every single yid should go. Dov Hikind understands politics a little more than Educate, Educated Boro Parker and other genius posters. Politics is give and take. Compromise. We want something. The Liberals want something else. COMPROMISE. If we want them to support our causes (Minyanim, Mikvoajs, Yeshivos etc) We need to support their causes. We have one voice in City Hall and State Senate. They have much more. As its clearly demonstrated in the past few months President Trump could do absolutly nothing for us. Governor COUMO can. If you openly dont support the Liberal causes in NY do not expect them to listen to us.

        • Did I say I don’t support the peaceful legal protests ? Gezunta heit . I get it lman hashalom join people of color. It’s to our benefit .

          Trump did nothing for us ? First of all Cuomo had Jared in his speed dial
          And got whatever hospital essentials he needed bypassing the Incompetent bureaucratic federal government whom Trump can’t revamp overnight .
          Second who got Shuls open ?

          • “peaceful legal protests) Great we agree . See you on Sunday. I will wear a Black Hat (bentdown like a Lutvak) white shirt and a Black chasidishe suit. How do I recognize you. Do you look like in the picture? or thats fake too like the education?

        • all of the above commentators are nuts – President Trump has done more for Americans than his predecessor until CHINA SENT THEM THE VIRUS.!!!

          Unemployment was way down until then – created MILLIONS of jobs – helped all LEGAL CITIZENS with benefits, etc. UNTIL CHINA SENT AMERICA THE VIRUS

          wait and see when this virus vanishes within two months the economy is going to be GREAT AGAIN

          • Dream on. Cant change the Facts. “Its a HOAX” Will go away in 10 days” NO ONE will die etc. He could have stopped the virus (like Israel and many other country’s did) More people died in Boro Park population a few thousand than in Israel where 9 million live, keyn Yirbu. Theeir economy is back. Ours in shambles. He owns this. It might have started in China(some claim it started in the USA and was hidden) either way We have more dead and worse economy than any other Nation. In the USA is TRUMPVIRUS he likes it or not. His actions and inactions caused this MAGAyfo. The daily demonstration was caused by Trump giving 600-900/week to them more than they earned before. He was hoping they will vote for him. His ego personally signed the checks. (Never happened before) It backfired on him. They have all the time (and Money) to be on the Street. Its not a good art of the deal.

          • “When this virus vanishes within 2 months ..will be GREAT AGAIN” YES. Agreed. IJ”H by November-Dec this virus will vanish and by end of January the USA will Be Great Again with President Biden and the Democrats Controlled Senate, House and SCOTUS. They will need to nominate 2-4 new SCOTUS Justices to balance the power illegally grabbed by Trump and McConnel.

          • you’re full of it. obama dropped the unemployment from 10% down to 4%. and along comes the putz and gets it down to 3.8%. whoopdeedoo.

      • We all need to go and protest. If we are silent about gasing silent protesters and calling in the military against lawfully protesting civilians its a matter of time before the military will be called to close all our shuls stores yeshivos illegaly open. No one knows who will be the next POTUS , Governor or mayor especially in a Liberal city like NY. Its not so hard to imagine troops called against Illegal activitys in Yeshivas etc. (Its done all day every day in every chareidy community from Lakewood, Bp, Wili etc) We are complaining the Sheriff Dept quitly closing Stores in BP Willi for braking the lawa nd watching people gassed in Washington for peacfully demonstrating . If we dont demonstrate against this wery soon we can have gassed shuls, yeshivos etc R”L. Unfortunatly we all know from history that the troops will enjoy it even more than against their people. Dov understands this.

    • We have to make sure its against TROOPS firing gas against civilians. If Trump allowed to do it , it will set a precedent for the Next POTUS to do it to Us. Opening a Store is aganst the Law today. Standing in front of the White Hose on a public Park/Street is Legal. Australian Journalists were gassed on a public Street without any warning. Tanks on 13 th Ave could be next even without braking the law (like we do it today) if we dont join and help them to stop this.

  1. Black lives matter and Antifa are violent leftists groups. Did anyone ask daas Torah if it’s wise to align with our enemies. Which Rav came out that we should join such causes. The person your making into a hero is a career criminal who spent five years in jail for making holdups and robberies. Sick people. Maybe some Jews love being victims and attacked. I don’t. Dump democTATs.

    • No, he wasn’t a career criminal in the sense that his youth was anything but criminal. ESPN has an article on George Floyd and he was a 2 sport athlete in high school. He was an excellent basketball player and a fair football tight end. He didn’t enjoy football, he didn’t enjoy getting tackled, so much for being a career violent person. He went to college and played basketball on scholarship. Instead of dragging him through dirt and muck to give credibility to the incredulous press corps in the U.S., ask how he went from an athlete with potential, to handcuffed on the ground in Minneapolis. Similar to youth today when they don’t meet the “exacting” standards of school administrations, it appears George got dumped and left for dead long before he died. George’s years seem to come in two halves and if we only focus on the second half (which fits the narrative of all the ignorant, rabid, and callous) we missed a great deal about him. He had a life that mattered as a youth, he was an influencer to his peers and younger men. The elitist, arrogant, palsied, system which is led by those who can’t do, so they teach, threw George under a bus. I believe, Democrat or Republican, these repugnant, self-centered, self-promoting, pocket-stuffing miscreants should be dumped. However, they are our representatives and in that light we should thing about dumping our own misguided mirror images.

    • If any Jew were to be murdered by police you would be rioting. And you would be even more incensed when an anti-Semite points out that the victim did not live a sinless life.

      Summary executions are what happens in totalitarian societies. That is never good for Jews. Do not pretend that you will not suffer from this budding dictatorship.

      • BsS. You are talking like the US is ethnically cleansing blacks and that is only happening because more black babies are aborted by planned parenthood then born alive. Ask yourselves which political party is pero life and which one is pro aborting including “aborting” new born babies.

        • I’m a religious Jew. I follow the Torah, ni empty politicpolitical movements. I am for the government,not for chaos and anarchy. I’m not and will never be for the so called Antifacists because they are fascists themselves. May HaKadosh BaruchHu continue blessing Donald J Trump until 120 in good health. He is the greatest President of the United States in modern history. As a latino immigrant and as an orthodox Jew I will continue to support him and I’m planning to vote for him in the next election. Antifa can go jump in a lake.

        • “As a latino immigrant and as an orthodox Jew” Ha Ha Ha. You just gave your REAL identity away. FYI: Mr Evangelist , Latino, Orthodox whatever you are its OK. In ISRAEL, Eretz Yisroel if you know what that means with a Chief Rabbinate who controls marriages and all aspect of religion. ABORTION is Legal just like the Democrats Platform in the USA. You are parroting Evangelist propaganda. We Jews stand for life. The mothers life always comes before the unborn baby. There are app. 20.000 Abortion in Israel a year Equals app close to a million in the USA as a % of population. Fersteist?

          • the rambam paskens that abortion is murder, the only heter in modern times would be if the mother’s life is in jeopardy.
            R Menacham Zembia in the warsaw ghetto paskend that since abortion is murder, a doctor who was ordered to preform an abortion or he would be shot, had to give up his life because it is yehorag veal yaavor

      • In 1978 the hasidic community overran the 66pct,
        in 1999 the hasidic community rioted because pd shot a fellow jew
        Both these actions caused changes in policing the community.

    • We are Antifa. Antifa stands for Anti Fascist. We Yiden should Hold ANTIFAscist signs at the demonstrations. Trumps MAGA followers are our enemy’s. No Good people on both sides. Antifa is Good and Anti Antifa Neo Nazis murderers with anti Jewish slogans are not good.

    • This is not funny at all. For 2 months you were for Davening with a porch Minyan FORBIDDEN by every Single Posek from Agudah, OU, CRC, and All Chassidish rebbes. Not a single POSEK openly permited it. Now you want a POSEK to walk on Ocean Parkway? This COVID really defected your mind. Get some help soon. Walking on Ocean Parkway needs a POSEK?

    • Sorry sir, who exactly is daas Torah today? We don’t even have 2 rabbis that agree on ANYTHING. If they were daas Torah then they would read THAT Torah & come out with a unified voice. Something we are sorely missing today. I am not bashing Rabbonim. Just opening your eyes

  2. Attend and Demanding what? End to capitalism? End to western bourgeois values? End to religion? End to America as a superpower? Because that is what these cretins stand for. All right thinking peoples should reject these ridiculous protests. Saint Floyd’s death was an accident. He was not murdered but a victim of aggressive policing due to his ardent resist and of arrest. Don’t go!!!!

    • Watch the video. This was murder as clear as ever. A man lying face down on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind his back had three officers holding his body down while a fourth kept his knee of his neck for 8 minutes which killed him. He is lying there prone doing nothing other than crying he can’t breathe and calling for his mother. If you are not horrified by the police actions here, you are a sick person. Makes no difference the victim’s color or what he did or did not do before; what happened was murder by the police. How many of our relatives in Europe were killed by police who were allowed to do what they wanted? Keep silent now and who will care when they come for you? The President calls George Flyod’s death a tragedy. Getting bone spurs is a tragedy, this was an horrific atrocity.

      • “First they came for..this was an horrific atrocity” more like a Neo-Nazi execution by White Supremacist of a minority. If we stand silent in this Hashem Yerachem. We are a much smaller Minority than the Blacks.

    • In all fairness Floyd was mentally Ill and Autistic . You can’t say his guilty and he did not deserve to die .

      The cops are known to be animals like the ones who patrol 13th ave for silly irrelevant social distance laws. Or willasmburg to throw little kids out of parks .

      However, enough is enough. They made their point and need do go back to work and school . How long will you carry on for already ?

      • Maybe if the President did not order his troops to commit an assault on people peacefully protesting so he can get a photo op with a book he never read, and he came out and called for healing after this horrific atrocity (rather than using tamer words to describe this murder than he uses when the Press write a story he does not like) maybe then things can calm down. Instead he takes action to show that people’s rights do not mean anything to him (unless they are Nazis showing off their 2nd amendment rights).

        This President is evil and needs to go.

        As to the looting and rioting, there are tens of thousands of people protesting this actively and millions more supporting the protest of this. A relative handful are engaging in rioting and looting. And even the rioting has some support, because when the President assaults peaceful protesters, why should people not break the law? Following it gets you assaulted. What about the numerous attacks by police on media (my bet the damages the government will need to pay for violating the first amendment will cost a lot more than all the damage caused by rioters and looters). This is just a follow-up of Trump’s calls to assault the media at his campaign events.

        The President wants law and order, maybe he should abide by the law himself. Saying everyone you don’t agree with deserves to be shot or beaten up is not making us better.

      • If you think the “Cops are animals for what they did in Wili, BP” please spend a few minutes to watch what the Tropps did to People standing in the Park in DC. If We dont want to have troops gassing us in BP we need to Demonstrate before its too late. Peacefully closing shuls and parks is nothing like tanks, rubber bullets against civilians we witnessing under MAGA

    • Two independent autopsy reports concluded that this was a homicide. Where did you go to medical school and where did you do your postgraduate medical education in forensic pathology that enables you to disagree?

      There are a lot of racist anti-Semitic cops out there. If something is not done there will be Jewish George Floyds. And you will be complicit.

    • Attend and demand END OF RACISM . We are saying no to MAGA (Blacks and Jews not allowed in the good old days)

      people with names like John or Smithson are clearly not Jewish (Evangelists or maybe even White Supermacist or both) therefore they cant even understand what we went through. Dov Hikind proved for many many years his love for Israel and American Jews. He attended many of Rabbi Kahanes rallies etc . Its your choice listen to Dov Hikind who spent his life for Israel, Russian Jews and his Jewish constituents or listen to John Smithson the 3rd.

      • Let’s be clear here , Trump is no racist . Maga is not racism . Trump has never harmed the African American community . Anti Muslim and Latinos ? Yes But never any anti black comments . Not one tweet .

        Just curious which rally you attended big talker

    • “Attend and demand” the END OF WHITE Nationalism, Fascism, MAGA, ANTI-Semitism. “Attend and Demand” against troops called against demonstrators (tomorrow it will be against Jews) 4 years of MAGA and Antisemmitism is the highest in the USA history. It doesnt matter If MAGA people murdering Jews in Pittsburgh or Blacks in NJ , the end resulta are the same. MAGA = Antesemmitic attacks against Jews. Blame on anyone you fell like Facts are Facts. Al of this Antisemitism, Division, Demonstrations, violance is caused by MAGA The way the Police in Minneapolis acted was a clear MAGA act. It was done the same way in the Good Old Days in the USA. Blacks and Jews were not allowed. If we allow MAGA acts against blacks no one will stand up for MAGA acts aginst the Jews.

    • Wrong, Smithson, his death was not an “accident”. He was not resisting arrest in the last few minutes of his life, and begged for his life. The four cops who were involved will be very old men when they get out of jail, provided that they ever get out of jail, which I doubt. If the state of Minnesota doesn’t succeed, the feds will get them. In 1999, when the vicious, brutal cops in Boro Park shot dead a Chassidic man, who was holding a hammer (and not advancing towards them, as they had blinded him with mace), the Jews in Boro Park should have demonstrated at that time. However, they were silent. As a result, seven years later, in 2006, the cops came back to Boro Park, and beat the heck out of more Jews, as well as pulling beards off frum Jews.

      Now is the time once and for all to protest brutal and aggressive cops. Incidentally, Smithson, just because someone resists arrest, doesn’t mean that he/she has to be sentenced to death.

    • Defending CAPITALISM, Demand end of Fascism, SECRET POLICE etc. Just watch the Videos in DC . Black Uniformed People with Guns without any identification or badges. SECRET POLICE like in the USSR. Putins Soldiers defending Trump? Who were they? Private Army of Billioners defending their BOSS? CAPITALISM does not need secret police. We have an open stock market and trades openly ever single day. Same with Elections. Same with Police, Army, Navy,FBI,POLICE etc. In capitalism the Police have BADGES with names etc. Only in China, No Korea and of course Russia have Secret Police attacking people. Were they Govt approved or private missionerys. We will never know.

  3. DemocRATs that is.
    And I wonder wonder if all the askunim who supported hillarey,shumer and Nadler and Deblasio and cuomo will join the rioters.

    • Truman I guess must have a hidden right winger by recognizing Israel. In 1948 Israel was defended by paLMACH and haganah. All right wing advocates. Luckily Truman was a demorat

  4. I’m sorry but when it comes to marching dov hikind isn’t my posek and he shouldn’t be anyone else’s either!

    Why would we want to march with a bunch of vile anti-semites who have joined this latest cause? Generally speaking we can talk about the lowest end of society. Why join with them. Besides, we only saw a 9-minute video and parts of what was going on, we did not see everything. We as yidden should be looking for full evidence not just what happened to be seen on the video.

    The DA in Minnesota just up the charges, charges which are very hard to convince the jury of 12 of, but he thinks he’s going to do it. I say the officer will get off and then we have more riots from these animals.

    • At which minute of the 9 minutes you watched of 3 police officers holding a prone man down who is doing nothing with the 4th with a knee on his neck, were you still unsure you just watched an execution by the cops?

      The charges for at least the guy with the knee on the neck, I would not be surprised get upped to first degree murder. He is a police officer who should have received training in use of force to restrain someone. To not know that putting your knee on the neck like that, especially for that long, is not a risk to life, is just not okay. When you are given a uniform it comes with a responsibility. This officer was criminally reckless in his actions and should sit in jail for life, if not be given the death penalty. The accomplices should also sit in jail. No police officer should ever think in a situation as clear as this one, that improper use of force is okay.

      • In Jersey City they cheered on the massacre and blamed the Jews. Don’t give me your garbage that they just didn’t have the proper outlet to emphasize with us. The blacks are NOT our friends. Just ask the yidden in CH and willy about the countless attacks from them.

      • This protest is not about an individual murder which is being dealt with by the law. This protest is about systemic racism, defunding the police, free Palestine, abolish ICE and other left wing garbage.

        I have not seen a single protest on the brutal murder of retired St. Louis Police captain David Dorn who also happens to be black. I guess not all black lives matter; only those that were killed by a cop matter.

  5. Black lives matter are anti Israel. So all you phoney politicians kissing up to them don’t cry when these democRATs want to give Iran support so they can kill six million plus Israeli jews. Shame

    • No one is more PRO ISRAEL than Dov Hikind. Go back to your Boro Park the Neturei Karte Headquarter. Just watch all the Videos in 13th ave in Boro Park . 99% Anti Israel Chareidim with Pupkes on their Sheitl etc. Thy had a Motorcade of their Rebbe going to Israel for Anti-Israel politics. Israeli Knesset Membesr wanted to arrest them on arrival. They are doing more damage to Israel than Iran any time. The enemy within. Dov Hikind is a Melech of Jews in the USA and you and fellow Boro Parkers are traitors.

  6. Floyd was a violent criminal who had over 30 arrests. Any affiliation with his cause will be a wink and a nod that you condone such type of wicked behavior. Stay far away from such demonstrations.

    • Nothing Floyd ever did was a death penalty offense. Minnesota has not had a death penalty for over a century. What the cops did to him was a transgression of secular law and Torah law. You don’t seem to care about either.

  7. Virtue signaling by empty headed fools..These are your leaders. You are in trouble. They will not be there for you once the going gets rough. They have proven that over and over again and again.

    Best to ignore these fools.

    When you are kind to the cruel, you end up being cruel to the kind.

    The police are the only ones who stand between you and the savages.

  8. what right do they have to block main avenues, such as fifth, and main bridges, such as the manhattan bridge?
    did they get a permit?
    i hate the putz, the president, but i agree with him on this. what right do they have to block lafayette square?
    the putz was , hmmm, a putz! for standing at the church with a bible. exactly what was the symbolism there? that he’ s a religious man? dont make me laugh. so what kind of photo op was that, exactly?
    when is the first space flight to mars? i want to be on it!!

      • “WOW LOVE IT” YECHI. Did Trump replace the Rebbe Yechi? I kind of like it. He is definitely Alive and well. YECHI the New Rebbe. When will be the Coronation of the new Rebbe. Gimel Tammuz? in 770? JECHI . Bosi Legani…You have to teach him. YECHI

    • Lafayette Square was not blocked at the time that Trump ordered the gassing of the protesters. There is no place in America that has more protests — every day there is another one.

      And Trump illegally seized a church over the objections of its clergy and the Bishop. If this is not stopped this creates the precedent that allows the seizure of our shuls by any politician who finds us inconvenient. And Trump hypocritically claims to support religious rights!

        • Relax Uneducated Edith and other screen names and lies. Trump Might not seize shuls, he will not live forever. in 5 months or 5 years there is a very high likelihood that some others POTUS will follow in his advice of Secret Police etc seizing people, churches, shuls etc. He sat the precedent and made it normal.

    • That’s a good one Black hats matter. But what if you don’t wear a hat, or you wear a straw hat. Does a black velvet yarmulka count? A kipa sruga with a black hat. That’s an oxymoron. I think Black lives matter crowd is more unified then the Black hat matters crowd.

    • I totally agree , BLACK HATS MATTER , I’m also going with a Black Tie because I think BLACK TIES MATTER . This should not be a ‘ black tie is optional ‘ type of event , but rather a ‘ BLACK TIES ARE MUST ‘ type of event along with the black hat and black tuxedo

  9. At most If you attend you may only attend if all abide by the law . The protest must be only with permits and areas cops say we can stand . If anyone on that group even blacks do not abide by the law , you as a Jew must leave that protest ASAP. We don’t support law breakers.

    Furthermore , anyone at the protest seen looting or
    smashing windows call the viglinaties and demand they shoot To kill those thugs . You as an attendee have a Civic duty to make sure others property are not viciously looted by beasts . Demand those animals get shot dead for their filthy vile acts. The looting is more than stealing . It’s an act of war against all we stand for .

    Peaceful protests yes support the protestors . Violence or looting we need to support shooting them to kill

    • “We don’t support Law brakes” Ha ha ha . for 2 months daily you are inciting right here to brake the law. You called it a duty. I forgot the name you gave ? Civil Disobedience or something like that.

    • “You may only attend if…” Who are you to tell us what we “MAY’ do or not. You are clearly not my Mom. Not DAAS Torah (You davend with a Minyan against the Daas Torah) You are not The POTUS (You are Educated he is clearly not) WHO ARE YOU to ntell us what to do. Are you the Secret Police with the Machine Guns who protected the POTUS in DC? Well ? What will you do if we dont do as youur order? Close the Yeshivas for Good. Stop Bris , Close Shuls and Camps forever, Close Jewish owned Stores? “””You may only attend if abide by law”” Rabajsay be Carefull and listen to Educated. Store Closing is just the begining. MAGAnights (by White Supremacist aka Chrystalnachts) wight follow if you will break the Law on this Anti Trump Demonstration.

  10. Hmm so “ every human life has to be held as precious or we’re all in danger!”….is THAT the reason where protesting here? Is George Floyd the first human life to be taken before it’s time for no reason?…. Or are we maybe just protesting because it’s the “in” thing to do?….Just some food for thought…

    • Its the “in” thing. Like all the other “in” things: Black hat, white shirt, kipah srugah, Neturei Karte, Meshiachistin, Zionism, Minyan in the Pandemic etc. This “inn” protest has a little more meaning. The Torah states. “Botzelem Elokim nivro hoodom ” G-D created. Men in his image. ALL MEN Includes Blacks, mexicans, White etc are created in Hashems image. MEN = HUMANS (not white shirts, blk hats) So this is probably the most important “Inn” thing discussed here a long time. We are defending HASHEMS G-D’s Tzelem Image . The rest of our discussions were nariuschkeits. Davening in the Pandemic with a Minyan afte Laj Olenu 1000s of yiden died? Facy 100.000+ Chasenes with a 10 men band? Camp for kids instead of staying and learning with parents at home? Really Matters?? Just go out and Demonstrate to defend this POSUK IN THE TORAH. Botzelem elk….What those policmen did to G-ds Immage has to STOP NOW> SCREAM. Dont listen to any Uneducated Nonesence. This is not about Trump. Its about defending our TORAH.

  11. @boruch schechter what in the world are you talking about blaming his arrest on our “exacting” (is that even a word) school system, our school system has literally been lowering the bar year by year in order to help more and more students pass their grades. China on the other hand has literally the most intense schooling in the world and yet while America might not like them they’ve been pretty successful as a nation. And while he certainly did not deserve to be murdered in any way it wasn’t “the system” that forced him to become a criminal he chose to become so himself. Blaming the system is an excuse and a cop out for people not to take responsibility over their own actions.

    • Whatever fits your narrative. Exacting – Definition of exacting
      1: tryingly or unremittingly severe in making demands
      2: requiring careful attention and precision
      Not every school system dummies down and NY’s school system is not an educational system but a glorified baby-sitting service and has been for years, even when I went to public school in the 60’s and 70’s with notable exceptions (that’s a word too). What I said is that somewhere between his youth, where he had demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship and his adulthood, he got dumped and trashed. Many Jewish youth slip through the cracks and it certainly happens in public/private schools. How he became a criminal was a choice, my question is what happened because he didn’t start out that way and was in no way a “career” criminal.
      As far as “blaming the system” I guess being abused by inept, incompetent and completely overwhelmed teeny-boppers and legacy classroom custodians is a cop-out and those people should just quit and grow-up.

  12. Will this demonstration make sure every participant will be at least 6 feet from each other? I don’t want to chas vishalom go against the Rabbonim who stated very emphatically that one who doesn’t practice social distancing is mamesh a rotziach. When the goyim see we are careless, that will only raitz them on even more with their hatred against us. Please, rabbosia, make sure to cover your face with a mask and wear those gloves.

  13. When farrakhan will March against Jews getting assaulted then I’ll join this vigil for this low life thug floyd just like the other thug Eric garner. Pantaleo is my hero.

    • Why is Pantaleo your hero, for choking a man to death for not having a license for selling cigarettes? Do you also support the cop, who in 1997 (in the 70th Precinct Station House), shoved a toilet plunger up a person’s rear end? The cop who did that was sentenced to 30 years, and is still behind bars. His accomplices were also thrown off the force.

        • Hey Triumphinwhitehouse- You are a Meshuganah, with the wrong facts! Abner Louima was standing on his porch, when the cops mistook him for a mugger. He made the error of reaching into his pocket to show them his identification. For that act, they blew him away, by shooting him multiple times; and, every single one of them got away with killing him. They would have been convicted, if the trial was held in NYC. However, their defense Attorneys succeeded in moving the trial to Albany, where the jurors were less sympathetic to the victim.

  14. I had respect and even empathy for blacks until a few days ago. Now, I wish, all these terrorists take a very long walk on a very short bridge. I hate them for what they’ve caused in our beloved country.

    Yimach sh’mom v’zichrom !!!

  15. Floyd was a career criminal. He broke into a woman’s house and put a gun to her stomach and robbed her Jewelery. Nice hero. Let’s stand up and honor this bum.

    • Enough already with this stupid narrative. Yes the second he was killed like that he became a hero.

      Rubashkin was also a criminal. The second he got such an outlandish scentence the priority and the narrative changes.

  16. Dov…1st time I’m going to disagree with you…

    As soon as the “peaceful ” protesters saw that their action is being hijacked by Antifa and others that destroyed, looted and killed….etc… THEY SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED them or if they couldn’t they should have stopped the protests, and found another way to get their message across.

    Since they are still continuing, they are ACCOMPLICES TO ALL THE ILLEGAL ACTS!!

  17. While I don’t condone what happened to that man did we forget what the black community did to support us as we were violently attacked by those in that community and nobody spoke up for us!

    • Yes, they did. I marched on January 5th across the Brooklyn Bridge in the march against Anti-semitism. There were many African-Americans in that march.
      I marched TODAY in support of the African-Americans. I did not see even one frum person (other than my wife and son).

  18. Will be a Kiddush Hashem, regardless. Assemblyman Dov Hikind is a wonderful person & has all good intentions. It is good for the black people to see this that Jews are caring people about others other than theirselves.

  19. Pandering to those who wish you ill will bring you untold misery. There is no kiddish hashem in marching with those who wish us harm.

    G-d doesnt want us to pander to our enemies. The savages are our enemies. They have stated so time and time again.

    Only the police will protect us till such time they are told otherwise. In WWII the police in France Hungary Poland etc etc worked with the Nazis to round up the Jews.

    Today the savages dont care for the police. They dont care for us.

    At this time its best we Jews lay low. Its not our fight. WE have no dog in this fight.

  20. No sane Jew should rally for this anti Semitic black lives matter group. They will one day destroy our communities as they did in the sixties and seventies.

  21. Y do Jews have to get involved. Cuz liberals and antifa decided so y now more than all others like gardner’s death this cop was arrested wait for trial.

  22. I think we who ever has time to go should go and show support , in fact I think the government should declare the day of George Floyd’s death a national federal holiday as strong or stronger than Martin Luther king Day , fourth of july , labor day thanksgiving , new years day and MEMORIAL day !

  23. Charlie Hall ^^^^
    You’re a deranged Trump hater.
    You’re attacking him exactly like the other TDSers who throw verbal bombs without any intelligent reason. Just angry defamatory rhetoric, and we’re not going to take it. We will reelect this man to save our country from people just like you.
    There isn’t a thing Trump has done to be called a racist. That’s the card of the haters. Racism, racist, white superiority , blah blah.
    We love the president who is 2 steps ahead of his worthless depressed enemies.
    That’s why we , the American people , elected him. Tired of the lies, PC attacks. .

  24. Trump ILLEGALY took the church ??
    What the devil are you blabbering about ? This bishop is a left progressive loon catering to her crowd __ Washington swamp creatures who hate Trump because he wants to get rid of them.
    You’re lying Charlie Hall. With a full mouth.

  25. The hero George Floyd was a career criminal. He forced his way into a black pregnant woman’s home and put a gun to her stomach and robbed her jewelery. Only a fool would paint this criminal into a hero. Maybe I should put up pictures of Charles Manson and son of Sam as well as Arafat.

  26. And according to the commentator who said we have to fall in line with liberals in order to have yeshivas open let’s teach same gender studies as the liberals want. Let’s fall in line. Shame

    • Lets bring all signs ” Boro Parkers are effected the most mentally by Coronavirus”(Educated BP is the best example) Hashem punished them the worst in the entire USA for their Sins. Google it Zip 11218

  27. Things were much more peaceful and prosperous when the blacks were gainfully employed working on cotton plantations. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. TRUMP 2020!

    • Thanks JAKE, I am saying this for 4 Years. MAGA = White Supremacist anti Semites” (MAGA TRUMP 2020) Black employed on cotton plantations” Jews and dogs were not allowed. Hello Educated. Read JAKE and remember with whom you are cohots.

  28. Toxicology came back on st Floyd. Fentanyl (heroin derivative) amphetamines and others. The man was whacked out of his mind . 6 ft 5 full of muscle and a known violent felon resisting arrest. He dies of a heart attack from the restraint agreed but he needed restraint.

    • He didn’t need the cops illegally standing on his neck and back, which is against the training they received at the police academy. They had tasers to restrain him. Stop making excuses for those violent, killer cops.

  29. shame on hikind. This guy was a regular criminal off the strret. He is no hero. Yes obviously he didn’t deserve to die the way he did…but hes the farthest thing from a hero.

  30. I understand why Hikind is doing this. You all remember he painted his face black on Purim and published it on his Facebook. Then there was a whole to do in the media. Google it. Now he bends over backwards as if the blacks will kiss up to him. He was also against voting for Trump and spoke against Trump at the debate at the Talmud Torah. All these leaders and politicians are fake.

  31. No way I am going or any other Jew should go. This is a hoax and a way to undermine a Trump and ruin our cities. This man was a criminal and his murderers will get punished. Case over! We should mourn the outstanding 4 black cops who were murdered by these thugs in cold blood.

    • in george floyds case , he and chauvin worked together for a while in the same place . chauvin and george had some type of beef with each other from before when they worked in the same joint . Chauvin knew exactly who he was placing his knee on . He was thinking revenge murder the whole freaking 8 minutes of time .

  32. Careful guys e have this scary buggy man thats gona post your comment for bored souls on his pathetic rockland county FB page. I am frightened

  33. None of you fully understand the situation. Instead of playing the big President Trump should attempted to calm down the situation. he is pa=laying the big President. This is a volatile situation and you need a statesman or someone who can ccalm down the situation which trump is incapable, thugs smugs shooting will only inflame

    • Can’t you see what president bonespurs is trying to do?? He’s trying to stir things up so that he can declare a state of emergency to cancel or postpone the November elections. He knows he can’t get elected with the economy going down the tubes so this is the only way for him to stay. I can almost guarantee that this will happen. Mark my words! Hashem Yerachem!

  34. Dov Hikind finally lost it. We will never be in solidarity with these criminals and they will never be in solidarity with us. Let him use his strengths for doing something positive for our community. Where was he when Mayor Lousio picked on our people. Dov it’s time to hang up.your hat and retire.. Leave us alone

  35. I was actually thinking of going. But tonight I was attacked for no reason in a store and Bh I just ignored and got away safe .

    The people who are the ones attacking & making trouble won’t appreciate that we stand with them.” So why waist my time”

    I will not go.

  36. These protests are ripe with lies. Look at the stats of how many police officers are killed by blacks! Look at how many blacks kill other blacks!!! It’s much easier to be a victim then to look within.

  37. This is the stupidest and most dangerous thing to call for Jews joining the protest. These protesters are overwhelmingly ANTIFA and other anti-Semitic scum. They have no reason to protest. Yes there are some racist cops, but these are individuals. This hefker velt has to stop, we cannot join in nor perpetuate it.

    Not only will most of these overwhelmingly anti-Semitic liberals not change their mind about us just because there are Jews who protest, the police will forgive the black community and Latino community and white communities but they will never forgive us if frum people protest.

    Involving ourselves in non-Jewish fights always brought us grief in the end.

  38. The ny legislature already announced they are going to push a bunch of left wing pro crime laws next week, us going means that we support these laws.

    Ps one of the things that many are trying to legalize is the “racist” law banning streetwalkers.

    Going to this is assur and suicidal

  39. When our cities are ablaze with rioting and looting under the cover of mass protests and civilization is on the brink, it is a grave transgression to ignore this danger to civilization to join a provocative protest over the mishandling of a career criminal who was needlessly killed. Floyd claimed he couldn’t breath earlier when he was standing. It could be he could not breath from a heart attack prompted by the drugs he was on with the stress of arrest. But many arrestees make such claims to escape arrest. Blacks are treated fairly in America. It is evil to march in protest now.

  40. New York is history. As long as you elect sick evil democRATs all the building of big yeshivas in Brooklyn are for nothing. Once the liberal fascist take charge there will be immoral behavior everywhere. Wake up

  41. Everyone come wearing red Trump hats. Chutzpah to make a rally supporting a drug addict,career criminal and a bum. All in one.
    Dov. Meir kahane would spit on you for what your doing. Now we understand how Jews worked with the Nazis against other yidden. Do tsuvah. Cancel the rally. If you don’t your name will be mud.

  42. To my knowledge, in all of the years that VIN has been in existence (about 12 years), I believe that this particular article has received the most postings, which are well over 155 responses! Mazel Tov!

  43. Yep vin has gotten an incredible response. Normal people are fed up with these radical black bums and their liberal cohorts. Now they want to burn down and loot the diamond center. And our foolish politicians cowtow to the liberals.

  44. America may be over soon. It will come down to a black white showdown. As much as we see blacks and liberals rioting,you must remember there are over 150 million whites with a hundred million guns. They won’t stand for this chaos too long and it’s going to be a civil war. I don’t know which country is safer. Israel is dependent on America against the hundreds of millions of Arabs sorrounding them. We may have to run to japan. It’s not far fetched especially as the democRATic party is becoming lefty radical.

  45. “Black Lives Matter” is an organization that advocates for the following: 1. defunding (elimination) of all the police; (because Blacks do not commit crime.) 2. Freeing all political prisoners (anyone who is Black; see 1. above, ipso facto, any Black in prison is a political prisoner). 3. Reparations for ALL Blacks. Continued “living wages” for ALL Blacks; whether they work, or not, because Capitalism and Slavery (which are interwined and evil) built the evil and racist United States, starting 400 years ago in 1619 when the first 30 slaves were brought to this country (see the NY Times 1619 project). 4. Palestinians are the “Brothers” of the Blacks, and Zionism is evil and the State of Israel is an Apartheid State. 5. All Non Blacks are inherently evil and complicit in the subjucation and mistreatment of all Blacks; but none are as bad as the Jews, because they were the Slave merchants who ran the Slave Trade.
    Yeah, let’s march with these intellectual giants and beg them for forgiveness for our past and present sins we perpetrated against them and their ancestors (even though our parents were being murdered by the Nazis and many of their parents were never Slaves; irrelevant).

  46. whether we go to this march or not , it’s gonna take place no matter what . Protesting is gonna keep on going for a long time to come . And if for example , ( this won’t actually happen ) but if BOZO SHMOZO CREEP LOSER JOE BIDEN chas V’shalom somehow becomes president of the United States , there will be endless PROTESTING and RIOTING and LOOTING throughout the entire NATION overthrowing the entire police force , the national guard , and the entire military , which will force LOSER LIAR WORTHLESS BRAINLESS BIDEN out of the White House , and Restoring THE GREAT TRUMP BACK IN so that he can continue MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with making the whole WORLD GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

    • Ha Ha, the fact is the opposite. Trump is a looser. Millions of libereals on the Street. Where are his MAGA People. Nowhere to be seen. They dont exist. It was a HOAX. Paid by Trump. They were paid to travel from one city to another where Trump was holding the rally. (Like the hippies did in the 70’s) Look at old pictures. They were the same people. They disappeared.

      • You know why Trump will win by a hugh landslide. There are millions of fearful democrats who fear the rioters and are seeing the dangerous behavior of the democRATic politicians. I’m willing to bet Trump will win high. The silent majority are tens of millions of Americans not the thousands of protesters.

      • even if it were true ( which I doubt ) , By this time Trump does not need to pay or lure anyone to stand by supporting him , but LOSER BIDEN who is clearly a BRAINLESS LOSER will lose any and all supporters by the time the final elections come around . They will all turn their support to the GREAT TRUMP after seeing BIDEN’S MEEKNESS , WIMPISHNESS , BRAINLESSNESS , FOOLISHNESS , LACK OF LEADERSHIP ABILITY AND PHONINESS !!!!!

  47. Absolutely correct Voice of reason ! ,,, George Floyd is also the gematriah of GOG UMAGOG . ,,, All this protesting and rioting is the beginning of the war of Gog Umagog . ,,, Furthermore ” GEORGE ”
    has two ‘G’s and Minneapolis Minnesota has the ‘M”.

  48. I passed by this rally but I did not see heimisha yidden there. Most were non orthodox or non jewish white hipsters who you see marching around nyc. The crowd was led by a secular jewish lawyer who fights for blacks and seemed to be very excited that there was this march. The sickening thing about this march is they chanted,”no justice no peace” the same chant used when crown heights was attacked with the 1991 pogrom. It was a true shanda.

    • You’re an outright liar!! I was there myself and I’d say most of them were frum yidden. Very few chasidim, but most were middle of the road, Flatbush types. Sure there were modern as well as non-frum yidden, and even some blacks as well. I thought hardly anybody was gonna show up but was surprised that about a couple of hundred were there.

  49. Shall we march for a criminal who was in jail for 5yrs for home invasion and 3 other times for other offenses and tried to pass a fake $20.00 while high on drugs. Is this the person whom we will make a martyr for peace and justice. Is this a joke or what?

  50. Maybe some young potential hoodlums will see what happens to the criminal element and be scared to take that evil route. In the good old days Sanhedrin announced those executed be it for shabbos violations or murderers or homosexuals so that people fear doing capital sins. According to Judaism this Floyd was chayiv Mesa. He violated one of the seven noachide laws of stealing. Not once but many times.

  51. Time will tell . …. TRUMP FOREVER!!!!!!! DEMOCRATS NOT FOR ONE MORE MINUTE!!!!!! BIDEN NOT FOR ONE MORE NANO-SECOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. The good part about the looting especially in manhattan is the democratic fools who would vote democRATic are switching to Trump. They have tremendous fear. There is a silent majority.

  53. The best part of the Floyd thing is that democRATic anti Trump states like new york,California and the rest of the blue states have seen the liberal owned businesses destroyed in looting. So many of these liberal democrats are fuming with anger and will vote Trump the law and order candidate. Yes there is a silver lining.

  54. They’re developing a special vaccine to inject into all the CRAZY DEMOCRATS that will turn them normal and turn them REPUBLICAN . It’ll be ready one month before elections .

  55. The democrat liberals are very upset that their fancy stores were looted. They are all voting Trump as the democRATs seek to defund the police. This will mean lots of mugged liberals from manhattan. Trump 2020

  56. I was very supportive of the radical black lives matter gang bating up all the stores in manhattan. First those owned by Jews are not Shomer shabbos. Second they are all against Trump. Let them get their windows knocked out and goods looted. Thank u Dov Hikind for supporting the good work of Black lives matter. I kvelled from nachos.

  57. All who participated on ave J and ocean Pkwy marching for the career criminal George Floyd and black lives matter are responsible for the increase in nyc increased murders. All of you can be ashamed of yourselves. And there are already over 38 murders because of your stupid protest. So far there has ny been any frum yidden shot but if that happens you bums are guilty. By adding your voices and legitimizing an anti Semitic and anti police gang you are the culprits.

  58. No jews will be shot , certain Boogolo bois yes , certain white supremists yes , certain democrats yes , certain ku klux klan yes , certain neo-natzis yes , certain black panthers yes , but absolutely no jews

  59. To jooogerboys
    For your information in the early 1970s there were 2000 murders a year. That’s two thousand. Most victims were Jews. Owners of little stores were gunned down like dogs by black criminals. All you protesters for Floyd are going to be responsible as the crime goes way up and dead Jews fill our streets. Right before corona you forgot jersey city and monsey and crown heights. March like useful idiots on ocean Pkwy. And then don’t call us real Jews to protect you as the crime rate rises.

  60. To Yosel Ber : All those cases you just mentioned Yosel Ber ,were sick maniacs who could not control their sick brains to wreck havoc for no specific targeted reason . The victims in those cases were not victimized for any protesting that that had ever done . Nothing will happen to any jew who protests for a proper cause .

  61. Protesting and showing our support goes a long way , we don’t have to dress up looking jewish and probobaly should not look too jewish , but wear a baseball cap for example , of any color, since all colors matter , but get out there and show our support to our fellow chemites who have been brutally beaten by the blasted cops throughout the blasted centuries !!!!

    • Are you NUTS !!!! The redsox are Bambino born losers !!! It’ll either be the Yankees or the Greensox for WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!!! GO YANKEES !!!!!!! GO GREENSOX !!!!!!!!!!


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