Brazil Has New High In Covid Deaths, With 1,473

Vera Lucia Souza stands before at the gravesite of her 47-year-old brother Paulo Roberto da Silva, who died of COVID-19, during his burial at the Sao Luiz cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday, June 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil has reported 1,473 more COVID-19 deaths, the biggest 24-hour increase in the country’s death toll since the outbreak began. That’s equal to more than one death per minute, and means the country now has the world’s third highest death toll.

For the second straight night, the health ministry delayed release of Thursday’s data until 10 p.m. local time, after Brazil’s widely watched evening news program ended. Thursday was the third straight day with a new daily high for Brazil’s coronavirus deaths.

Brazil has reported more than 34,000 deaths from the virus so far, meaning it surpassed the amount in Italy and trails only the U.K. and U.S. Experts consider the tally a significant undercount due to insufficient testing.

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  1. Since 2019, President Donald Trump has found a fellow nationalist warrior in Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial right-wing populist president of Latin America’s largest country, and for the last few weeks, they’ve found common cause in downplaying the threat of the coronavirus and urging their countries to “reopen,” even as local governors implement restrictions to stem the virus’ spread.

    That’s part of what made a late Sunday night announcement from the White House so notable: Recognizing the threat of the coronavirus spreading from Brazil to the U.S., Trump signed a proclamation banning travel from Brazil.

  2. Once again we are met with meaningless numbers meant to titillate the reader and draw headlines. The number that is important is the percent of the population that is dying. A large country with 300 million can have 1 million die and you have one third of a percent while a country of 1 million with 500,000 die and you have 50% while only showing half the number dying as the larger country.

  3. Now let’s set the record straight.

    The USA is very different than Brazil . Everywhere , where the data is large enough to be credible the curve is way down . President Trump is dead right and you sir are dead wrong about reopening.

    Let’s take N.Y. for example, we use to have 900 daily deaths and now it’s down to 50 . We had 12k new cases now it’s down to 1,000. And that 1,000 new cases are less servere do the curve is lower . ( less severe meaning , 3 months ago only really Ill patients got the test, now people with no symptoms get tested too. And they could have gotten it two months ago yet they are a “new case “ bec the swab tested postive )

    So now please enlighten us why N.Y. is not open yet ? What’s worse , why aren’t schools open ? What kind of nerve do they have to tinker with my kids . You know why schools aren’t open ? Because the unions don’t want it . If we open private schools thePublic school unions know their game is over and their teachers need to return to. So We suffer because of this piety politics . The proof is camps and day care can open yeu schools cannot. Why ? A bunch of hypocrites .
    We also know it’s dangerous for kids to roam the streets mentally and physically with no structure . ( they are not social distancing). We are also hurting their developmental and educational needs when it’s must crucial

    We need to yell and protest and fight for our rights like other sects do. How dare they continue to close our essential schools . What kind of nerve is this to play politics with our kids .

    And only stupid people like you don’t see the dangers of endless lockdowns . Don’t You see the looting in midtown and all over from bored people living off the fats of the land and the free $600 a week unemployment? Bored souls go wild .

    Trump is damn right . We need to stand up and fight this . Schools need to open today. And we need to rally around Trump to end this madness . Corona for now is done in the USA . BH


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