Israel Revokes Special Visas For Non-Citizen Yeshiva Students, Citing Rise In COVID-19 Cases

Illustrative photo of an El Al flight taking off at Ben Gurion Airport. (Moshe Shai/Flash90/File)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Israel, the country has changed its mind on letting in non-Israeli yeshiva students to resume their studies.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri revoked their exemption on Wednesday evening because of the increase in new coronavirus cases, Globes reported. He had announced last week that university and yeshiva students would be allowed to enter the county and then spend 14 days in self-isolation.

Deri sent a letter to yeshiva heads informing them of the decision to cancel the visas, including those already issued. Students with families are still allowed to enter as long as they spend 14 days in self-isolation, according to the letter.

Dozens of yeshiva students were in the air en route to Israel when the decision was announced. Those who were traveling when the letter was issued reportedly will be permitted to enter.

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  1. My two cents(which might be worth less).
    If they are denied entry by a government rule the inbound airline is responsible although usually it is for not checking visa status. This is a rule change en route.
    The interesting thought is whether Yeshivas can continue while missing most of their out of town clients (client is exactly what consider you). Let me assume that the people running these businesses will not be happy.

  2. Its not Israels problem. Let them go to work they are usually over 18. Its time that the messed up Flatbush kids stay home instead of sending them to Israeli taxpayers Yeshivos.

  3. Many of these teenagers would do just as well scholastically staying at home but have grown up waiting for this year long graduation gift. The fact that it might be financially hard on parents is not a factor, once on the plane it is a new reality. If you think the people in charge are teaching them concern for parents please think again. The minute they arrive they are inculcated with thoughts of one more year, the staff never forgetting the almighty dollar.

      • oh yeah because yeshivos just rake in money which is why the roshei yeshiva need to go to america every few months (or even every month) just to keep the yeshiva running. yeah theyre reallllly in it for the money /sarcasm/. seriously, have you ever been in any of the rebbeims houses or anything? its far from extravagant, il tell you that much.
        and to address your first point of “being able to do just as well scholastically”, well i got news for you: Torah isnt only about being intellectual and academic, the yeshivos in israel build up their hashkafos. they get an emesdike taste of yiddishkeit and it builds them for life.
        they dont teach them about concern for the their parents?? are you meshugene? kibbud av veim is stressed immensely in most of these yeshivos and they always talk about how when you go home you have to show real kavod and be a mentsch. regarding coming back for the next year, thats if the rebbeim think that its best for bochurs yiddishkeit, if its not best for the bochur then they wont tell him to come back. again. money is NOT the goal of these yeshivos, building a generation of bnei Torah is, and if you dont believe me, go visit the apartment of a rebbe with 9 kids, see how theyre just “rolling in the money” and then get back to me.
        based off your comments i dont think youve ever even see a yeshiva in eretz yisroel before. its a chutzpa noira that youre bashing the yeshivos that are selflessly saving our generation.

  4. Covid is rising in Israel because they opened up too early. You can thank that dummy Netanyahu along with that super dummy Bennett.

    Neither one of them are Doctors. If I need medical advise, I don’t go to a Rabbi, Accountant or mechanic. I certainly don’t go to a politician. This magafa is here to stay for awhile.

    Going to secret minyonim will bring you closer to g-d then you may want.

    • We are making the same mistake here in the US thanks to the dummy Trump, who actively disses doctors.

      I do not plan to go to a minyan any time in the near future.

  5. It seems as if so many haven’t read the article completely. ” Those who were traveling when the letter was issued reportedly will be permitted to enter.”


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