Prominent TV Host Slams DeBlasio For Double Standard On Lockdowns

Mayor Bill de Blasio at his daily City Hall press conference on Monday June 1, 2020 (Source: Screenshot)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Prominent conservative television host Laura Ingraham slammed New York mayor Bill DeBlasio on her program “Ingraham Angle” for his double standard on enforcing lockdown regulations.

Ingraham noted that until the riots broke out over the death of George Floyd, Democratic leaders had slammed their own constituents for wanting to hold weddings, funerals, or trying to go to work but were now using the riots as a political tool against President Trump.

Ingraham pointed specifically to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who in April said during a press conference that people gathering in “large numbers will spread a disease that will kill other members of the community.”

“If you saw anger and frustration, you are right. I spoke out of real distress that people’s lives were in danger before my eyes. And I will not tolerate it,” de Blasio said, after Hasidic Jewish mourners gathered in Brooklyn for a funeral that was broken up under his order.

“People’s lives were in danger at the funeral, okay. But when throngs of looters roam the street to smash and grab and push aside or worse, anyone in their way, suddenly there is zero concern for public health, COVID, and the police — by de Blasio — are told to use a light touch,” she said, noting the widespread criminal activity and bands of looters in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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  1. well said ! Thnak you for pointing out the obvious. Of course there is a double standard and lets of “jewish profiling” by the mayor. Cars are on 13th aver in willasmbug patrolling social distance rules and kicking kids out of parks . Where are they in black communites patrolling their violations? Why are you sending cares to 13th ave? Isn’t that profling us jews?


  2. They k ow the frum Jews are voting trump
    So they don’t care But when it hit the secular Jews in Manhattan that might be awake up call about the entire Democratic Party

  3. There are many liberals lining up to replace DiBozo. While I find their liberal rhetoric absurd, many of them have more common sense than BiBozo and would likely do a better job, regardless of their words.

  4. deblasio shlamazio . he was born upside down and inside out . he’s double standard triple standard and quadripled standard all wrapped in one twisted upside down bundle of bull .


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