AIPAC Tells African-american Members It’s ‘Horrified’ By George Floyd Slaying


    WASHINGTON (JTA) – In a letter to its African-American members, the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC said it was “horrified” by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

    “Like you, we are horrified by the violent death of George Floyd and are angry, sad and hurt over the inequities that still exist in our country,” CEO Howard Kohr and co-chief executive Richard Fishman wrote in the letter, the Jewish Insider reported Thursday. It was addressed to “our African American outreach family.” The letter was sent Sunday, the report said.

    Floyd’s death, which was caused by asphyxiation shortly after he was pinned down for more than eight minutes by a police officer who suspected Floyd of using a counterfeit $20 bank note, has sparked outrage across the United States and the world, and rioting. Many believe it is a symbol of systemic racism by law enforcement.

    “When a member of our family is attacked, we are all attacked. When a member of our family is in pain, we are all in pain,” the AIPAC letter reads. “Racism, intolerance and inequality must have no place in our country.

    “We want you to know that we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the Black community in the face of these tragedies and in your enduring struggle for the same rights and respect to which all Americans are entitled.”

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    1. Just waiting for the fascists here to start calling AIPAC anti-Israel for expressing this.

      You can march, protest, or speak out against this. That is what is right to do.

      Do you think God will punish you for speaking out against injustice? If you do, then what is Israel worth? Might as well abandon every semblance of Judaism as you clearly lack any sort of belief in Hashem being able to control the world or caring about righteousness and justice.

      I remember the upset and frustration when blacks in Jersey City said antisemitic things in reference to Jews after the shootings there. There were also blacks that were aghast by it. Do you think that those who argue against calling what happened to Floyd a horrific injustice are making a case that anyone should support us next time we face injustice? Is more and more injustice going to bring peace somehow? Or will it breed more discontent and hatred?

    2. speaking out against injustice is always the right thing to do. However, did AIPAC reach out to the Black community and their leaders when a young woman in New Jersey was murdered in her store. Did AIPAC reach out to the Black community and their leaders when the Black Mayor of the town said “They got what they deserved”. Did AIPAC demand an explanation?

    3. Is laughable. This Antifa Jewish person is so far from his own brethren. Does he realized BLM has threatened to burn down new York owned Jewish stores over Shabbos? I guess that’s not important because he is ANntifa . we should crown him Chelm’s Gaon.


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