Trump Takes Victory Lap On Jobs Report

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House, Friday, June 5, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump took a victory lap Friday morning after the government reported surprising job gains for last month, seizing on the data to predict that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic disruption was in the rear-view mirror.

The unemployment rate dropped to a better-than-expected 13.3%, but that is still on par with what the nation witnessed during the Great Depression.

Trump spoke from the Rose Garden hours after the Labor Department said that U.S. employers added 2.5 million workers to their payrolls last month. Economists had been expecting them instead to slash another 8 million jobs amid the ongoing fallout from the response to the pandemic.

“This shows that what we’ve been doing is right,” Trump said of the jobs numbers. “This is outstanding what’s happened today.”

Trump pitched himself as key to what he claimed would be a “rocket ship” economic rebound, and offered that as an argument for his reelection in November. “I’m telling you next year, unless something happens or the wrong people get in here, this will turn around,” Trump said.

It’s unclear how many jobs lost as a result of the pandemic are permanently lost, whether the reopenings in states will create a second surge of COVID-19 deaths. In addition, the report from mid-May doesn’t reflect the effect that protests across the nation have had on business.

Some economists forecast the rate could remain in the double-digits through the November elections and into next year.

Trump predicted a swift bounce-back for an economy that was largely shuttered to slow the spread of the virus, saying the economy would see a “very good” July and August and a “spectacular” fall. “We’ll go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world,” he said.

Trump also defended his handling of the pandemic, saying that had he not acted to recommend closings more than 1 million Americans would have died. More than 108,000 people are confirmed to have lost their lives due to COVID-19, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University.

Now, though, Trump said states and cities should be lifting remaining restrictions. “I don’t know why they continue to lock down,” he said of some jurisdictions that have maintained closings.

“You do social distancing and you wear masks if you want,” Trump said, but added that states need to reopen.

Trump also claimed “tremendous progress” is being made by pharmaceutical manufacturers on developing vaccines and therapeutics for the virus.

The May job gain suggests that businesses have quickly been recalling workers as states have reopened their economies, but it may take months for all those who lost work in April and March to find jobs. Some economists forecast the rate could remain in the double-digits through the November elections and into next year.

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  1. THANKS MR PRESIDENT – this is the beginning of the GREAT RECOVERY under America’s GREATEST PRESIDENT.


    • Yeah, I guess it’s because in polls by historians, the following have always come in before Trump. Not my listings.

      Trunp usually beats Johnson, Buchanan and Harding

    • Taking over Unemployment at 4 .5% and now at 13% is not a Great POTUS Its a disaster. 1000’s of Yiden died in the process. Total Failure to protect life and property. Locked Up in the WH behind Bars. Just look at the pictures. Elections have consequences. Largest Unemployment in 50 years and 100.00 dead Americans. If you want this to continue you can vote for him again. I say NEVER AGAIN.

      • All of that was an act of g-d. You seem to miss the point. The vorus was out of Trump’s control finished. Any repercussions , deaths , or jobs lost during the time was byad hashem. We could not have stopped it. Nobody expected it. Democrat governors were just as slow to shut down. many announced next wedsenday we will shut. They did not grasp the gravity of this spreading like wild fire either.

        Firstly you need to end this lie and nonsense that ts Trump’s fault. Nobody saw it coming. (We are not a country that undergoes crisis’s like Israel and we don;t react as fast. Nobody beleved it including dems)

        Now the mesaure you need to use is, After such an epic downturn and such drastic slow downs in business that concurred quicker than 07, how quick did Trump do what is in his hands? That is to get the economy back up as soon as possible and provide the right nudging and stimulus. We did not recover as quick n 2008. The answer is Trump’s post covid response was superb. Thats how we recovred so soon.

  2. He will be thrown out along with the rest of the GOP trash in November.
    The absolute worst president this country has ever had.
    The protests around the US (and the world) show what the real feeling of this country is.

  3. So what if it only cost the US Taxpayer $3.7 Trillion. Soon enough the well will run dry then what?
    So lipa , Henry, and Eden, keep up you Baal Chalomos, next you will reside in Pumpedisa. No section * or Snap or Medicaid there.

    • The unemployment of $600 was waste. it only brought on riots and looting by bored souls who have no inventive to work. You got a point there. The $1200 per person afikomn present was worth it and helped many as well as the PPP.

      re the $3.7T tag, Its not so much the price tag thats alarming, is that we never save dup for a rainy day. to be fair I do not like that about Trump

  4. 40 million out of work due to trumpf’s botching of the Deadly C-Virus. 108,000 dead. He takes credit for that?He is directly behind the deadly racism and Jew bashing in the USA. HISTORIAN UNANIMOUS CONSENSUS- trump is WORST PREZ EVER! Google it.

  5. Guys, don’t be misled in this thread. The anti Trumps is one ( maybe 2) desperate dude churning away like a frenzied wild pony in corral.

  6. Phin ___
    Poll ???? Did you say ??
    Nahhhhh… I only accept scientic polls. Have to be conducted in a lab, white smocks & frocks, tubes , machines .
    Science, my friend , science. Google. No anecdotal nonsense. Polls ? Naaaahhhh.

  7. Worst hit area by corona was NYC with a democratic mayor. Worst state was NY with a democratic governor. Both of which werebuddy calling the president racist for closing up China travel and telling their voters that everything was five. Yet is trumps fault. Sure. Trump 2020


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