The Ever Growing Apology Mayor De Blasio Must Make – A VINNEWS Op-Ed


First we thought that DeBlasio must apologize for the blatant hypocrisy in forbidding store owners to open and religious people to pray together, while allowing protesters to gather and discard social distancing entirely.  If it is to protect them and others then there is no justification in the world to allow protesters to kill themselves and others and not to allow  others to open while social distancing.  If there is no threat, then there is no justification in the world to deprive people of income and their ability to freely exercise their religion.

DeBlasio owed some members of the Orthodox religious community and the small business community an apology.  Yes, no doubt about it.   But it was not forthcoming.

And then, De Blasio offended all those who hold religion dear.  The founders of this country escaped to this continent because they were oppressed on account of their religion.  The United States of America was a beacon of light to the world – where it showed that democracy values freedom of religion.  DeBlasio essentially stated that he has little use for the practice of religion.  Freedom of religion is nothing in comparison to the ability to protest freely without regard to the harm and damage it does to the safety of others.

These were the perfect words to say to protesters.  Forget about the fact that he took five, yes, five years .to finally deal with the police officer that snuffed out the life of Eric Garner – a gentle giant who was put in an illegal choke hold for no reason.  The protesters goals are so far beyond any value that anyone else has.  DeBlasio doesn’t care how many human beings died for their religion. That was not important, in comparison to all this.

They still booed him.  And the apology was not forthcoming.  Now, those whom he had offended were all adherents of all religions.  The apology needed to be deeper and more-encompassing.  But he ignored the need to apologize to them as well.

And now, the mother-of all shocks.  Yes, he announces.  Let us de-fund the police department!  Now, we need our police officers even more, in the year where the life of Tessa Majors was brutally snuffed out by two 14 year old youths and a 13 year old. This young woman holding so much promise was held by one of them in a choke hold while the other repeatedly stabbed her in the chest while finally piercing into her heart.  It could have been easily resolved with one little extra police booth in Morning Side Park.  Just a wee bit more funding to save precious human life.

But now.  De Blasio calls for defunding the NYPD.  Those brave men where 99.99736 percent of them do a fantastic job looking out for our safety are now thrown under the bus.  Taking away a billion dollars from their funding will certainly show them.  Defund them will you?  What will you do, remove their guns and replace it with brass knuckles?  Or aluminum knuckles or perhaps just one aluminum knuckle to fit your budget and to punish them to curry favor with those who call for sheer anarchy?

Now you have offended the entirety of New York City.  You might as well tell us that you are so angry at errors the electric company has made that you are defunding them and refusing to allow them to provide us with electricity – all the power companies, and the water companies too.

When will this lunacy stop? We are spiraling into sheer anarchy. Develop a spine, for Heavens sake!  Do not give in to the crazy idiotic demand of defunding the police department and replacing them with social-workers.  By all means, initiate training sessions.  But do not, do not defund.  They have given you blood, sweat, toil and tears.

Apologize for some misjdugements.  Remember at the very beginning of Corona you told everyone to go out and continue what they were doing?  Well, you were man enough to apologize for that, weren’t you?  Now apologize for your misjudgement here and show some real leadership.  Take back normalcy, decency, and law and order.

May G-d help you come to your senses.



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  1. The libtard mayors are buying into the rhetoric and we will all suffer. Most blacks believe that the only way to equality (or whatever) is through violence as one highly educated black women told me “you have to burn down to build up” so if BLM gets rid of police it makes it that much easier to achieve their goals. Hashem yeracheim. I hope I don’t live in a tent city in Israel when I’m forced to flee for my life. You only have to look at Africa to see our future c”v.

  2. there was once a man who asked the Lubavitch Rebbeh if he really believes that it’s possible for another holocaust to come, he answered with one word ״OVERNIGHT” cha”v

    With screwed up politicians like this who knows what’s going to happen again

    We can only pray and hope for the best….. things look scary

    • “You have to burn down to build up” its a basic in Chassiduss. Come Chabadske must have taught them Chassidus (after puting Tfilin on them)

      • Um, no, there’s no such “basic in Chassidus.” What Chassidus teaches is that _if_ there was burning and destruction, then we shouldn’t give up, and should rebuild. But your notion is more akin to the Communists’ “you have to break eggs to make an omelet.”

    • When did the Rebbe say that?
      Possible but if true suprising that it’s not well known.
      I learn his Torah most days of the week and read about him often and have never heard this.

  3. To anonymous: Perhaps the Jewish people, who have been described of going to gas chambers like sheep to the slaughterhouse, should not be so quick to denounce violent protests against injustice.

    • I think you might take a slightly different view if the violence was directed against you or your home or business. It’s very easy to virtue-signal when it’s someone else being harmed.

      And that “someone else” here includes lots of blacks whose businesses have been destroyed, so what you’re saying is that somehow, making them suffer is going to lead to justice. Sounds pretty hardcore racist to me.

    • Most Yiden voted for DBlasio and for Trump. Do we have to apologies for both? All this Shigasin/Magayfo/protest/unemploed/racism is under Both DBlasio and Trump. (Its a nationwide problem) None was a problem under Clinton or Obama

      • Most Yidden did not vote for de Blasio. As for “it wasn’t a problem under Obama,” apparently you’ve decided to memory-hole Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. Not surprising for an oved avajdah zarah, who can’t bear to have anything taint his messiah’s record.

  4. Jumaane Williams was correct in saying, DeBlasio can’t hide behind his radical black wife. It’s the corrupt City Council who refuse to censure or ever criticize the duffus Mayor.

  5. deblasio shlamazio should get down on both his knees with his neck under both his knees and APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for NINE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Apologies Matter . We need to stage protests in every state from new york to california until he apologizes . And keep it going even after he apologizes . MAYOR BRUTALITY MUST STOP !!!!!!!!!!!


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