WATCH: Armed Jewish Activists Protect LA Synagogues From Attacks Amid Riots


LOS ANGELES (VINnews) – The Magen Am organization posted armed guards in front of Jewish institutions in Los Angeles to protect them from vandals and looters during the civil unrest that followed George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Watch below:

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    • We do it in Brooklyn. Its called Shomrim. Defund Police. Camden,NJ. Defunded the Police. Crime is down 50% Facts are facts. DBlasio is right on this one.

      • mr anonymous as u say facts are facts. so here are some facts. shomrim is NOT armed they can not arrest anyone they are just a tracking group. now lets assume your friend DBlasio does defund the NYPD and in middle of the night someone breaks into your house, who do u call? shomrim? ok shomrim comes then what do they do??? NOTHING u will be robed of everything u have

  1. Is this normal that our counrty has to resort to this and live in such fear? If this is what protests do this is not democracy. these protests must be banned right now. We cannot allow our citzens to live in fear from a few protesros. yes I am sorry even the few rotten apples spoil it for all. Unless all protests of that cause are peaceful then no protests allowed.

    At minimum, protests are only allowed with permits that confine it to certain locations and times. if outside of those permits its banned. That’s the way pur democracy has always worked. Lets stick to those rules and be safe. Stop being PC and allowing protests where and when its banned. This is not a free for all

    • No big deal, its not even as bad as the flu. It will go away by July . Guaranteed. In the meantime you can just close all doors and windows, go to your bunker (like the POTUS) in the basement and no one will hurt you. You can tell us that you are just checking the Mezuzehs in the basement. Many EDUCATE here will believe you. No big Deal one way or other. You can even work in the basement (if you have WiiFi) you cant do that when you have the flu.

      • So citizens should have to live hunkered in the basement because they are scared of protests? That’s your idea of “democracy”?

        Sharpon says he wants to do this till August. Even if it goes away why should we live in fear when it happens? We are a crazy country.

        When aguda makes a protest with a tehlim in hand do people live in fear? Thats democratic

        Your comment has zero content to it. Just comments abi to make people crazy.

  2. “Live in such a fear” Thanks to you and others who voted for Trump. We lived in NO FEAR under Obama for 8 years. You cant change the constitution, you can the POTUS. Vote Democrat 2020. Elections have consequences.

    • Well, sure, you lived in no fear, unless you were in Baltimore, or in the American embassy in Libya, or on the US-Mexican border where guns from Fast and Furious were being used to commit crimes…

    • In trump land they aont’ scared of thse crazy looters. Sorry my fear is of these looters and its in States not subservient to trump. You saw the vidoes of the red necks with loaded guns saying don’t you dare come in our hood. Thats what we need. National guards in Chicago and NYC. tell them anyone acting violenetly or looting shoot to kill. No questions asked

    • The reason things went reasonably well under Obama is because the Right recognizes the rules of the game – if you lose, you accept it. But the Left hasn’t lost their anger over getting whooped in ’16. They will turn this country into a garbage can merely to cast the blame on Trump.

  3. Wait a minute. Didn’t we just have, as recently as a week ago, a poster here claiming that anyone who’s anti-fascist is automatically a friend of us Jews? And a couple of others (including one who lives right there in the LA area) saying that the rioters are demonstrating “American values,” and pose no threat to us? You mean that Antifa and BLM and the rest of that ilk might actually be attacking our shuls and other institutions? Shocking!

  4. Totally false news. I live in Los Angeles in the very neighborhood that is being discussed.. There has been no violence in over a week. No synagogues were vandalized except for some random grafitti. I know that’s inconvenient for those like Archy but those are the actual facts

  5. Noone says violence “occurred”

    What we are saying is there is “fear” that it may occur.

    Why is there fear? Is it fake news about what’s going on in chicago?

    Are the pics of midtown Manhantan fake news?

    Did people not get killed tried to protect property?

    Is that fake news?

    Unless you are blind, there is rational fear. Midtown got trashed and thats suppose to be the safest place with tons of police.

    The only fake news is your lying multiple hypocrite screen names.

    Just to clear the air I did mistakenly input simple jew as my name but its Archy. I rarely ever use multiple names and that was a typo.

  6. Oh was there violence in LA in theJewish areas. Stores were looted if time. I saw the articles written by LA Jews how their stores were looted.

  7. @henry reitzenstein,

    I guess you haven’t left your house in a few weeks. I live just before Melrose and saw the rioting a few feet away. I saw the attempts to paint Sharei Tefila. Did you see the thugs torching Mozza? How about looting Syd’s? Do you know what Magen Am does? Have you seen their videos? I saw the damage, I went to help clean it up!

    • Yes, but you see, if Henry were to have seen any of that, he might have to agree with someone whom he’s called the “worst president in history,” or with those icky Republicans, that looting and violence are a problem. Much easier for him to simply pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • all correct. On one Saturday night two weeks ago. Nothing since, despite protests every day…why is Fox news still airing clips from May 28-30 to support the false narrative of violence in the streets?

  8. It’s becoming more and more obvious here . There’s only one solution here . We must Defund all the Rioters and Looters and call in the Military . If necessary , we can call in the jewgolo Boys and the JDL . And if really necessary, we can even add in the Progressive New Age O’bama Bashers .


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